Windows 8 release date and price finalized

By Alan Ng - Jul 19, 2012

We have some great news for those of you who are patiently waiting for the arrival of Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 8. The company has finally announced an official launch date and we now know what day the new software will be available on in October and how much it will cost you to upgrade as well.

The date that you all need to write down is Friday October 26. The announcement was made during Microsoft’s annual sales meeting and it now puts to bed all of the previous speculation on when Windows 8 will actually be available. There’s no word at the moment whether this is the same date when Microsoft’s new Xbox SmartGlass features go live, but we expect more details on this to become available at a later date – especially since it has now been announced that Halo 4 will have SmartGlass support.

There’s a great deal of interest in Windows 8 this time around not only due to the unique interface, but also Microsoft’s new pricing structure, which is very reasonable. The company has announced the cheapest upgrade price so far, stating that upgrades to Windows 8 will be available for as little as $40. You’ll even be able to upgrade straight from Windows XP to Windows 8 for $40, although Microsoft has said that they’ll release more details soon on which systems will be eligible for the upgrade.

If you prefer a physical copy of Windows 8, you’ll need to pay $70 for a shrink-wrapped DVD. Considering that upgrade prices to various editions of Windows 7 was nothing short of a small fortune, we doubt that anyone will be complaining too much about the pricing here.

The question is though – will you be jumping straight on for this? For $40, it is a bit of a steal and Windows 8 is looking very promising you have you say.

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  • Eddy Balem

    other reports seem to say the cheap upgrades are only if you buy a new pc after june 2,2012. How do you get an upgrade for an existing pc?

    • Life_goes_on

      Computer retailers are currently offering incentives to buy a Windows 7 computer instead of holding out for a Windows 8 computer.  The offers I’ve seem are saying that if you go ahead and buy a Windows 7 computer now, you can upgrade later this year to Windows 8 for only $15.  I’m sure most of us already have a computer that is running Windows XP or better.  For us, it will cost $40 to upgrade.

  • it’ll be $40 if you own a copy of windows xp / 7 , from what I ‘ve read. 

    I think the full OS will cost quite a bit more, esp. the pro edition

  • zagryl

    If the price will be $40, I’ll buy original windows for the first time, without thinking…