Skyrim Dawnguard: Necessities for patch 1.7

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 19, 2012

There is certainly a need for Skyrim Dawnguard to receive patch 1.7 on the Xbox 360, which would fix bugs some gamers have been experiencing, although we wonder what this would mean to PS3 players that haven’t even had the 1.6 update? We expect the first Skryim Dawnguard patch to arrive soon, so it makes sense to see a new update for all systems, which would allow PS3 and PC users to download the first Skyrim DLC on July 26, the hoped for release date, with fixes for bugs found by Xbox 360 gamers and developers.

We have been playing Skyrim Dawnguard on the Xbox 360 for almost a month, and while we downloaded the DLC on day one our free time to review, and play the new content has been limited. We have also taken our time to explore every inch of Dawnguard and plan on playing as both the vampires and Dawnguard with different save files. After spending this much time in the game you would think we found loads of bugs, although this is not the case but we do know a number of players that have found problems with Dawnguard.

What does Skyrim patch 1.7 need to fix in Dawnguard and the rest of the game? The only issue we found in Dawnguard so far has been floating bodies, and also after dropping some items they are left floating in mid-air. While this isn’t a big deal it could do with a fix, but there are some problems others have experienced that stops them from playing certain quests in Skyrim, which have not been fixed at the time of writing. There has been a number of reports of broken quests although this could be fixed in some circumstances if miscellaneous quests would auto complete when the final quest is achieved. Do you have broken quests in Skyrim?

New features within patch 1.7 – it seems unlikely that new features will come in the next patch considering the amount of time being taken up with Dawnguard, and launching a new patch to fix issues that still remain, but this hasn’t stopped some gamers publishing wish lists for new features to come in this patch or a future update. We’ve seen requests for moving hair, a toggle for headgear, capes to move more rather than be completely stiff, seasonal weather, and footprints in snow. What new features would you like to see added to Skyrim and Dawnguard?

It is worth noting that a new patch went live for Skyrim within the last 24 hours, which some people are claiming is for Dawnguard. We’d like to point out that this update has only been for non-english versions of the game so far, although we’ll update you when patch v1.7 goes live for english versions of Skyrim.

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  • Ide like “the gift” quest to be fixed so I can turn my spouse into a vampire. Because no matter what I do, Vingolmo will not give me the quest. ( i am married to Camilia Valerius )
    And this isnt a competition rockstar nor is it a war between the Xbox Gamers, and the PS3 movie buffs. I hope we ALL get a equally good patch that cleans up some of the mess in Skyrim. =]

  • BulbOfSalad77

    i’m sorry to say but the time us ps3 and pc users have to wait for this dlc, it should be free regardless of the microsoft exlusive.

  • Johnson31D

    I have 49 of the original 50 trophies but can’t complete the civil war quest because there is no one at the stormcloak camp to report to…just the floating arrow (PS3 with latest patches). I would prefer not to start over with around 150 hours invested. 🙁

  • Irisheminem

    yeah i have a broken quest i cant complete the gift quest because my wife is dead and you cant remarry or finish the quest at all, really annoyed because i cant do any other side quests for the vampires till the gift is completed and i don’t want to start a new game 173hrs in  

  • Nakatsu Hime

    In short, we’re all saying to Bethesda… Fix the exsisting bugs as a priority, perhaps before making pacts with Microsoft, and we’d all be happier to accept this overpriced add-on. Just a thought.

  • DezMetal

    Let us Marry Serana and let us get a divorce and remarry. Let vampires alter their appearance in The Ragged Flagon and Let arrows NOT phase through targets that are more than 50 feet away. Thank you.

  • Juan325728

    I believe making requests to Bethesda makes it a possibility. Lots of the major parts in Skyrim were created because of the existence of requests. But there is no way that Bethesda can listen to all of our requests because some requests stand alone and aren’t backed down. In the interview with Tod Howard, before Skyrim was released, he showed that our requests could become part of the game. The thing is that it doesn’t matter if we put out a request or not, so I don’t see the reason why we shouldn’t put out our feelings on the subject. Whether we are Xbox 360 users, PS3 users, or PC users we all share the opinion that the game can be improved. 

  • anony mouse

    look people this is hilarious xbox ,your crap microsoft needed to compensate for a terrible console and dawnguard was released early for xbox as a tactic sure the money was nice but it was also to se what bugs appear that didn’t apear in the alpha test ps3 will get dawnguard in a short while and we get it cheaper so in summary xbox sucks ps3 gets dawnguard everyone will be happy by the end of the year everyone will be happy
    oh and this boycotting is a terrible idea  you want bethasda out of buisness? tes is theyr mosy successfull franchise that will end if we boycott
    thank you

    • and yet your ps3 cannot even run the game on ultra graphics, it’s a complete toy compared to my PC which has in excess of 5 times the power of your console. Your console has a modified geforce 7800, which was launched in august 2005. here we are 7 years later, my geforce 680 is in reality closer to 10 times more powerful than your weak console. i also get full access to literally thousands of mods for skyrim through the steam workshop that make your game look a total joke.

      • Caltex2006

        And your PC was probably 5-15 times the cost of that PS3.  You get what you pay for.  

        • Actually it probably cost the same as PS3’s launch price.

      • Trurichter

        I bet you are an absolute killer with the ladies too.

  • Juan325728

    I would like it if you could actually go into first person view when you are a werewolf vampire lord, I don’t like how I can’t control my character as well when he’s in third person.

    • Alan

      I agree.Bethesda needs to acknowledge the amount of forums asking for a 1st person view choice/option for the the horse/Werewolf or Vampire lord.Not everyone can use or are happy with those forced 3rd person views

  • Mjames28

    Just be glad you dont pay 10 a month for xbl. Money talks folks

    • Owencr7

      thats bullshit i rather play 10 euro if i get everything earlier

  • Johns1st

    Im on ps3 and installed 1.6 and now I can’t go in the water without the game freezing.

    • Ugdf

      patch 1.5 does that…

      • do you have to update it manually or something cause my skyrim hasn’t updated since i got it

    • Czechburek

      Go to the data utility file and delete the update file, NOT your data file. Then re-download the update. It will automatically offer you the update prompt when you restart Skyrim. That will fix the water freezing up glitch. Happened to a bunch of us.

  • Death_penalty84

    You say ‘Hoped for’ release date. That’s rubbish. It was a ‘Promised’ release date.
    I’m so pissed at Bethesda. Surely they know ps3 owners are fuming?

    • Random person

      and PC!!

  • Barefoot Assassin

    How about feet that look like feet. Doesn’t help me that I play as a barefoot assassin

  • Cornelius Antonious Barrius

    Fix the bug where Skjor of the Companions comes back to life and fix Eorlund Grey-Mane’s disappearance from the Sky Forge. It’s a Goddamn conspiracy!

  • Deathion

    fix the riften prison so we can finally do a runner (break out of prison)

  • NordsFTW

    I want them to make it so that once you hit level 81 couriers will still come to give you quest related notes, I’m 81 (without the oghma infinium glitch) and can’t do some quests I’ve skipped over. (After the main story + main questlines I leveled like crazy, used trainers that could follow + did the pickpocket method for my money back on some skills xD)

  • HailSithis666

    Make weapons thrown with telkinesis deal bonus damage, and make them equipable like arrows so you can throw them from your inventory, or just create a separate item throwing spell for things from your inventory. That costs less magicka. Telekinesis costs too damn much. But being able to throw Daedric daggers at people would be awesome. And have the damage when thrown modified by whatever magic field it is in rather than weapon skill. Thatd be the coolest thing for mages and mage-thiefs/assassins. And give it sneak damage. That would be the ultimate badass stealth mage ability.

  • Guest01

    I for one am growing tired of being screwed over by timed-exclusive dlc.
    We should show Bethesda (and all the other companies) that we aren’t
    going to put up with this. If we all wait and don’t buy it when it comes
    out for ps3/pc then they will have to drop the price on it early. Maybe
    then they will see that their deal with Microsoft really isn’t worth it because they will be losing money from ps3/pc users.

    • Wvuoates

      Or maybe you should just buy an xbox 360.

      • Waelyn Reid


      • Dmaul97

        Yeah. Cuz this economy would totally let you sell a ps3 for te price it would be to get a 360, pay for live, and dawnguard!! Way to think that one through before posting!!

        • Torres9green

          you know its not just americans who play video games, so quit talking about economy

        • Tannerruiz1107

          You do know it doesn’t require Live to play this DLC right? I’m not sure if you need it to have live to buy it (As I don’t even own Skyrim for XBox as I got it cheaper for PC) but I know I could install the Cat Woman DLC (The one I got free with the game) for Arkham City without Live when I got that and I also got Lego Batman DLC because I preordered it

          I might have been on my Live Trial during the Arkham City one but I know I wasn’t on it during Lego Batman

  • Jld789

    I’m still waiting for a broken quest to be fixed in the original storyline – I can’t complete the game until fixed. I am unable to find Mirabelle Ervine at the College of Winterhold in the quest to get the Staff of Magnus. (360 version) Help Bethesda! There are lots of folks online with the same hangup!

    • Numbah1dumbass

      thats not a broken quest waiting in the arcannian or w.e and then fast forward to when everyone should be sleeping then you can find her. thats what i did well i attacked everyone until she showed up but then i died so i did the whole waiting until it was night time to find her

  • Wyatt Paden

    during the one quest on the vampire storyline where you have to find the moth priest and your in that cave and you have to use vampires seduction on him vampires seduction dissapears rendering the quest broken so yeahh that would be a start

    • Danho1

      You only get that power after not feeding for a day

  • 123

    Sorry that was a typo I really ment to say 4 words

  • 123


    • bravoblue

      that’s actualy 4

    • guest3

      Ya that would be a great addition to skyrim.

  • Plko

    We should be able to kill the kids …………..I hate that Braith. You know the girl in Whiterun that always wants to fight.

    • liam farley

      PC MODS FTW.

    • Torres9green

      well we know what your gonna grow up to be.

    • Toed

      There’s an unmarked (I believe) side-quest for her that is actually quite adorable. Also, Braith is a Nord kid. Yknow, the Nords… Strong, warrior folk who value honour and prowess in battle. Yeah it’s annoying that she brags and picks fights (especially when its with the friggin dragonborn) but you at least get to scare the crap outta her in the side-quest.

      • Hitandrun127

        Braith is actually a redguard, but its kind of hard to tell because redguard children have a very light skin tone for some reason…

  • jjf

    They need to fix the generic “go to RANDOM LOCATION and KILL RANDOM CREATURE” quests where the creature is already dead and the quest arrow just points over the body and its impossible to get around on non-pc consoles.
    I’ve been stuck on the first of these quests from the Companions since I got the game – six patches and a DLC and its still not fixed

    • Rhamon3

      get a conjuration spell to revive it. its just a suggestion i have never had that problem myself

    • Torres9green

      you cant go to the companions tell them that you dont want to quest and get another one

    • Death_Penalty84

      Got the same problem with Farkas following me everywhere because mount anthor’s dragon wont reappear.

  • rockstar1080

    Seeing as how patch 1.6 hasn’t come out for the PS3 yet I could care less about all you xbox players getting a patch to fix bugs in the Dawngaurd DLC. PS3 players should already have patch 1.6 which hopefully will be a better version than the one the xbox players got.

    • Ltheisman

      Thats right screw you xbox(i had one) but I prefer the best!

  • BusTer

    To fix the constant crashes, that would be nice.

  • to customize the vampire lord to get the jewlery harkon has plus an ability to become a fuckin HYBRID


      That is not at all in line with the lore of the game all the oblivion lords hate and are always fighting over power so a hybrid is impossible but it would be cool but way to Underworld

      • guest123

        you dont know lore at all. all “oblivion lords” (daedric princes) are not evil, most are… azura, and meridia are two examples.

        • Torres9green

          you dont know lore either the daedric princes fight over power, even azura and meridia

  • 4stringking31

    I’d like to see critical hits when you get a headshot with a bow. I always find myself fighting some Bandit Chief with at least five arrows clean through his head and still roaring on like it’s nothing.

  • Ryan

    Using magic from horse back should be added since other fighting styles have already been

  • Jlatif360

    let us customize our appearance as a vampire lord or a werewolf! i want to wear the vampire lord jewelry lord harkon wore lol

    • Eddiesm5

       dude you can customize ur appearance as a vampire lord, and u get harkon’s jewelry and all his other crap after u kill him

      • Sean

         No you cant.

        Don’t lie.

        Now, it is possible to do it by converting your Dawnguard Xbox Save to PC, and then turning into the vampire lord form and adding the cape (02015bc1) and the other parts (02011A85).

        The default armor the Vampire Lords wear is 02011A84.

        Not sure why they didn’t do something similar with werwolves, could have been interesting.

  • Big Mac Fan

    Have legendary dragons actually spawn more frequently at the supposed required level 70 so players do not have to resort to a well know glitch to level up to see them,