Nexus 7 UK: Tesco, Dixons price and delivery date

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 19, 2012

There are a number of stores in the United Kingdom where you can get the Nexus 7, although some potential buyers could be waking up today and want to know what store has the best Nexus 7 UK price? The selection of stores is much smaller than you would see with an iPad launch, Comet is one retailer that doesn’t have stock of the Nexus 7 online or even a product page, but you will find Tesco and Dixons stocking the new Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) tablet right now.

When it comes to price you won’t see any stores undercutting each other by much, so you should expect to pay around £199.99 in all UK stores, although if you see any crazy deals let us know in the comments. You can find the Dixons Nexus 7 product page here, which states a “Next day delivery” at the time of writing. Tesco’s Nexus 7 page can be found here and are offering a price that is almost £1 cheaper, which also includes 199 Clubcard points and the tablet is in stock. It is worth noting that you can pick up in store as well, which is thanks to their “Click and Collect” service.

If you order the Nexus 7 online from the UK you can expect a delivery date within a couple of days, although this might change if the new tablet starts to sell out through high demand, so consider ordering as soon as possible or picking up in store if you really want one. If you find any stores running out of stock please share a comment, also with the location of that store.

We’ve included a video below this article for those of our UK readers that don’t know much about the Nexus 7 tablet and specs, although this is the official video from Google, so expect it to sing and dance about how good the device is. You can see an independent review of the Nexus 7 via our earlier article, but this also shouts mostly praise for the new tablet when comparing it to the Kindle Fire. It’s fair to say the Nexus 7 has received positive remarks from most technology blogs, although there have been some major issues in the US over shipping and this can be seen in the many comments here.

Are you looking at picking up a Nexus 7 in the UK today? Considering the Nexus 7 is the first tablet to get Jelly Bean we look forward to seeing consumers react to this Android update.

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  • Johnmc

    I’ve been peeved seeing people who ordered well after me recieving there nexus while I see mines will at least be august 10th before they get stock (a change from 4th).

    So those who ordered well after me are currently playin with there new toys whiles i look at my account saying it’s to be delivered by 17th but where it hasn’t and wont.


    So have bought from Dixons which said “in stock”.

    Well see who I cancel.

    • Christophe m

      Witch one did you order first ? Tesco direct could be a good option isnt it? They got in stock and you got the tablet the day after in your store

  • Rob

    I’ll be waiting for the next batch to reach the UK, following reports of quality control issues with the initial shipment. I’ll also be getting mine from John Lewis, who confirmed to me they’ll be selling the Nexus 7 “from late July or early August”. No idea yet whether their two-year tablet guarantee will also apply to the Nexus, but here’s hoping…

    • Donna Moynihan

      Who did you speak to Rob?

  • At least im not the only one having a bad time with them shipping it from a Google play purchase. I just hope it comes next week. incidentally I have also been having some problems on Google play with my visa. My old card just kept getting declined this one doesn’t seem to have been but on my old card the order was confirmed but then the card was declined again. That is the first time its ever happened, I have no idea why either as all my details are correct. Really annoying. If all else fails ill have to order from somewhere else.

  • Markolondon12

    Mine arrived this morning, upgraded to overnight shipping. Great little device, works well…. needs a bit of tweaking but ever so happy with it!

  • Jonathan Willis

    EBuyer just confirmed to me, stock has not arrived. Shipping will not start till next week. I guess because they shipped too soon Asus/Google has cut off there supply.
    Thank you for your response.Stock will not be with us today. 
    Delivery will be by the beginning of nextweek if ordered before 9am on 16/07.
    Kind Regards
    Customer Support Team ——

  • Chris Rust

    I’ve lost faith with Google, I ordered a Nexus 7 online more than 2 weeks ago, I’m paying a delivery charge and it looks like people can buy them online for next day delivery and instore both with no delivery charge but I’ve been told I’ll get mine some time next week. Pathetic

    • gh1972

      I know how you feel.  My 16g was ordered on 28th June from Google Play.  For the past week I’ve put up with all the rumours, then confirmations of various deliveries.  Finally this morning it turned up.  Google has managed by it’s own (in)actions to take me from raving advocate to disgruntled consumer.

      • Alexander

        Don’t turn into a “disgruntled consumer”. The demand for this product is sooo high and UNEXPECTED that google physically can’t keep churning out the amount of tablets needed. 

        • Ged

          Lol yeah right go to xda developers forum and pass that onto pre buy loyal customers who are still awaiting delivery when they ordered 26th / 27th June. Not good enough google!!!
          On a positive note: amazing device, worth all the antgicipation and waiting!!

        • DZ

          Well, they can at least try and send out an e-mail explaining the delay, respond to enquiries on their contact form (1 week and counting) or just pick up the ^%”£^£ phone.

          “Pre-“ordered mine on the 28th, nothing happened since.

  • CyberNinja

    I phoned PC world yesterday to find out when they would be in stores and they said they had no idea, grrrrrr, need to get down to my local store lively,

  • Christophe M

    hi a wee update i just saw that the nexus is  actually available in store at pcworld/curry

    i just reserved mine for tomorow (payday rule) 🙂 

    • Patriciaashman

      good luck!  I reserved mine today for pcworld  instore collection, only to receive a call an hour later saying they had a made an error and there was no instore stock; that is after still waiting for them to deliver the first nexus I ordered when they promised 16 July delivery. I can wait, its my daughter who has used her 10th birthday money and savings to purchase this, that is struggling with all the changing dates and promises. Maybe we should have waited a little longer for the mini-ipad

      • Christophe M

        you are unlucky because i reserved mine yesterday and i did pick up the tablet this afternoon

        (it was the last one they got)