Nexus 7 shipping update for US, UK

By Alan Ng - Jul 18, 2012

It seems very clear to us that a lot of you are still pulling your hair out over the shipping situation regarding Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet. The launch hasn’t really gone as smooth as Google would have liked, with consumers who even pre-ordered early yet to receive shipping notifications from the company.

The pleasing news, is that Google has now responded to the global shipping issues and have detailed a lengthy statement providing some much needed clarity and more importantly – some revised dates for when you can expect to receive your new 7-inch tablet.

We’re amazed frankly reading through all of your comments here on the frequent nature of having actually paid for the device already, but still not receiving any shipping information from Google. It is turning into a PR disaster you feel and this latest statement on shipping by the company may be seen as the final straw for some.

Google has detailed new shipping dates depending on which country you are ordering from. For example, US consumers who pre-ordered the 16GB model before July 11 will now receive their tablet before the end of the day on July 19 – Thursday. If you have ordered past this date, you should expect to receive your tablet by the end of next week via overnight shipping – no set date though.

For the UK, all 8GB Nexus 7 models now have a shipping deadline of July 20. Those of you who ordered the 16GB model before June 30 should also receive the device on July 20. For all other orders, you should be getting the tablet sometime next week like US consumers.

July 13 seems to be the specific date that Google are quoting several times as a determining factor on when you’ll receive your device. Ordering before this date should see your Nexus 7 arrive very soon, but all orders after this date may face an even longer wait depending on the date you purchased.

It’s clear that Google are having big problems keeping up with the demand. If you are still waiting for your Nexus 7 to arrive, let us know if the situation has improved for you or not. You can check out the full shipping statement from Google here.

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  • madAndroid

    Finally received an email from Google last night around midnight, with an apology for the delay… which is really appreciated … but no word on exact delivery time, and no tracking number :-/
    However, like others have mentioned, they stated that the delivery has been “upgraded to overnight”, so I’m hoping this will come sometime today, or tomorrow.. but not holding my breath at this stage.
    I’m in London, btw, for those who are wandering… not sure if there’s a greater demand here, but I’m assuming that’s a possible reason for the delay

  • Kristie

    My 8GB just got delivered (UK) from Google Play. I got my shipping confirmation at 5.05pm last night.  Ordered 30 June. I never got an email saying delivery was upgrdade – and my tracking page didn’t say out for delivery. Very excited. Got to try and convince the toddler to have a nap now…

    • madAndroid

      Lucky you!! I ordered a couple of hours after the keynote at IO, on the 27th, but still no news of the order status… like others below have mentioned, I’ve also got a pending payment on my CC account, but no confirmation of the order or anything else :-

      • Life_goes_on

        Same boat as you.  And to make matters worse, my CC company freaked out about the pre-authorization charge and then the 2nd (pending) charge.  Still no email about shipping/tracking# either.   The charge is just pending… in limbo.   I had not bothered to call or email Google until yesterday.  I got an automated response back saying they were too busy to respond, and sent me to a URL with generic Google Play FAQ.    

        • madAndroid

          Further development: got home yesterday to discover that TNT had attempted delivery at 14h15, in spite of not being informed of said delivery via email or any other means … unfortunately, no one was present at my flat to get the package, so I’ve arranged to have it redelivered today …
          fingers crossed, I should have it later!!! 😀

  • gh1972

    Ordered 16G (UK) on 28th June at 1pm.

    Currently… Nothing whatsoever other than I know a reserve for the £208 has been put on my bank account.  No email, formal bank charge or anything.

    Not sure if it is galling that Ian above who ordered on the same day as me has his already, or whether it annoys me all the more.  COME ON GOOGLE!

    • Lanham2-u

      Same store here, uk play store ordered june 28th and still not a peep out of them. Google are having a shocker

  • Orkhun

    First of all ordering from Google must be with free delivery if you don’t get the device earlier and pay for delivery what is the point for pre ordering it all other companies take pre orders with free delivery and quicker delivery as well, point is after this problem Google has to compensate the pre orderers from Google Play someway like Nintendo did after they dropped the price of 3DS after short time, all pre orderers were given extras for compensation this is the way to keep your customers and users happy, Google needs to think a solution

  • I ordered the 16GB version (UK) and I have received my dispatch email this morning as well as an update email saying that delivery has been changed to overnight.

    Just playing the waiting game now.

    Update: TNT tracking says it is ‘out for delivery’!

    • Andrew Webber81

      If you don’t mind me asking what date did you order dude? 🙂

      • 28th June…and as I wrote that the door bell rang! It’s here!

        • Andrew Webber81

          Cheers dude, got my fingers crossed mine will be dispatched soon them 🙂

        • madAndroid

          fantastic!!! I ordered on the same day … hoping to get mine by friday :))

  • Andrew Webber81

    It’s total crap the way pre-order consumers are being treated especially one’s who order from google and had to pay £10 for delivery. The least google can do is ship the units via next day delivery free of charge!

    • Andrew Webber81

      I’ve just received a shipping confirmation so there is still hope for 28th June orders

      • gh1972

        Do you know what time on the 28th you ordered?  I was 1pm.  Cheers

        • Andrew Webber81

          I ordered just before 10am bud

  • HughJanus

    Not sure if I understand the anger over this…..looks like I’ll receive my Nexus 7 within the shipping time specified when I pre-ordered it.  I was more disappointed to learn that I wouldn’t have been able to cancel my pre-order had I wanted to….this would definitely make me reconsider pre-ordering anything from google again…

  • Cdon1973

    im still waiting for my pre-ordered 16gig tablet that i re-ordered on 12/7/12 and they P C World
    have kindly took their £199 off me nearly a week ago, and still no tablet…sick of ringing up!

  • Degs62

    What a load of crap.