WWE 13 Austin 3:16 Edition has best Attitude Era experience

Did you enjoy the latest episode of Monday Night RAW just a few hours ago? To continue on with the WWE theme, we’ve just heard that THQ are planning to release a collector’s edition of upcoming game WWE 13 and that it will be officially dubbed, the ‘Austin 3:16 Edition’.

We knew that the game would be featuring an Attitude Era campaign in an attempt to mimic the real events that happened during the late 90s and early 2000’s. Now though it looks like the biggest star of that period is getting his own unique version of WWE 13 and there’s some Stone Cold related bonuses that you will definitely be interested in picking up.

Firstly, picking up the 3:16 Edition gives you access to bonus in-game material that won’t be featured in the standard edition. For example, one of these items has already been confirmed to be Steve Austin’s famous ATV entrance to the ring which will be exclusive to this version only.

Aside from that, you’ll also get a Stone Cold DVD or Blu-Ray, a signed photo and an in-game Stone Cold t-shirt to use. Picking up the 3:16 Edition will also grant you access to one of Stone Cold’s Attitude Era rivals – Mike Tyson, who can only be unlocked by pre-ordering the game through retailers.

So how much will you have to pay for this bounty of goodies? A handsome sum of $80 according to the THQ shop website. Considering that the standard version has a retail price of $60, we would say that this is a pretty good deal for an extra $20. Check out the announce trailer below and let us know your thoughts on it.

Are you picking up WWE 13, or are you unhappy that THQ is still developing WWE games?



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