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Unboxing the Nexus 7 humor

Are you still patiently waiting for your Nexus 7 shipping update? If the device won’t be reaching you for a few days, you have probably already checked out a few unboxing clips online. Hilariously, it seems that many people are having trouble actually opening the device.

Simply opening a box shouldn’t be a problem for most people right? Usually all it takes is a few swipes of the knife to cut open the stickers on the sides, but Google has decided to reinforce the Nexus 7 with some new measures that are giving users a lot of grief.

Check out the hilarious montage of Nexus 7 unboxing videos below to see exactly what we’re talking about. After you’ve watched it, you’ll probably be wondering why they didn’t just rip open the box in the end. We feel the same way, but then it wouldn’t make a pretty unboxing video would it?

At least Google has ensured 100% that none of their tablets will be damaged on route to being shipped to consumers. We’ve seen plenty of anger online saying that they wouldn’t have had the same problem if they were unboxing the Nexus 7 as they’d just rip open the box by any means possible.

For those that have already received the spanking new Nexus 7 tablet though, tell us: Did you run into the same problems when opening the device? We wonder what the odds are on Apple turning this into some lighthearted attack on Google during their rumored product reveal this Fall.



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