Skyrim Dawnguard: Counting days until PS3 DLC

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 18, 2012

Last month on June 26 we heard about Skyrim Dawnguard launching on Xbox 360, which some gamers totally forgot the Skyrim DLC had been promised to Microsoft as a timed exclusive. We had been reviewing Skyrim on the PS3, although considering this extra weight with no confirmed release date for the PS3 version of Dawnguard; we started fresh with the Xbox 360 version of Skyrim. This allowed us to bring hands-on reviews of Dawnguard, although this meant we missed out on what had been achieved with more than 500 hours on the PS3 version.

You can follow our detailed review of Dawnguard via this page, which also includes other news surrounding Skyrim and future DLC. Today we wanted to look at Dawnguard for the PS3 and our expectations for a release date, which is likely to be a silent release after a quick post on the official Bethesda blog.

It had been known for a while that the Xbox 360 had a timed exclusive, although Bethesda didn’t highlight this much over the months, so considering this is a 30-day exclusive you can guess there will be silence leading up to the PlayStation 3 and PC release. Sony PS3 players should expect Skyrim patch 1.6 to land very soon, this is needed before you can download Dawnguard, and considering gamer frustration we should see PC and PS3 players getting hands-on with Dawnguard exactly 30 days after the Xbox 360 received the downloadable content. If this is not the case then expect some gamers to boycott Bethesda thanks to the reasons behind a timed exclusive, and an increased delay.

If Bethesda sticks to 30 days we’re looking at July 26 for the PS3/PC release date, which is just 8 days away at the time of writing. We have included a Dawnguard countdown timer below this article and this is set at Pacific Daylight Time. It’s worth noting this is counting down to the day and not the release time, although we will update you nearer the time when the DLC goes live.

Do you expect Bethesda to stick to the 30-day Skyrim DLC agreement, or drag the wait on longer for PC and PS3 owners?

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  • keith mitchell

    My first ps3 broke within a month…just sayin’. as bad luck would have it, i sent it in for repairs and then psn went down due to hacking while my system was out. as worse luck would have it, my account got hacked and my info changed so when i got a refurb, i could no longer use my old account including the games i downloaded. this story has no real point, only to point out that neither system/company is perfect. oh, and i want to laugh at all the ragers. you guys really need some perspective.

  • sammydessie

    Bethesda Softworks has just announced the expected release schedule for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s infamous patch 1.7 on consoles.
    North America, you’re sitting pretty, but Europe…
    From a tweet by Bethesda:
    “1.7 title update for Skyrim expected to release this Thurs. on 360 (worldwide) and PS3 (N. America). PS3 (Europe) release next week.”
    So it’s not as bad as all that, but it’s at least a little peculiar that PlayStation 3 owners are being made to wait a while longer not only than their North American counterparts, but their Xbox 360 friends, too.
    Also note the use of the word ‘expected’ in the sentence – this isn’t a definite schedule but Bethesda has used that word before and hit its dates, so we’re betting on the first wave of the Skyrim patch to hit this Thursday, August 9th, as planned.
    Have you got your hopes up or will you ‘see it before you believe it?’

  • One Pissed off Mofo !!

    I made a guy when i heard dawnguard was out for the xbox specifically to be a vampire lord … Hes level 81 now and has done almost everything -_-

  • Alexlovesvideogames

    Did any body get 1.7 update yet

  • Thalar

    its already out on steam. but not on ps3 store. maybe they put it out today 😀 I hope so 😀

  • Alexlovesvideogames

    I wish I knew when the patch 1.7 is coming out for ps3 I have waited so long and I hope dawnguard comes out before school

    • WherethefuckifDawnguard


  • Twidler

    -twiddled thumbs for new PSN store update-

    • Irealxx2x

      No thay just added summer sale !!!

  • Dawnguard

    I hear that 1.7 is coming out tips week are these rumors true? And some say august 10th PLEASE hjelp a lost ps3 user

    • Sammydessie

      whats tips week


    I just got some info saying DawnGuard might not come out to ps3 WTF I HAVE A XBOX BUT THE SKYRIM FOR IT PLEASE COME OUT I DON’T WANNA PLAY ON MY SHITTY XBOX

    • One Pissed off Mofo !!

      Do u just pull this info out of your ass ?

      • FINALLy

        no i taked to callfied people

        • One Pissed off Mofo !!

          So do these qualified people pupl info out of there ass or do they work for bethesda ?

    • Mika Trey

       the controller is way to big for your lil girl hands anyway

  • Irealxx2x

    Hay pepole if the P-O-S !!!!
    X-box 4life is right
    Thean DAWNGUARD will come out in the 10th of august !!!!!

  • JustNick

    they say they are gonna release dawnguard in august!!!!!!!!!! mother fuckers!!

    • Alexlovesvideogames

      Who does

      • Sammydessie

        thank you 

    • WHOO!!

      GUYS!! 1.7 is coming out this week WHOO

      • Irealxx2x

        How do u know ???

        • WHOO!!

          i read it on the Bethesda blog

  • One Pissed off Mofo !!

    If im not a vampire lord soon im gonna lose it !

    • Sammydessie

      OK its Monday i hope to god dawnguard is in the PlayStation store

      • Alexlee169

        How do you know

        • Sammydessie

          i said I HOPE its on there

      • FINALLy

        is it in Ps3 store?

  • Irealxx2x

    There is a simple explanation for the ranks in this world !!!!: 360=shiv !
    2.pc=iron dagger !!
    1.PS3=Mehrunes’ Razor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexlovesvideogames

    What would the price be 20.00

    • FINALLy


  • Alexlovesvideogames

    Why is everybody saying Monday I hope you guys are right Ive been waiting forever Im even preparing my character

  • Alexlovesvideogames

    I hope it comes out in the first week of august

    • FINALLy

      no maybe monday i hope


    theres a reason in the alphabet, P comes before X. cause pc and ps3 outrank xbox in everything but sales, why, u may ask, because microsof is full of sh*t and the name xbox just sounds cooler. thats it.

    • X-box 4 life

      First is the worst, second is the best!

      • Irealxx2x

        Get out of here u little mother fucker !!!
        This is no place for people with an xbox

  • Lucas Malott

    i saw on the elder scrolls official site and there is no sign of a dawnguard release date

  • Bethesda-is-corrupt

    Screw you Bethesda you corrupt, corporate butt monkeys ! A boycott is in order! Bug ridden crap hole games anyway…

    • Sammydessie

      y do i believe you

  • Norwegiano

    This is starting to piss me off, Resident Evil on XBOX got Nemesis DLC and now Bethesda has forgotten that the PS3 players has been waiting 31 days on Dawnguard. I would like to beat everyone in microsoft with a baseball bat!

  • why is ps3 for almost every game the last one to get the DLC it isnt faire anymore


    Ok everyone Ps3 strore is down THATS MEANS IT DOWNLOAD DAWNGUARD!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bethesda betrayed us

      Think so . Dont get false hopes it wont come

    • Sammydessie

      i hope so 2

    • were do you live is this in the US because my PS3 store is up

    • Ravencloat

      Welll,actualy my store do nothing 🙂 so i hope it will do something becuse i very want DAWNGUARD!!!!!!!! 😀

    • Aleksander Demant

      now its the next day but it isnt out for me??? 

  • Guest

    well this sucks.

  • Mr angry guy

    Looks like Xbox will get a lot more exclusivity than Microsoft paid for.

    • well it is but that doesent mean they will release it to us that day i did hear monday so fingers crossed


    30 days are up so really xbox has an exclusive trial for more than they paid for, this is bs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • X-Box 4 Life

      They paid for 45 days…

  • Who c bill gate plz stab him for me would you , i ‘ll give you twenty buck for my dawnguard as a contract payment instead of buying the game .  

    • Insanity

      i doubt bill gates had anything to do with this…..he is not the CEO of Microsoft….

  • Dawnguardwhere Are you

    Ooops i mean i dont Hope it will ve released monday:-(

  • Look

    I Was hoping i would find Dawnguard at the ps3. Official store! Do you think it Williams Home *sigh* monday? Hope not :-/

  • I hate Bethesda

    Ugh I hope we don’t have to wait til Monday! I’ll be out of town!


    its the 26 …I WANT DAWNGUARD NOW!!!!!!!

    • Ravencloat

      Me too 😀

  • P D Jame

    Why cant they just put the patch in dawnguard cause were going to be downloading both.

    • Zak

      cause you need to buy one of them

  • Ancypants McGee

    30 days are up. I’m gettin’ ancy.


       i think that the playstation store updates on Tuesdays so we might have it by the 31st, but if minecraft 1.3 and dawnguard come the same same day, im gonna be gaming for a month

  • Mr.Unhappy_rightnow>:(

    They didnt keep to there deal .

  • allyanho

    The way people are responding to the possible ps3/pc release date bethesda will have to release it soon because other wise they’ll lose alot of fans

  • Mr.Unhappy_rightnow>:(

    Seriously Bethesda no more keeping us waiting we want dawngaurd now.


      true dat

  • Mbroo85

    I’m becoming extremely bored and wish they would atleast tell us the release date themselves

  • Captainjoe18

    i want to be a Vampire lord!

    • me tooooooo i want it

      • Captainjoe18

        and Crossbow too!


        same here. ill probably make a new account for the dawnguard ‘good guys’ side, because my chacters to bad@ss to pass up vampire lord

  • Redog1995

    This timer wont mean much if ps3 has to wait two weeks or so for update 1.7.  We should just get update 1.6 like xbox so we can play now.  I don’t even need 1.7 if money is the issue

    • Sammydessie

      two weeks i read on the Bethesda blog that we get it Monday

      • Redog1995


        • Redog1995

          Cause I rad we get 1.7 in 1-2 weeks.

        • Sammydessie

          oh well then i could be wrong but on Monday pop in skyrim and check   cause i am

        • Sammydessie

          i mean come on it wont  hurt to try

        • Sammydessie

          damn i forgot but dont get me wrong im positive i saw it somewhere on there so we will get it Monday

        • Oblivionknights

          I sure do hope you’re right cuz I wanna play it do bad! 🙂

  • Walkerdom98

    They’ve postponed it so we get 2 updates with it. In reality c
    X box got an unfinished version

    • Sammydessie

      then why is the timer still going

  • cthulhuofrlyeh

    Something interesting I’ve noticed. I’ve seen people commenting on x-box’s “superior” sales figures compared to pc/ps3. I’ve also noticed comment’s by people stating they are on to their 2nd/3rd x-box and others who know people on to their 5th, as well as comments about people still playing original launch ps3s. Looking at this objectively, one can’t help but conclude the x-box, in this console generation, IS a flawed system (for reliability at least) and doesn’t necessarily live in more homes than pc or ps3. I’ve also seen comments about x-box’s retailing $400 a pop. With so many people buying replacement systems for deceased machines, just how much money is microsoft making from the same group of people?

    • NochipaZyanya

      I just have to say that my first ps3 lasted 5 years.  I melted it with Skyrim.  It was my fault though.  I didn’t blow out the dust often enough and I played the hell out of it with Skyrim.  Did I buy an XBox instead????  NO.  I’ve heard too many horror stories about them.  I think I got my monies worth in 5 years and I just purchased a new ps3 with a 4X bigger hard drive.  I’m happy.  On a side note, I can’t believe people are talking about boycotting Bethesda for selling out to Microsoft.  First of all, they’re in this to make money.  Anyone telling themselves otherwise is delusional.  If Microsoft offered the bigger payout then of course they went with Microsoft.  Second, Skyrim is awesome.  Why would you boycott a company that provides a game with so many hours of entertainment and fantastic graphics. I had 182 hours in before I melted my ps3 and now I’ve got about 134 hours and I still look forward to playing it.  I’m looking forward to Dawnguard because I’m really excited about being able to fight from horseback.  Hell, it’s worth the $20 just for that.  Anyway, I’d be willing to bet that the people talking about boycotting Bethesda also have a significant number of hours logged in to Skyrim and they’re just being big babies about not getting instant gratification.

      • cthulhuofrlyeh

        5 years huh? Good run if you weren’t cleaning the dust out. I’ve still got my launch PS3 and the only reason it’s sitting in a cupboard is because I couldn’t pass up a new white slim model when I saw it on the shelf. Makes a nice contrast when you’ve got black furniture like I do.

  • InDIGnation

    Why are you all getting so worked up over the DLC anyway? You all talk about it as if you’ve got nothing else to live for but Skyrim DLC.

    • Metalhead109

      I dont think everyone is getting worked up because of the DLC itself but because Bethesda sold out to  the Microsoft duchbags. Microsoft knows gamers love to be the first to play the newest and hottest games so they throw alot of money at game companies to make the Xbox First in line for new games and DLC. Its a marketing ploy that works on gamers. Sony makes tons of money from thousands of different electronics not just the playstation so they really dont depend on when the game is released on their system to drum up sales. Not to mention Sony knows how reliable their system is over the Xbox and will eventually see those users buying the PS3 due to it being more reliable and free to play online.  

  • Billy

    to all those people that are saying that you will not buy dawnguard, i believe you wont BUY it, but i reckon that you WILL pirate it, because  you still want it, and lets face it one way or another you will end up getting it

    • Brandonmrichars

      I agree. It’s funny how everyone says they’re not going to buy if it doesn’t come out when it’s expected to. They’re still gonna end up buying it.

  • Lookatapigomgitsapig

    can people stop complaining, yes it is annoying, i played 300 hours on ps3 and 20 on pc. xbox pays for this and personally i would prefer to wait a month than have to pay everymonth AND pay for dawnguard

    • Metalhead109

      PC and PS# users have a big right to complain Xbox users dont have to pay to play single player games. All this Xbox cry baby we have to pay a monthly fee to play crap is a line of bull when it comes to single player games like skyrim. They only have to pay to play online games like MW3 or BF3. Both of which can be played offline with friends. This is just a case of microsoft waiving around their huge wallets and Bethesda selling out to them.

    • Commander Fluffy Taco

      People need to be more patient and understand that the PS3 has problems that messes with  Dawnguard. I’m not saying this because I’m an Xbox user, either. I love the PS3. It has free multiplayer, the graphics seem to be better with most games, and I love the way the controller is put together. PS3 users, stop whining and just be patient!

  • Moo52

    honestly ppl will sill buy the stupid xbox and defend it even though it sucks balls and there comeback will be you dont play xbox cause your poor and cant afford ir

    • Metalhead109

      Like some people i know who are on their third or fifth Xbox and will buy another one when it breaks again. Why i really dont know cause i havent seen anything about the Xbox that would cause me to buy it over and over again because they keep breaking down.

      • Jusyoungit

        Dawngaurd release to be postponed on pc and ps3….
        Ready…set….tell the world how your system is better and the Xbox sucks.
        Lol. Loved this stuff since the ’80’s I remember the same think with dream cast, turbographix16, and neo-geo.
        This is not the same. All three consoles are here to stay until you all relies you can play all the same stuff (and more) on that computer you have sitting in the corner that’s only used for porn….like I did

      • ikr, i bought my ps3 a couple weeks after it came out, and i use almost every day and it still works fine, yet my brother is on his 3rd xbox 


          the one thing i HATE about xbox is the controllers. no recharging and they take som much energy u hav to put in new batteries evrday. otherwise, ps3, xbox, pc, theres no difference really, because a systems a system. just be glad u hav one

    • Tannerruiz1107

      Right now I’m defending XBox because your comment was as a PS3 user and that spelling sucks

      Owner of PS2/XBox/PC here and I still prefer PC over all but XBox>PS3 because of game prices and certain games that are easier to find on XBox

      • guest

        Games are the same prices on both systems. Wtf are you talking about?

  • Animefan222342

    I have been wating for this dlc they made a huge deal out of it my friends all have xbox so they played it and it took them 6 hours to beat the entire dlc so 20 bucks for 6 hours of game play ?

    • they must have been a really high level to beat it so quickly

  • Dirtydarts45

    I hope that they stick to the thirty day thing because if they don’t i will lose my excitement for the dlc.

  • Guest01

    I for one am growing tired of being screwed over by timed-exclusive dlc.
    We should show Bethesda (and all the other companies) that we aren’t
    going to put up with this. If we all wait and don’t buy it when it comes
    out for ps3/pc then they will have to drop the price on it early. Maybe
    then they will see that their deal with Microsoft really isn’t worth it because they will be losing money from ps3/pc users.

    • Staffordharmond

      im for tht too, but i bet people ganna be dumb ass n be like i cnt wait n still buy it whn it comes out like thy did with mw3 n battlefeild 3

      • Jusyoungit

        And dragon age 2 and fable 3 and gears of war 3 and bulletstorm…soon to be hacked to bits…Halo and others because we are brain dead and buy what they tell us is awesome. Event though they dumb down the games we love so our gf’s will like to play too

    • Rosie

      Microsoft covers, if not exceeds, the cost of the losses from disheartened fans on PC and PS3, so their deal is, in essence, worth it. And although the Xbox may get the DLC earlier, the PS3 and PC get the less bugged version, as bethesda use the Xbox problems to update and fix all the bugs they avent currently fixed.

  • Lampshade

    I dont see any reason for them to postpone the release of the DLC, they can release patches in the future. At least make it playable the ps3. People are playing it on xbox right now, I see NO reason for them to go over the 30days.Also will all the skyrim DLCs be 30day exclusive? Bethesda is not making friends with sony, but who needs friends when you get paid to spit on the little guy.

    • Trystan Wolfe E

       xbox pays for early release on their consol

    • Silverbautista28

      When the game was released they specifically said that the first two DLCs will be timed exlusive for the Xbox 360. I forgot where i read it but it looked legit. it was from a gaming website.

  • Guest

    Fighting on the internet is like joining the Special Olympics, even if you win you’re still retarded. 

    • Dr_Game96

      You, I like you.

    • liam farley

      Not quoting things doesn’t make you smart, it makes you an idiot.

  • anonymous ninja

    Xbox 360 used to suck and ps3 used to be really good, now it’s the other way around. Next generation, I’m switching to Xbox because Sony just fails now.

    • Insanity

      Go for it,pay to play online….

      • Jusyoungit

        I pay for my son. Hell it’s just $59 bucks. I even have one in the living room and get two for $79 a year and I don’t use it. Pay to play is a horrible argument.

    • anonymous

      not true xbox was always better but that has nothing to do with timed exclusives.

      • Guest

        thats why 360 was released months before ps3 to capitalize on sales and has had nothing but issues and took almost what, 2 years to fix

    • liam farley

      No please come to the light side. PC imagine a place with better graphics free mods, and infinite free online play.

      • Jusyoungit

        Thats why I play pc! Props

  • LOLthisIsFUNtoREADxD

    I like ps3 :3

    • Guy

      Sir, you are wrong. Xbox has been decreasing steadily in quality since its early launch. While PS3 has only become the king of Seventh-Gen Consoles.

      • Guy

        Sorry! Replied after wrong message. 😛

    • Moooo52

      ps3 is the best y do ppl use xbox just to et early dlc’s?

  • 123

    Dammit I’m so tiered of the X-Box 360 craping all over the PS3 well at least the PS3 dosn’t freaking break after four months my first X-Box 360 I had for almost 5 months then it got the red ring of death I sent to Microsoft to fix it then and after that they send it back for a bill of 80$ I paid it and week later the red ring of death pops up agian I sent back and then they tell me they can’t fix the a red ring of death…….. WTF!!!! I paid 80$ dollars for nothing. My second X-box 360 I had for 4 months and it won’t read the dam disk enymore. Now I have a PS3 I havn’t had eny problems with it sence I got it and it’s ben about a year so witch is better well I don’t now maybe the X-Box 360….. NO THE X-BOX 360 SUCKS AND THE PS3 AND PS ARE BETTER END OF STORY!!!!!!

    • Tylertc1228

      Ive had my ps3 since it came out and I have had no problems whatsoever ever. A great system and worth every penny

    • treat your consoles better, i’vehad my xbox for 3 years almost and had no issues with it.

      • Dave! Yognaut

        Me and my friends with PS3’s have still got the same PS3’s we bought on release date. Everyone I know who plays Xbox is on their third or fourth, and some have moved over to Ps3 because they are fed up of having to replace their consoles. Face it, PS3’s have a better record for quality than Xbox’s, plus free online play which is exactly the same as Xbox’s.

      • Jeremy

        Just because you’ve had your Xbox for 3 years doesn’t mean other users who have had the red ring multiple times don’t as well.

        I dust my system everyday, and my discs are in impeccable condition and have never EVER had a finger print on them, except for the ONE and ONLY time I let my friend change my disc and he got two finger prints on Call of Duty (and that will never happen again). I can almost guarantee you’re not that OCD about keeping your system in perfect condition.

        And yet, on my first and only Xbox, I got the red rings in about 6-7 months after purchase. I then sent it in for repair, they said they fixed it. (I only paid for shipping) When it came back it lasted 3 days. THREE DAYS.

        On the 4th day I bought a PS3 and I have NEVER had a problem. Runs perfectly 2 years later.

  • Zerocharade02

    To be honest i dont really care if Dawnguard comes out for x-box first i can wait for it besides i have a ton of other games to play while waiting and tons of stuff on skyrim i can still do. I mean really i dont see why people complain about that the dlc came out for x-box first. Im sure you got something else you can do while waiting other than whine like a bunch of kids. 

    • Tylertc1228

      I just don’t want it to come out in September

  • Blackheart

    Yeah, definitely done with bethesda if they cant get this straight for ps3 and PC… Dawnguard looks cool, but not that cool.

  • Grantward03

    Bought Ghost Recon Future Soldier to play until Dawnguard for PS3 comes out 😀

  • hubbajube

    It can’t come out on PS3 on a thursday, the PSN store gets updated every tuesday, so that’s ether the release of it for PC and/or when they start handing over the info to Sony. We might even get on the 24th, or still have to till the 31st to get the DLC, but Bethesda has screwed over PS and PC fans before (well at least PS fans with the FO3 DLCs, but granted they made up for it after the backlash) , and we had to wait 2 months for Deadmoney before we got it, so I’m sure were going to have to wait longer till we can get our hands on Dawnguard.

    • D-MANN1229

      Remember even on thursdays they do have special cases were they addtimed exclusives and minor add-ons on psn as a minor psn store update think of the COD:BO map packs that were 360 exclusive

  • Liftandlive

    PC is better, it’s a fact. Mods, better visuals and better gameplay as you have the choice of keyboard and mouse OR game pads. Nobody can disagree and it isn’t expensive to get one. 480 quid for my PC and I can run anything I throw at it on ultra settings. PC’s are brilliant.

    • Billypennington

      I agree sir though I am a PS gamer I wish there were capabilities to mod the PS3 version of the game. I will say that a good bit of the mods put out for skyrim on the PC are amazing if Bethesda took the time and their fan’s suggestions then there wouldn’t be near as much bashing and bad talk about them and these modders wouldn’t have as much to fix about the game.

    • Rosie

      Nothing beats the feeling of lounging on the couch with a controller in your hand 🙁

  • meh, i could kinda understand if bethesda wanted to give consoles timed exclusivity (because PC users get a better game…) but xbox only exclusivity sucks, and is a jerk move on bethesda/microsofts part.

    (im a PC -not PS3- player)

    • Nathanael Della Ventura

      Spend money to make money, as it were. 

  • Braeden The Blood Wolf

    I.bought fallout 3 gotye just to hold me over until dawnguard

    • Madan97

      I bought Fallout 3 New Vegas ultimate edition to pass the time until dawnguard

      • liam farley

        It’s just new vegas, not FO:3:NV. 

    • Cure_eclipse

       Me too

    • Dr_Game96

      I bought a flesh light :[ FO3 sounds better.

  • Eclipsezr

    i guess i can wait on the pc besides there is awesome mods for it….but y the ps3 common

  • Superstarretard

    All XBox has is DLC. They have to pay the big bucks for early releases because they can’t sell their systems with their crappy lineup of exclusive titles. They have to buy loyalty, not earn it.

  • Psnaccount2

    disregard skyrim, acquire women 

    • Tylertc1228

      Or both lol

    • Madan97

      Already married in real life and Skyrim. Killed my Skyrim wife……….. 

  • Recon

    Sorry, but more people have an Xbox 360 than PC. Look at the sales figures.

    There is a really stupid trend on the internet at the moment for rampant PC fanboyism, and it’s like a self fulfilling myth cycle. i.e. fanboys putting out wrong information that other people then read and then repeat aforementioned wrong information.
    Most people who play games dont even log onto internet forums or comment pages, let alone know of their existence.
    Just because a very vocal minority keeps going on about how great the PC platform is/will one day be for gaming, doesnt make it true.

    • Tylertc1228

      Ps3 too dumbass

    • Tylertc1228

      Which pc and ps3 outnumber 360

    • Devilock

       You’re trolling… right?

      • Tylertc1228

        No it’s true

    • Explosif

      you do realise you were on a PC right there don’t you? most people who can even afford an Xbox have a PC, and have had one long before any other gaming platform. There’s three in my house for fuck.90% of students own a laptop, or at least have a home computer, its actually a necessity at this point. What sales figures?? Where did you hear this?????

    • Buddhha

       Lol sales figures? Really? The biggest reason Xbox has such “high” sales figure is because they release a “new” Xbox with everyone of their biggest games, and all you fanboys go out and buy them, thinking you’re getting some special thing. Case and point, the Halo 4 Xbox they are releasing, for $400, and tons of people will dish out that money for a 7 year old console that has nothing new or special about it, except the look of it.

    • Pierrecharles Dussault

      The pc right now is the most performant console but if you look at the ps4 with an OLED projector 4x the resolution of what we now call HD, the pc will soon be out-performed by it.

      • Glendenninga

        PCs can be upgraded and updated with every new piece if you want. Keep in mind a console is just a very basic and specialised computer, which means that when the PS4 is released, the same quality PC parts will already be outdated, thus on PS4 release date PC will still have better equipment.

    • Raiyen22

      I’m a PS3 user but I have to say sales mean nothing when it comes to games like rpgs and xbox, you could check the sales ratio of xbox units to pc units sold maybe and have an argument. Most xbox players are meatheads that are only into fps and sports games or stupid simple minded games like crackdown and prototype. I do think PC is the best console NOW but until about 5 years ago PCs were pretty lame compared to consoles and I agree with Recon, all you PC trolls with the “PCs are better, you suck!” talk do get annoying… WE KNOW. I grew up with consoles, not that I never wanted a PC but because none of it’s games ever appealed to me the way consoles games progressed in graphics, voice work, movement, etc. Real sh!t tho PS was once the best but will always be second if anything to a PC, developers just don’t know how to use it’s power properly!

    • Wes

      You jelly? PCs are and always have been superior. Who cares?

      • if that were the case then why do pcs get one shelf at gamestop where ps3/xbox get a wall?

        • Sairbear_xx

          because steam. dipshit.

  • Thesoundofsummerx

    Dear Microsoft, with all this timed DLC you pay for, you make current PS3 owners hate you, good luck when the next gen systems come out… I know I wont be switching over… but I do know a lot of 360 owners who will be switching to PS4 due to paying for online & red rings. YOU SUCK Microsoft!!!

    • Indestruct13

      I like that lol you are damn right on point.

    • Iss_Monster

      amen to that 

    • Nathanael Della Ventura

      lol, I guess we’ll have to see. Oh, dear future.. what do ye hold?

  • Lol, would it kill the guy to change ‘July’ to ‘June’?

  • Failure to Launch

    i didnt know that last month was July, i could have sworn it was june lol


      it’s july right now remember the littlesong in kindergarden!?!?!? january february march april may JUNE JULY…

  • drakenoshway

    xbox 360 way outsells the ps3 in the US. and seeing as they will have a new system out before sony you can be damn sure they will continue to have these companies in pocket and catering to them. its called business.

  • drakenoshway

    xbox 360 way outsells the ps3 in the US. and seeing as they will have a new system out before sony you can be damn sure they will continue to have these companies in pocket and catering to them. its called business.

    • Rambacat18

      Yeah, but more people have a PC than Xbox. I know many people who have gone out and bought the PC version of Skyrim, even though they already had the Xbox one.

      • Etarah

        That isn’t remotely true. Just looking at Skyrim alone, it far outsells on the xbox than PC, everywhere.
        Oblivion sold way more on 360 than PC, so Skyrim was *developed* for the 360, and then the other versions worked on. Todd Howard also stated in an interview that his preferred platform for playing Skyrim was the 360.So if you have the main devs at Bethesda supporting 360, the sales figures supporting 360, and Microsoft offering a load of cash for Bethesda to give some exclusivity to the 360, you really shouldnt be surprised that the result is the 360 version getting everything first.

        • Deathlgock

          Your cool. You know games are programed on pc right? For pc. No game was developed just for one system. Its always made on computer and ported to consoles. Think before you post.

        • rivengraphic

          I’m sorry to say, but skyrim was made for xbox 360 THEN ported to pc. Hence why they had ram problems and a horrible menu interface. I play it on pc, so i’m not a biased xbox fan but get your facts straight dear god.

        • Nathanael Della Ventura

          LOL, your only standing point is that they are programmed on PC. This is true. As for your last sentence, take your own advice. “Think before you post” or at least Google and pretend you know something. 

        • Wes

          How much was he paid to say that? You were just bitching about fanboys but you’re a pathetic example of one yourself. 

    • Stirfrymassacre

      XBOX 360 prolly outsells PS3 because they almost always redring and people have to buy new ones. My room mate has gone through four xboxs himself and at some point all of my friends have replaced their xboxs two or three times. I am on my second xbox now and my bro is on his third, so factor that in. I bought a PS3 when they released and I still own it, it has never given me any trouble so no reason to buy another one. Also the XBOX 360 launched for-fucking-ever before the PS3 did so more have been sold over time. But I do know more people who play XBOX than PS3 and I only know a few who play PC for anything aside from WOW and TOR. 

  • dragonslayer

    dawn guard is going to be bad a… i have had no glitches on my game im dragonslayer now looking for the masks hard cant wait for the expansion

  • Dovahlizard

    I hope dawnguard comes out before school……

  • Grapeape4real

    At this point, I don’t care about Dawnguard!!! I want the F-ing patch so I can continue just playing the game due to the many glitches!!!

  • Arian_orta

    popped the cherry! =)

  • ILiveInSkyrim

    I hope it arrives in 8 days, so want to play Dawnguard.

  • DLTA Hawk Eye

    If they drag it out I will never buy another bethesda game again

    • InDIGnation

      No you won’t. You may say that, but lets face it; regardless of whether they drag it out or not, you’ll buy it out of desperation.

      • Insanity

        i have to disagree with that statement,yes some people will buy it out of desperation but trust me when i say that there are lots of other people who will get pissed off and not buy it including me

        • InDIGnation

          Mind you, a lot of people tried to boycott L4D2 when it came out, and who got the last laugh there? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the exclusive thing either, I don’t get what Microsoft hopes to achieve out of all this…

        • Bethesdaandmicrosoftarescum

          they want to acheive more sales, its quite simple. People will buy it because they cannot wait for it. Than when it comes out on their preferred console or PC they will buy it AGAIN. Which is true and sad. I say bethesda and microsoft are scumartists, grime of the earth, greedy disgusting ect ect ect.

      • CSThomas888

        Nah, That could be a illegitimate threat. He could easily pirate it. 

        • Diadarra

          Actually, Bethesda started getting serious about anti-pirating when it came to skyrim. I pirated before i bought it and they made it to where the main questline was unfixable and unplayable. I expect they’ll do the same with later games.

    • Zenfinitydesigns

      I am seriously sick of companies bowing to Microsoft…capcom and Bethesda especially. They’ll change their minds when the ps3ssales start topping the list and they’ve burned so many bridges….