Conti denies GTA V release date hints

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 18, 2012

The golden egg when it comes to Grand Theft Auto 5 is the release date and at the time of writing the launch month isn’t even known, let alone an exact date. This has created some desperation for GTA V news and most of us would take just about anything right now, so hunting Twitter for answers is something news reporters and gamers do on a daily basis. Within the last 24 hours we heard from Rockstar’s Dan Conti, although some gamers might take what he said out of perspective.

For those of our readers that don’t know – Dan. C is a programmer for Rockstar, which he recently confirmed on his Twitter account around 11 hours ago, although he also tweeted about the release of GTA V among other things. When one gamer said he couldn’t wait for GTA V, Dan. C replied that the game would be “worth it” and even if it took another 5 years it would still be worth it. This made some gamers question if the release date could be even longer than first thought, and when Dan. C had been asked if GTA 5 is coming “current gen xbox“, he replied “can’t comment on that“.

You can imagine how this made some people think bad things about the launch of the next Grand Theft Auto game, but he did mention later that the game wouldn’t take another 5 years. While it seems that some gamers have taken this out of perspective, we still think the game is coming in early 2013 and Dan. C said to keep an eye on the newswire. He also explained that his job is not limited to programming and everyone has many different tasks, and later played down rumors that he had been giving release date hints for GTA V. Do you keep track of Twitter accounts for those working on Grand Theft Auto V, and would you rather developers kept silent unless they had an actual date?

When do you expect the game to launch, and do you think Microsoft will try and put money up for exclusive content?

Update: Rockstar has confirmed the Twitter account is a fake and iTalkVideoGames has now been taken offline.

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  • Harper_1993

    Think about it, they aren’t going to bring it out on next gen as they are going for the world record, most games sold on release, and financial data for 2012/2013 shows that they have around 13billion revenue. Which could only be made possible by releasing GTA V before April 2013, the end of the financial year. If they released it on the next gen, then they would lose millions of sales as not everyone who has an Xbox 360, or ps3, would not have the next gen consoles yet… I personally think it will be just in time for Christmas 2012… 😀

  • Jeffaz1983

    just make sure that the game cant be spoiled with modders!!!!!!

  • teddy

    GTA V WILL come out on ps3 because (although deeply outnumbered by xbox owners) they still add 1 hell of a load of money that GTA could use, wouldn’t ever miss out on the chance of getting and would put towards a GTA VI (6) in 2015/6 (just a rough estimate of when, seriously, idk) which, with a bit of luck, will be even better

  • lengthy

    well in all honesty, so long as it comes out before i die, i don’t care… though on that note, i really do care and i want to to come out at the latest may 2013.
    on a serious note, i would like to have a bit more info because they are coming to gamescom in mid-august, and i think they should give up a little bit more until then. i know they have the best intent (by making sure we have 100% accurate and correct info) it does get very annoying. perhaps a few more on gameplay (like a crash to see the damage) or maybe a bit of the map (like an aerial shot of what we know will be included)

    my apologies for it’s length… giggity 😀

  • Anthonysr9659

    GTAV wont be on Next Gen. Next Gen isnt supposed to be released until middle-late 2013. And if thats the case, GTAV isnt gonna wait until after Next Gen is released just to release their game. They can always re-release it for NextGen if they want anyway.

  • USA Forever

    If it comes out in 2012 i will buy it, if it comes out in 2013 i wont buy it. I wont be buying any games in 2013 no matter what they are, i will be saving up for next gen. I will get Hitaman,Black Ops,Forza Horizon,Need 4 Speed,Medal of Honour,Far Cry 3 for Christmas, they will last me alllll the way through to next gen.

    • Gta makes me wanna cum

      part time fan … you buy it when ever it comes out, if you’re a true fan.


    this game will be good but you are going to have to wait till 2013 for next gen so save your money

  • GTA 5 will come out in OCT 2030 

  • Matt C

    I work for rockstar and It will be march 17th 2014…

    Sorry to say this, but we have had some development problems which has been a major set back… but can promise it will be the best game we have released. Also it will have planes and pets/other animals. It will also have new fun weapons (some from red dead)

    • Matt

      No, you don’t.

    • con non

      no i work for microsoft and I will get you account banned for L2P reasons

      • Matt C

        Bring it… if you work for Microsoft then you obviously don’t know what you are talking about. I am right. Get over it..

        • GTA V

          shut it moron u obviously dot work for rockstar

        • Matt C

          Dont call me a moron , and how do you know I dont… just tried to give you.a heads up on the latest…

        • FinnD

          If you do work for R*, then the gaming industry has severely slipped in who it employs. You are a child who still has not reached puberty, or some sad troll who masturbates to hentai porn due to lack of a sexual partner. Either way, kill yourself, and save the oxygen for people who are worth it.

    • Isamieh

      You forgot Cheers! 😛 Plus thats bs. 😀

  • Jason Young

    Rockstar even said there deal with Microsoft was a mistake and stupid. If you think GTA V DLC will be timed for 360. Look at Rockstars other releases after GTA IV, they never done the deal again, yet PS3 has got  daft little extras, look at Red Dead an extra Hide-Out. lol

    We dont need information on GTA V, its GTA and its Rockstar. That = A must buy! Rockstar could release trailer saying out Friday, no information just its out Friday. It would sell like wild fire.

  • Escortbrv

    I hope they dnt make it just fir xbox as it was a ps3 game in first place. I remember them days on ps 1 and would be a shame that I wouldnt able to add this to my collection of gta. Just wish rockstar would be more open now as the rumours are just getting out of hand.

    • Are you completely spasticated or something? Why would Rockstar want to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue by limiting GTA V to Xbox?


      • Ill2down

        Hahahahahahahahahahaha, that was one epic face plant huh Billy?

    • KaboomChickaBom

      it was not a ps3 game in the first place it was a ps game in the first place… ps wasnt even out when the first GTA was released!

  • Hurry up gta 5

    Would microsoft offer enough money for exclusives to cover the money that rockstar would make out of ps3 gamers, well the exculsivity period would run out and it would benfit Rockster in the long run BUT would it even be worth it for microsoft? because I certainly would not buy a xbox just for exculsives and there are many people who wouldnt either, but there are many people who probs would.

  • the twitter account was fake. 

  • the twitter account was fake. 

  • Criddy

    R* do know how to create the sizzle for their steak.  For months we’ve had no info on the game, and in tha past week we’ve seen 2 new screens and several official comments from programmers and other R* dudes. The market is heating up, im getting psyched for the game, which is evidence that the grand marketing plan behind GTAV is taking effect – on me at least 🙂 

  • Dfg

    I really hope RockstarGames releases this game in this October (2012) and really hope to see more screens and the second trailer too very very soon in this August and not another 8 months.

  • Hubbub

    how about everybody shut up and stop trying to get answers out of them! I am pretty sure that they are working as fast as they can without jacking up the game. I think that the programmer’s of GTA 5 should not reply to any questions because it just creates too many rumors. Cannot wait for gta5!!!!

    • Legion

      Most useless kind of response possible on a discussion board. Go and re-read this entire conversation… Good, done? Now go and re-read it again minus your post.

      Made no difference did it?

      I for one am pretty bored of waiting already, but i will still buy the game. I was a huge GTA and R* fan… now just GTA.

  • Odwa

    Nah microsoft wont try and do that ,lets not assume things just bcuz they happened to GTA IV .For all we know even Sony would try and buy gta v.But we know nothing of this game and i cant wait for Grand Theft Auto V 

  • JamesT

    You can bet Microsoft will try and buy timed GTA 5 exclusives, but it won’t happen and in fact it better not happen. I hate how we lose out with deals like we saw with Skyrim’s DLC and extended waits for thousands of gamers thanks to MONEY being thrown around.

    • Bob

       I don’t think so. People were pretty steamed at Rockstar when they gave Xbox 360’s exclusive GTAIV DLC for over a year. I think Rockstar cares about their fans and won’t make that mistake again.