Sony’s quiet exclusive PS3 DLC victory over Xbox 360

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2012

When was the last time you can remember Sony actually scoring some proper exclusive DLC for the PS3, over the Xbox 360? It doesn’t happen very often due to Microsoft’s very ‘persuading’ tactics, but we do have one story to tell you about now where one PS3 game has managed to score a small victory.

Console exclusives are a very stressful aspect of the industry these days and rarely do you find a game where the majority of post-release content can be accessed for free. Microsoft are definitely winning the so called ‘timed-exclusive’ wars at the moment it seems – managing to beat Sony to the punch for first tibs on post-release content for the likes of Call of Duty, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and most recently, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD.

Sony has scored a few victories of their own – Mortal Kombat, Assassin’s Creed 3, Battlefield 3 – but only as timed exclusives. Now though, we have found out that the PS3 version of Street Fighter X Tekken contains some DLC that will never be featured on the Xbox 360 version.

It comes in the form of the Pac-Man and Megaman characters, as game producer Tomoyaki Ayano told Siliconera that these characters will only be featured on the PS3 version. It’s true that these characters have been available since March, but now may be the time to pick up the PS3 version if you haven’t played it if you want to enjoy these characters.

Those of you living life on the edge with a modded Xbox 360 may have been enjoying these PS3 characters anyway though. It’s no secret that Capcom has had a huge problem on their hands dealing with hackers on the Xbox 360 version after they found a way to unlock all of the characters that were hidden on the disc – Pac-Man and Megaman included.

Still though, it’s nice to see that Sony still some bargaining power left in their grasp. Do you think it is simply a case of who pays the most money, or are you starting to believe that some developers have now picked their ‘favorite’ console as a preference? It’s an interesting debate for sure – Let us know your thoughts on the state of console exclusive DLC.

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  • Saleemchan

    Xbox does have pac man and mega man. I ave a fight replay saved on my 360

  • Guest

    I’m not gonna join into the ePeen debates over which is better; who cares, frankly.

    It’s never been a secret that Microsoft pays a lot of money to get the timed and regular DLC exclusives. It’s good that they’re willing to put the money in to improve their fan-base’s experience. But in the same vein, Sony spends a lot of money on third-party developers who they take ‘in-house’ to create exclusive games there.

    Both companies are improving their customers experience, and rightly so!

  • mahorn

    The list of all things included side by side….. Xbox wins hands down. But in the end…who cares….

  • man it messed up my list.
    Assassins Creed Brotherhood; Assassins Creed Revelations; LA Noire; Red Dead Redemption; Mafia 2; Batman Arkham Asylum; Battlefield Bad Company 2; Battlefield 3; Mortal Kombat; Street Fighter; Mass Effect 2; FEAR; Saints Row 3; Fight night round 3

  • LOL What dude? This artical is completely wrong.

    Xbox is the one without exclusive content. The only thing they get is timed exclusive pay to play DLC.

    PS3 gamers enjoy full free games, game modes, exclusive charactors and a lot more. Just a few of multi platform games with FREE Exclusive content on PS3. Some of which WERE Xbox exclusives!

    LMAO, Xbots gotta pay $60/year ($300 every 5 years) just to access the internet they paid for on their overpriced console (which also overheats and scratches disks easily, also disk swapping like it’s 1995 due to old DVD tech). But then they got to sit by and watch the free online console get free exclusive content even on 360 old exclusives like Mass Effect 2 and Saints Row.

    This isn’t the full list, I can’t find a full list but I find more games to add to this all the time, these are no cheap games. These are some of the best of this generation and PS3 gamers get the best:

    Assassins Creed Brotherhood
    Assassins Creed RevelationsLA NoireRed Dead RedemptionMafia 2Batman Arkham AsylumBattlefield Bad Company 2Battlefield 3Mortal KombatStreet FighterMass Effect 2FEARSaints Row 3
    Fight night round 3

  • abp

    Timed exclusives?
    Mortal kombat has kratos which is EXCLUSIVE
    AC3 has over 60 mins of extra content on ps3 which is EXCLUSIVE
    Battlefield 3 ppl eventually got the promised battlefield games as exclusive content

    • Battlefield 1943 wasn’t an exclusive game but they still got soething Xbox didn’t get and PC will never get