Samsung Galaxy Note 2 reveal at Unpacked 2012 Episode 2

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2012

If the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a device that you are seriously looking to buy later this year, we have some good news for you indeed. The ‘phablet’ device remains unofficial for the moment, but we now have a potential date for you when Samsung are looking to announce it to the world.

We had some initial feedback from you when we asked you if you thought 5.5-inches was too big for the device, since the rumors suggest that Samsung will slightly increase the display, compared to the 5.3-inch model that is available now.

It looks like a lot of you wouldn’t mind a 5.5-incher and the latest news is that August 30th may be the date when Samsung chooses to unveil the device for the first time to the world. This date happens to be just one day before the IFA 2012 expo takes place in Berlin, Germany and Samsung may use Unpacked 2012 ‘Episode 2’ to specifically show off the Galaxy Note 2 as the main event.

If we are due for an announcement on August 30, then that would put the launch for the Galaxy Note 2 around late September time – just around the same period when Apple are rumored to take to the stage to announce the iPhone 5 and the smaller ‘Mini’ iPad. With speculated specs such as an ‘unbreakable’ display and a 13 megapixel camera combined with a quad-core Exynos chip, we say that Samsung will have no trouble trying to keep up as a competing device at all.

Don’t forget that the device will also be running the very latest version of Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), so you could even say it is even more anticipated than the Galaxy S3. If the Galaxy Note 2 is on your shopping list at the end of the year, let us know your expectations of the device.

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  • Hwgdxqwy

    I left my note in a taxi in Vietnam 🙁 I was devestated .
    If the note 2 is going more to a square shape I will buy another original note.
    I could manage my old note with one hand but a square version no way !
    A slightly bigger rectangle shape I would buy but not square.
    If I wanted a tablet i would buy a tablet and holding the square note to your ear would be more awkward.
    Just my thoughts 

    • NgTurbo

      I wonder what the population rate of the amount of people leaving cell phones in taxis is?

  • QCman

    Use it for phone/work/pictures, no need to carry laptop and ipad?   Use desktop at home and heavier workloads.  S pen can mark up pictures and drawings, etc.

  • Javi Duarte

    I strongly believe Sprint should get this phone. I think it will bump heads with other cell providers and if Sprints reason on not jumping on the band wagon with other companies because they for saw the galaxy note 2 coming their way, I give Sprint two thumbs up. It would and probably boost more sales when the galaxy note 2 comes out in the market. Also, my sister owns a Galaxy Note from At&t. When I saw it i feel in love with it. Its exactly just like the Samsung S 2 that i have from Sprint. I compared the galaxy note(same design from my phone) to the Samsung S 3, and pretty much its the same thing. Point being, I would get the Galaxy Note S 2. GOOD thing I waited and if Sprint does get it. I’m staying with them. If they don’t, sorry Sprint, you guys are trailing behind on the competition with other cell providers. And I’m more than willing to go to a cell provider who will have the Samsung Note 2 when my contact ends. Once again. Sorry sprint. Its just how it rolls.

    • Loader3454

      i fell the same way  i waited for sprint to get the note dont know what they aer waiting for i been with sprint for 5 years but i am going to change carreiers because i want the note

      • Javi Duarte

        Same here. I’ve been with sprint like 7 years. Where I’m at. Hardly no signal at all. I had to go to tmobile n bought a Wifi device from them n ended up getting a two year contract just for better signal n internet. I tried to cancel with sprint but they tell me that they charge me more than 300 dollars to terminate the contact. What happened to the $200 early termination fee. I would so pay that once than waste my money if I’m not getting what I need from them and go with another provider more than likely Tmobile.

  • Said Abdulrahman586

    I personally love my note and all that I can do with it. I use it to run my life really as it’s like having a computer with me at all times (even the washroom!). I know that most devices have one issue that tends to plague them and I’ve heard some people having issues with theirs, but I have had no problems with mine. The one thing I would love to see Samsung address however, is battery life. It’s not good enough. Give me a slightly bigger box and include a desk stand that allows a spare battery to be charged, increase the size of the battery in the device and make some tweeks to reduce demand. Not much to ask right?

  • Javi Duarte

    Its going to be tha bombest phone ever

  • Otto

    “we say that Samsung will have no trouble trying to keep up as a competing device at all.”

    I say the galaxy note isn’t keeping up with anyone, it’s in a class by itself. It’s big, but it fits in my pocket just fine. I usually use a blutooth headset for calls so looking like a dork with a brick held up to my head isn’t an issue either. I don’t know how much better the battery can get, I have three batteries and usually go through 2 a day depending on use. They are cheap, small and easy to change. The only thing I’d look forward to in a Note 2 would be a bit faster performance (sometimes there is a lag between swipes and response, and maybe a newer Touchwiz interface. I think the camera and display are good enough on the original note that the note 2 would not be an automatic ” must buy” unless Samsung has something up thier sleeve we have not heard of yet.

  • I would really want to see NFC on this device, Glaxy Note is really a good option but i didn’t bought it as because it lack NFC. I won’t mind to have 5.5inch display on NOTE2, I wish to see poly-carbonate body not just simple plastic. Gorilla 2 glass along with 1080p Full HD Display will be really awesome on Note2. I am waiting for GALAXY NOTE 2 for quite sometime, hope to see it very soon.

  • Chosenchouraya

    Hopefully the battery size will allow the power to endure more hours than Note


    Next to the Droid Razr HD, this phone is the most anticipated phone of the year, this phone has the potential to be the most DOMINANT phone we’ve seen yet, but in my opinion if this phone doesn’t hit on Verizon, Samsung is missing out huge. Yes, AT&T has the better phones but has the worst coverage. If Verizon gets their hands on this, the phone can be used they way it should be intended to be used, because we all know Verizon has the BEST coverage in the U.S. and if customers get the phone off Verizon sales are going to sky-rocket (no pun intended toward Samsung.)

    • Spleege123

      uh I think you meant to say if verizon gets their hands on this, the phone will can be used they way THEY want you to.  certainly not they way i could be used. verizon is a joke.  as far as the north american market is concerned, no one abuses the consumer more than verizon while simultaneously offering the least amount of service.  unless you want to pay for even the smallest of services. they are despicable and a laughing stock.  I do not support AT&T either but they are more in conjunction with a world market and sales staff are somewhat respectable.  Verizon has towers.  that is all.  just towers.  they lease out the smallest amount of bandwidth that keeps them out of court.  that fact that you support this pathetic company is a testament on how your average american consumer is a moron.  embarrassing.

      • Meltony67

        Verizon has the largest coverage and Fastest data network (averaging 8mb download and 3mb upload) in the US. Yes, they are the most expensive, but you get what you pay for. What company do you think is so great? 

      • Olivier Boss

        Verizon (like Sprint) has irrelevent phone technology – non-GSM – and they thus require phones made specifically (and only) for the Verizon technology. RIDICULOUS.
        GSM phones (also used by T-Mobile and AT&T in the US) work worldwide, and the choice is absolutely HUGE (hundreds of GSM smart phones). Just go see, e.g. in Switzerland, France, etc., the huge choice in smart phones that consumers outside of the US have. Oh, and the prices are much lower than in the “anti-competitive” US market (because the competition is a lot bigger) – example: HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy SIII are $0 with all the carriers with 2-year service plans costing $15 to $25 a month.

  • Andy

    Any guess as to when we’d know the carriers- is it likely that they’d announce that on August 30th? I’m eligible to get an s3 on august 1, but if it’s likely that they’ll announce whether or not the note 2 will be on sprint I’d rather hold off,

    • Galaxy_Note_2_Lover

      As slow as Sprint is to adopt new phones, I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m w/ Sprint and their service works great for me needs.  However, my contract has been up since Feb, and I’m thinking of going w/ whatever provider (assuming it’s either AT&T or Verizon) will carry the GN2 phone first…especially if I’m going to be required to sign another 2 yr. contract…regardless of which provider ends up carrying the phone.

    • Olivier Boss

      For sure, it wont’ be available for Sprint technology. Again, Sprint (and Verizon) are using their own, local technology that is used by no one else in the world (non-GSM).
      Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (like 99% of smart phones in the world) will be GSM (in the US, useable only on the T-Mobile and AT&T networks).

      PERHAPS some time later (if at all) Verizon (and possibly Sprint) will have their own version of the phone, made by Samsung specifically for the Verizon or Sprint technology/network. But I would not hold my breath. People (in the US) using Verizon wireless or Sprint are totally dependent on their carrier as regards phones. It’s unacceptable.

  • Damon

    To say that I am anticipating this release of this phone is an understatement. Samsung and Google are creating devices that are just highly competitive vs. any phone on the market, they are creating a cult following of their creativity. I know Mac lovers love their iPhones for it’s proprietary Apple integration, but with only touching on a small part of phone integration within our daily routine, the love is similar but I would beg to differ, a bit greater and truer, because without a doubt, each year with Samsung and Google, it’s an evolution of technology. So am I looking forward to the Note 2. “Fuhgetaboudit”.

  • Adeel

    The galaxy note 2 will most likely equate to being a larger s3, and this for me will be just perfect. The larger display and larger battery life will make this device the optimum working productive device for ME. I doubt Samsung will have any problems with selling this device, even against the useless iPhone 5. 
    Greatness comes from your belief in yourself and to never stop halfway..,to reach the end…and than… CREATE it.

    • InpraiseofHim

      Any update to an already great phone is great! I will pass my Note on to my wife when I get the new notw 2 and we will both be happy!

  • If the current note is taken as the benchmark, I suppose the logical enhancements would be:
    1.  Faster camera – Not more pixels! Let’s start making cell cameras WORK before we add more pixels.
    2.  More battery life – No brainer; there’s never enough.
    3.  Personally, GPS and durability are high on my list in my line of work. Don’t know about everyone else.
    4.  More memory options and connectivity – again, there’s never enough.
    5.  The screen is great the way it is. Bigger might be better though.
    –   Stupid is as stupid does indeed – We’re all infected… And it’s terminal.  LOL

  • Mark

    The international version of the galaxy note 2 will have quad-core Exynos chip, but what will the U.S  version have?  Will it have the Qualcomm Krait S4 MSM8960T Pro dual core SoC with the Adreno 320 GPU? Or will it have the Qualcomm Krait APQ8064 quad core SoC with also the Adreno 320 GPU?

  • trob6969

    I was looking forward to the Galaxy Note 2 until I recently learned of a ‘mystery’ HTC phone that’s been benchmarked. Despite it having a 5″ 1080p FULL HD display, its still nearly twice as fast as the fastest phone on the market.

    • BOOMMAN55

      The “mystery” isn’t happening from current sources that was a rumored device, the actual device is to have a 4.7 inch 720 HD RGB display with android ICS or JB with HTC sense 4 or 5 on top of that(can’t think of what exactly they said), then the hardware becomes a mystery its rumored it may have the krait quad core but others say it will just run a dual core. then its going to have a 2 GB RAM with a 2100 battery. So it can compete with the SGS3 not the note.

      • trob6969

        Where did you get that info? I ask because I’ve been following it on various web sites and I haven’t read anything that points to what you’re saying.

  • Lil D3vilz

    – 10 megapixel camera
    – QuadCore 2.0Ghz
    – 16:10 resolution
    – Accurate GPS
    – Sturdy & Durable
    – Ease of accessibility of buttons
    – Full display screen with only side buttons
    – Sale of “essential” pack
    – 3,000 mAH
    – Astonishing style of phone

  • Nadim96

    Battery life and speed what matters to me in addition to the phone basic functionality. iPhone is slow and hangs sometimes especially when you are about to make an important call!

  • GingerNutter

    All I’m looking for is having NFC, a better camera and battery life. Never had an issue with speed/memory but wont say no to a new chip that’ll be kinder to the battery. I love the size but it’s hard to say what difference 0.2 inches going to make until I have it in my had, I’ve a feeling it’ll be just fine to work with. As for touchwiz, I really don’t see why Samsung is bothering with it. It’s not that it’s really bad it’s just not that much of an improvement for it to be worth their time and effort($). Plus it’s yet another hurdle in getting/waiting for the latest Android updates to be implemented. Yes continue to give us the great apps but please ditch touchwiz.

    • LiKi

      what is NFC please ?

      • GingerNutter

        Near Field Communication. Google is your friend 🙂

        • Awoof

           No need to be snarky to the guy/gal.  NFC  = NAtional Football Conference to me. 😀

        • GingerNutter

          I’d say I was being more informative than snarky. Hence the 🙂  and not the 😛

          😛  😉

  • DR. Max

    For me, upgraded optics and megapixels in the camera is essential. Galaxy Note has replaced my Navigator with its great screen, but replace my camera it has to be better in both pixels and graphics. By the way, the Note has been a great machine. Anyone who thinks it is too big hasn’t used.
    If you use a phone just as phone buy something else. But if you use the phone also as a internet portal, camera, video player, email machine and screen big enough that you can actually type on without making a zillion mistakes, this is the one baby!
    Think about it, after basic specs and speediness screen size is EVERYTHING really important. And the IPHONE will only be 4 inches, had that two years ago with android! And the iphone will be so thin, surfing is horrifically limited…the Note… and it does fit in your pocket and it does not look stupid. Stupid is as stupid does!