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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 reveal at Unpacked 2012 Episode 2

If the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a device that you are seriously looking to buy later this year, we have some good news for you indeed. The ‘phablet’ device remains unofficial for the moment, but we now have a potential date for you when Samsung are looking to announce it to the world.

We had some initial feedback from you when we asked you if you thought 5.5-inches was too big for the device, since the rumors suggest that Samsung will slightly increase the display, compared to the 5.3-inch model that is available now.

It looks like a lot of you wouldn’t mind a 5.5-incher and the latest news is that August 30th may be the date when Samsung chooses to unveil the device for the first time to the world. This date happens to be just one day before the IFA 2012 expo takes place in Berlin, Germany and Samsung may use Unpacked 2012 ‘Episode 2’ to specifically show off the Galaxy Note 2 as the main event.

If we are due for an announcement on August 30, then that would put the launch for the Galaxy Note 2 around late September time – just around the same period when Apple are rumored to take to the stage to announce the iPhone 5 and the smaller ‘Mini’ iPad. With speculated specs such as an ‘unbreakable’ display and a 13 megapixel camera combined with a quad-core Exynos chip, we say that Samsung will have no trouble trying to keep up as a competing device at all.

Don’t forget that the device will also be running the very latest version of Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), so you could even say it is even more anticipated than the Galaxy S3. If the Galaxy Note 2 is on your shopping list at the end of the year, let us know your expectations of the device.



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