Nexus 7 stock and shipping issues

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 16, 2012

It has been a couple of days since we reported about the Nexus 7 shipping notices being sent out to those that pre-ordered the new tablet, and while some people have received their Nexus 7’s already it seems there are a growing number of people complaining about devices not shipping, no stock, and also money being credited back after ordering.

The Nexus 7 stock issues were expected to a certain degree, although potential buyers are reporting “sold out” notices at every retailer they visit. Official websites had low stock right after the first day and some let their shipping estimations slip to 1 to 3 weeks after the first day of sales, but it looks even worse today. It now seems that Sam’s Club has no stock, Staples online has a sign stating “currently out of stock“, and the official Google Play store has a 1-2 week wait. If you know a store that has stock of the Nexus 7 then share a comment below.

If you want to get your hands on the new Nexus 7 and feel frustrated that you didn’t pre-order, then you might take comfort in the news of major problems being experienced by those that did place orders early and even before the device had a release date. It’s not nice seeing these early adopters suffer, but it does show you that sometimes you can’t beat lining up at a store and being one of the first in line to pickup by hand.

Following on from our article about the Nexus 7 shipping from Staples last week, it now seems that a growing number of our readers have issues with getting their tablet delivered. One reader said “Pre Ordered on 29 June and still nothing“, which had also been a similar situation for other readers. Others had ordered directly from Google almost 2 weeks ago and haven’t even had a charge on their credit card, although one buyer that got charged had the money sent back 7 days later.

It’s fair to say most people have had shipping notifications for their Nexus 7 and even have a tracking number, so at this stage it’s pretty solid the tablet is on the way.

Did you place an order early for the Nexus 7 and still don’t have a shipping notice? The main issue some of our readers have is with placing a pre-order early, and Google or the store they ordered from has kept them in the dark about when their device will be shipped. We’ve had a lot of emails and comments on Product Reviews stating, “no notice no charge on credit card“, so if this sounds like you hit the comments and let us know if the situation has improved.

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  • Etienne

    I got confirmation that my Nexus has been shipped on the 24th of july. The problem is that UPS is expecting to deliver it on the 30th when Google Canada Corp billed my 20$ for a 2 days shipping. Guess they aren’t really strong in maths!

    Also, can’t get anyone on the line to talk to someone. Poor support, poor customer services, I’ll never buy from them again and make sure nobody I know buys from them either.

  • Martinday1981

    Ordered mine from PC world went down picked up on release date 🙂 am typing this on it now 😉

  • HookedOnTabs

    My sister attempted cancel of Nexus 7, on July 5th, ends up refusing order with UPS on July 17th, Google received refused unit on July 19th. She contacts Google daily asking for refund. Google refuses to acknowledge and sends generic letter, stating, too busy to talk.They have had her money for 15 days. Google is no Amazon, they must think they are Apple with a Chinese attitude. “Will arrive in 4 to 6 weeks”.We don’t need customer satisfaction, we sell Nexus 7’s.

  • Happyman

    I had 40 mins on the google help line to cancel mine which was ordered on the 28 june here in the UK,couldn’t cancel so got told to refuse it,and 20 mins after coming off the phone I get an email saying it has shipped,so it’s going to have a pointless journey