New Mini iPad in 2012 set in stone

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2012

Have you bought into the rumors yet on Apple possibly releasing a smaller iPad by the end of the year? It looks set that we will definitely see a new iPhone announced in a few months, but now evidence is mounting that a new iPad is coming as well.

You may remember last week we told you that the likes of the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg had both reported on the fact that Apple is preparing to release a smaller iPad by the end of the year. There was considerable shock at the time, not only due the smaller size, but also the fact that Apple may be planning to omit the Retina Display that is currently seen on the new third generation model.

This is because the ‘Mini iPad’, just like the Nexus 7 is thought to be significantly lower in price that the current slew of tablets on the market. Although it still remains a rumor at this point, the New York Times has decided to run a new article providing a brand new insight on the upcoming device.

We previously knew that the Mini iPad may measure in at between 7-8 inches, but according to their article the device is going to be 7.85-inches in size exactly. They also mentioned that the miniature iPad is going to be ‘significantly’ less than the $499 new iPad in price as well – although, a $199 price point like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire still remains a long shot.

As we mentioned above, many consumers are just expecting the iPhone 5 to arrive in a few months, not another new iPad. It still seems quite soon after the third-generation iPad arrived, so Apple will definitely surprise a few if they bring a new iPhone, a fourth-generation iPad and iOS 6 to their Fall event in a few months.

What device takes your priority though? Those who have pre-ordered a Nexus 7 are now receiving their device, but will you now wait and see what the new smaller iPad looks like instead?

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  • Kenley Noltensmeier

    Never a good time to buy iCrap… Save yourself some trouble and get more for your money by buying something else. Definitely can’t go wrong getting a Nexus 7. A new Kindle Fire will be coming soon as well.

  • dodgebizkit

    A mini iPad would be stupid, steve jobs wouldnt have allowed it – and whatever people think, his ideas and way of thinking worked.

    • Louise

      What makes you think that a smaller version is not a good option?

  • Patricia Hughes

    I am thinking of buying an Ipad – when would be the best time for me to buy?

    • dodgebizkit

      When you have the money.