Highrise DLC should follow MW3 Terminal remake

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2012

If you’re an Elite subscriber for Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox 360, this week is the perfect time to really put some hours in. The latest content drops are going live on Tuesday July 17, including the long awaited remake for the MW2 classic Terminal map.

Providing that you have access to Call of Duty Elite on the Xbox 360, there are three new multiplayer maps and another new spec ops mission up for grabs. The maps seem to be coming very frequently you have to say and there certainly isn’t an argument against Infinity Ward for not providing enough post-release content since November last year.

The maps in question are Decommission, Offshore and Terminal, while the new spec ops mission will be called Vertigo. You can see detailed descriptions of Decommission and Offshore over on the official content calendar here, but you’ll notice that Terminal has been left off that list for good reason.

This is because the map is a little different to standard content drops. Unlike other DLC released at a later date for non-Elite members, those of you without a subscription will be available to download Terminal as soon as Wednesday July 18 – for free. This appears to be a one-off from Infinity Ward and although the map will also be coming to PS3 and PC, there’s still no dates sadly.

Vertigo looks like a very cool map, it’s a shame that it isn’t available in standard multiplayer. Let us know your thoughts on this month’s update and what map you are likely going to be playing the most. Now that Terminal is out, what other remakes from MW3 would you like to see next?

If we could choose the next remake to add, it surely has to be highrise doesn’t it? Along with Terminal, we would say that it was one of the most popular maps in MW2 and it would look fantastic on the MW3 game engine.

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  • Philopulost

    MW3 is one of the greatest war games ever!

  • Slammed91sedan

    Skidrow, Afgan. I’d like to see a nighttime map. WaW’s Makin Night was awesome.

  • romeo

    would rather eat my mums poop and watch jersey shore than play this terrible game

    • YouNoob

      Obviously you never played this game and are following your cool friends in hating this game.

  • Pjsprojects

    Sorry but MW3 is just a big map pack version of MW2.  Bought it, played for a month then left to gather dust!

    •  Totally agree. Nothing but a money grab.

    • Jesuschrist12

      It’s nothing like it, Totally different game 

    • oasis

      i was for ahwille at least a mounth or two but I started again yesterday and played for an hour or so its not the worst gane in the world maybe ur not good at it

  • Gofukyasen

    Infinity ward suck ! No release date for ps3 yet paid for elite , defo not renewing

  • Masoodrules

    Hell yeah why not!