GTA V to strengthen sky abilities

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 16, 2012

If you didn’t know that Grand Theft Auto 5 would strengthen what you could do in the sky before the recent questions and answers session, then you certainly know now. After Rockstar made it crystal clear that GTA V would feature planes by explaining, “they are returning“, and also stating again that GTA V would be a bigger map than any previous game, we are now left thinking about the innovations that could arrive with more airspace.

How could GTA V strengthen sky abilities? Some gamers are still very grounded and couldn’t care less for air combat, although a lot of our time in GTA IV had been spent using cheats to unlock not only weapons but also a helicopter. This led to a number of hours flying around the map shooting with the helicopter guns, but so much more could have been done here to create even more fun. This will depend on how much importance Rockstar put on features for the air, but if they include car customization it would be nice to see some sort of customization for flying machines.

Innovation with automobiles – when it comes to auto technology the last year has seen a massive push towards flying cars, and we’ve seen innovation in the real world, which included The Transition and PAL-V flying cars. We know not every gamer will like this in GTA V, but considering Rockstar confirmed planes are returning and that they’ll also include other flying contraptions in the massive airspace, why shouldn’t we have cars that fly as well like in the real world?

This is an idea that has no confirmation from Rockstar but could even be added via cheats, and surly most gamers would at least welcome that after spending hours of doing everything without a cheat code. The best enhancements can come through unlock codes, and a flying car would be welcomed in our books for Xbox 360 and PS3 that lack mods.

One thing is sure and that is GTA 5 will include more innovation in the air than any other Grand Theft Auto game, but how far Rockstar go is yet to be seen. We’d love to hear from our readers after confirmation of planes returning, and particularly your ideas for strengthening sky abilities.

Would you like to go to the sky in Grand Theft Auto V, and if so what ideas do you have for innovation in the air? We have included two videos below that show some real world flying cars, which could be included via an unlock code at the very least in GTA V. Hit the comments with your thoughts on this and what you think Rockstar will really do when we finally get a release date. You can see the two new screenshots in our earlier article.

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  • Ben

    I’m sure plenty of people would like to see if there will be a return of the hunter (apache). Would be great if it was an up to date version though. Keep up the good work Rockstar! ;-

  • Adam Dyer

    Helicopters and planes that you can transport cars and other items in would be bring another dimension to the game especially in multiplayer.

  • J3r3mysk8

    even bigger than 

    • Grpeephole303

      they also annouced they were working on the sequel to red dead redemption

  • pottsy

    i think a gliding suit would be awesome 🙂

  • Gtaplayer

    BRING BACK FLYING CAR CHEAT FROM SAN ANDREAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • UnknownUser28

    What if they would add something like A.I in the cut scenes, (if that makes sense)

    For Instance, say you go on a wanted level spree, and you’re all over the radio, tv, news everywhere.

    Then you go to a mission, it would be cool if the character in the cut scene recognizes you are wanted everywhere, or he makes a statement about it.

    That would make the game feel more engaged on what you do.

  • Ferriticle42

    I know it would be way out of step with the world of GTA, but is a flying robot suit too much to ask?

    • That Guy

      I would love it too.

    • Cazzer

      GTA V : Iron Man? Sounds cool.

    • noober suckston

      That would be in the Saints Row universe I’m afraid.

  • i hope there’s another riot like in San Andreas
    that was definitely the most fun i’ve ever had in a game

    • Benno

      That was only included as a reference to the ’92 LA Riots, so the chances of another riot included in the storyline are slim.
      Unless of course it’s included as a cheat, which would be so sick

  • Cbkevil

    Who ever wrote this article needs to play Gta 4 multiplayer and fly a heli in 1st person, All you will want in Gta 5 is the same Heli. Innovation isnt needed as TBoGT had a different heli it was too overpowered.

  • Sarah W.

    It could have something new like blimps, hot air balloons and flying wing suits or w/e they’re called, instead of a parachute. Might even have a secret, flying government base in the sky (You’ve seen it in movies, it could happen :P)This idea’s going over the top now but maybe it’s got a rocket it in or something, so you can go into space, jump out and watch your head POP! lol 

  • Natethegreatforlife

    They better not use the system where if you cheat, an achievment is disabled, because my friend would ALWAYS cheat and that blocked alot of them.

  • VinceV

    Well now that you mentioned it, I suppose that seeing there’s a Hollywood element to this game that it wouldn’t be out of the the question to see a flying Delorian that takes off when you reach 88 miles per hour……There could also be other Hollywood movie themed vehicles and aircraft…

  • Stacksz2423

    Just bring back the jetpack

  • A hover board would be nice?

  • I would much rather just see the dodo cheat make a return, the San Andreas version of it. I can’t tell you how much time I spent in San Andreas flying around in my pimped out Blista Compact using my nitrous like an afterburner.

  • FIVEChamp88

    Well Just Cause got boring due to lack of multiplayer, the best thing they could do to make flying totally awesome is when flying a plane is be able to walk around interior of it, withfriends

    • be a little hard in a single seat crop duster lol 😛

    • battman

      What? lmao u would not be flying it then that not fun

  • StanA

    I hope air vehicles don’t try to be too innovative. GTA V needs to retain much of a gritty reality that a current-gen video game can. Less of the circus stunts. Jetpack in SA was tolerable, albeit convenient travel (before the days of hailing a cab).

  • Icanwrite

    I have come to the conclusion that these articles are written by a down syndrome!

    • battman

      what is “a down syndrome”  ??  you mentally disabled? I feel sorry for your mother.

      • Icanwrite

        Could you sound anymore stupid right now? (hint: the answers no)

        • You’re the idiot friend, a person with Down’s is not called “a down syndrome.”

        • Icanwrite

          I really couldn’t give flying F**K over the correct terminology. (Not that even makes a discernible difference) I just wanted to express how much of a illiterate time waster I believe the author is. I’m sorry that you are all so sensitive!

        • Cooperman1080

          Dont take the piss out of down syndrome or handicapped people you just sound thick , are you an idiot ? (hint : the answers yes)

    • Kevin

      You sir, are a disgrace to humanity!

      • Icanwrite

        HAHA! Brilliant!

  • Matt

    I hope there are earthquakes that affect ur play or a part in the game where an earthquake happens in the story

  • Wzdvh

    i just hope it isn’t as big as just cause 2. that was too big and it got boring, but this is GTA we are talking about, it can’t get boring 😀

    • Gta 5

      I loved the scale of the just cause 2 map, but I see where u are coming from when saying it got boring through the limited things you could do on the map.

  • Jaymcaaa

    flyin cars be good hopefully they have flying saucers like in gta3 they had area 51 like maybe there a secret flying saucer in there like this time if you 100 percent game you get this but hopefully you actually get something when you 100 percent game like maybe the further your percentage raises your controller shakes like a earthquake is comen then when you 100 percent gta a earthquake happens and it gives you stuf

  • nameo

    Just cheat Flying Car in San Andreas,

    • RickyJ

      Not real flying cars as in those videos, they were stupid cheats that didn’t look real.

  • RickyJ

    I’ve heard a lot about these flying cars
    and seen them videos before, this has to happen with GTA 5 and would bring something
    “real world” that hadn’t been around in the years before. At least a cheat code if they don’t want it normally in the game.

  • Xolela

    i like the idea i think its going to work big ups to the GTA team for coming up with a great exciting game