Battlefield 4 should be on next-gen PS4, Xbox 720

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2012

Are you ready for Battlefield 4 already? EA are still trying to squeeze every little bit of life out of Battlefield 3 by adding new features to the game via their Premium service, but one slip up occurring recently seems to suggest that EA may be planning to turn Battlefield into a yearly release franchise to compete with Call of Duty.

It appears to be on the cards, but we really hope it doesn’t happen until next-gen. Battlefield 3 in our opinion is still pretty addictive and there’s no need to rush out another game just because Black Ops 2 is releasing in November and Modern Warfare 4 will presumably follow it next year.

If you’re getting confused why we’re suddenly switching attention to Battlefield 4, allow us to fill you in with what happened on the EA Origin store recently. If you headed to the store a few days ago, you would have seen the very interesting advertisement by EA claiming that all future pre-orders of the upcoming Medal of Honor game would gain you access to the ‘Battlefield 4 beta’.

EA, quickly noticing the mistake they had made removed all evidence of this on the site, but not before Digital Spy managed to grab a screenshot, which you can see in the image above. It’s inevitable that Battlefield 4 is coming, but we just hope that they are not rushing the game to compete with the yearly releases of COD and we also hope that EA will at least wait until next-gen consoles are out.

Would you really be excited about playing Battlefield 4 on current gen consoles? The BF3 graphics on console are nothing amazing and we doubt that DICE can really improve things drastically by making another Frostbite 2-based BF4 on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The last content for BF3 is going to be release in March for Premium members don’t forget, so after that gamers will face a few empty months before preparing to buy EA’s next game in the Fall.

But what will it end up being and on what platform? Next generation consoles are thought to be releasing around the last quarter of 2013, so let’s hope that EA is saving their next game for next-gen. Releasing Battlefield 4 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 would be a bad move in our opinion – do you agree?

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  • Rob-mclaren-fan

    I dont understand it to be honest. Pre Order MOH and you get BF4 beta in fall 2013, does this mean BF4  is on PS3 and 360? Or you get the beta on next gen consoles? 

  • Anderson Cooper 360 No-Scope

    BF3 already runs pretty shitty on current gen consoles. It gets really poor frame-rates in certain situations and my Xbox freezes considerably often while playing the game.
    Also, the last BF3 DLC is scheduled to come out in winter 2013, around the same time that next-gen consoles are expected. So that would be a perfect time for DICE to release a new game for the new console, once they’ve milked everything out of BF3.

  • BF vet

    BF3 has already maxed out the capabilities of current gen consoles, and there are expansions already planned through March 2013, so it would make sense for BF4 to be for next gen consoles.

  • Amrit

    I want it to be on next-gen consoles beacuse the graphics would be awesome. Also there definantley not turning Battlefield into a yearly franchise; but maybe once every two years – so it alternates with MOH. So Battlefield, MOH, Battlefield, MOH…

  • AAaaaaaa

    The first next gen console releases this year you know?

    • I Are Feel.

      technically.. but realistically the Wii U is just now catching up to Xbox 360 and PS3 in terms of hardware power.
      So really, the Wii U is just an Xbox 360 with more innovative controllers

  • curlyandsam4

    No, not necessarily because it will give players the opportunity to play it on a console which will, lets face it, be overpriced and expensive in the first years of release and a number of people wont be able to play it bringing the number of sales down.