New PS3 model has amazing price potential

By Alan Ng - Jul 15, 2012

It looks like the various rumors speculating on a new PS3 model from Sony are turning out to be true. The company is definitely going to be in attendance at GamesCom next month and now it looks like they are bringing a new version of the PS3 slim with them as well.

Previously, all we had to go on before was rumors and some brief details of the model showing up at the FCC website. Now though, we have even more meat to share with you, as the first pictures of the device have appeared on Brazilian website Technoblog.

They have wasted no time in sharing a gallery of pictures showing the new model and to say it looks a little unusual is an understatement. Sony are apparently opting to keep that curved shape of the console as seen on the original fat PS3, but this time they may have decided to add a series of grooves along the top surface of the console.

The shiny chrome material seen on the fat model is still there in places, but the new grooved effect seems to be taking priority here for Sony. Underneath the top cover, it is a similar style to the current slim model and we again see two slots for USB peripherals.

Another interesting aspect of the new CECH-4000 series PS3, is that Sony may be planning to offer just a 16GB model, which we’re guessing will be available for a very affordable price. Storage sizes may then be bulked up with 250GB or a whopping 500GB of storage space, so there will be a choice for everyone.

What are you more surprised about – the design, or the fact that there may be a 16GB storage option? Once again it appears that another Sony product has leaked out before the company has a chance to unveil it properly. Do you like the look of this new model or not? We have to say that we’re not really a fan of the new design as it looks in this picture.

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  • Sonny

    Gosh! Forgot how immature these gaming comments can be! Are you guys still at war over which console is best?! Get a life! They are both essentially the same thing. I have both. Loved PS3 back in the day but the 360 is much better for online play with friends, as the PS3 comes nowhere near when it comes to the 360’s parties. Like I said though, essentially the same. What difference it makes to you guys, I have no idea. It’s not like one getting more sales than the other will benefit you in any way. I have the new smaller 360 and will probs get this new PS3 when it comes out, simply because it should be quieter, cooler and easier on power than the original one I have since release day.

  • Rob-mclaren-fan

    Hoping for Xmas 2013 for the PS4

  • Rob-mclaren-fan

    I think they’re just making the PS3 ready for its later years making it more profitable and the lower price will sell more consoles.

  • Killstreakdemon

    ‘Expert’ consultant Michael Pachter has even come out and said hes CONVINCE that Last Of Us is going to be next gen it looks that polished. What have Naughty Dog said in reply?

    ‘Nope sorry, all ingame on PS3’

    Just not possible on 360. LOL

  • Killstreakdemon

    Fanboy wars again. When are you 360 fanboys just going to admit that the PS3 has had this generation down since late 2009/2010? You can count on one hand the amount of decent xbox exclusives in that time to today whereas PS3 has had loads and there still coming thick and fast this year into next.

    Last Of Us/Beyond/God of War anyone? NO? Just HALO 4 no longer done by Bungi?

    Yeah right!

  • jswalker95

    they are just trying to compete with Microsoft’s 4gb console and trying to gain their once dominated market back

    • Johnlapaglia2

      Yes , they will get THEIR MARKET back.

    • Seancfc42

      4gb yeh when we have a 360gb console and im sorry but Sony still dominate the market u may have more sales but when it comes to tech and reliability Sony is still best.


        oh yeah totally remember last year when psn got their asses hacked? yeah sony is definitely the most reliable…

        • Modernhonor

          Yeah and remember when Microsoft hacked twice this year already.. 

        • mornelithe

          Remember when the 360 was hacked w/in the first hour of release?

  • This just proves that the PS4 is still along ways off, if they are once again remodelling the current gen machine.

    • allen

      i think its just to make it cheaper to build so when the ps4 comes they can drop the price very low and still make $