Nexus 7 shipping at Staples and GameStop

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 14, 2012

Feedback from our readers that have ordered the Google Nexus 7 tablet couldn’t be more mixed, and we’re hearing feelings of happiness and despair. There are a number of news outlets reporting that Staples and GameStop are out of stock on the first day of Nexus 7 sales, although some people that pre-ordered couldn’t be happier.

Numerous forums are filled with threads from happy customers, which have their Nexus 7 in hand, although you’ll find just as many that are upset with the service they’ve received so far, but this could just be people being impatient. Leave a comment below this article and let us know where you ordered your Nexus 7, and if it’s in your hands yet?

Most popular devices slip to long shipping dates very quickly, the iPad and iPhone do this every year, and the Nexus 7 is currently running at a 1-3 week shipping time depending on what model you choose.

Nexus 7 is shipping from Google over 3 days, which started yesterday, and if you pre-ordered you should either have the tablet already or it will be at your door within the next couple of days. We’ve heard from a number of PR readers that have July 17 as a delivery date from Staples, although some people pre-ordered the Nexus 7 at GameStop and picked up in a local store on the launch date.

Another sign to see everything is going to plan would be checking your payment method, and if you’ve been charged then you can count on the Nexus 7 arriving very soon.

Did you order the Google Nexus 7, and if so where did you order from and has it arrived yet?

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    I see that £209.98 has been debited from my account this morning. It hadn’t at 11pm last night. I’ve not received any shipment notification. Money gets taken when they ship. I guess I should get it very soon. I ordered mine 30th June from the UK. It’s Google commerce – Ireland controlling the fulfillment.

  • Mmriedel

    Honestly all, I think we’re getting carried away with this now. I saw this as an opportunity to give a status report, not complain. Google is probably overwhelmed (that’s a good thing!); they may have multiple distribution centers and shipping may vary based on the location of the purchaser. In addition, it is not uncommon to charge a card before a purchase ships as long as the purchase is shipped before (I think) 30-days. I for one am going to just sit back now and enjoy the anticipation and hope you all enjoy it also.

    • Mmriedel

      Correction: I assumed because my Play receipt stated “completed” that my card was charged. I checked today and there is no charge from Google on my credit card.

  • Martynston

    I pre ordered my Nexus 7 on the 12th of July through the play store and going by the comments as above I am not holding out much of seeing mine for sometime…….I feel a bit conned in the respect they have taken my money so I believe that they have made me now low priority as they can make me wait as long as they want…….don’t worry google I will not fall for that one again.

  • Dmpersonal2

    In the UK, I ordered mine on the 30th June. Sent 2 x emails last week: no reply! Heard nothing. Money not taken from account yet either. There’s no delivery information – zilch! I see that apparently Ebuyer customers already had theirs end of last week. Not happy!

  • Kiwiflying

    Likewise. Ordered June 29 and no sign yet.

  • Glynn Allen

    Pre Ordered on 29 June….. Still nothing! So bleak

  • JD Atlanta

    Ordered 16 G from Google Play on 7/3, no notice no charge on credit card. I am sure that Google is doing this on purpose, because they hate us. Or maybe they were surprised by the intense demand, and don’t have a lot of experience in delivering physical products. One of the two. 

    • Rib Knows

      You’re sure that Google hates

    • Rib Knows

      You’re sure that Google hates us? Really? Why would a multinational company know who you are, let alone expel such vast and intense feelings towards you? Idiot.

  • dnvs12

    I preordered the N7 from the Playstore on July 6th. I have the E receipt with the confirmation. I read on other forums and some on this forum that folks who have ordered after me have not only gotten a response but they have received a shipping receipt. I sent to emails to the Playstore CSR and I received a response from the second email saying  “Thanks for writing in. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    We’re now shipping Nexus 7 preorders.

    Once your order has shipped you’ll receive a confirmation email and
    tracking number. Though our agents are unable to provide a specific
    delivery date for individual preorders, please rest assured that our
    shipping team is working to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible.”
    Like some people I too have had my account charged then refunded. This is so confusing. Further the retails have already sold them to consumers who preorder only days ago. My final words are…

    Was the $25 Playstore credit the only incentive for Preordering from the Playstore? If that’s the only reason the I would have like to have been told that and I would have bought it from a retailer and not spent extra on shipping. Thank for nothing Google.

    • Life_goes_on

      Preorder through Google:   +$25 Playstore credit but -$15 shipping cost = $10 in the green, but no Nexus 7 in hand.
      Preorder through local retailers:  Same $25 credit and $0 shipping costs = $25 in the green and they are holding their Nexus 7 in their hands.

      What’s wrong with this picture Google?

  • Jim

    Ordered mine on the 11th,,,got charged on  13th,,,and have tracking number,,,waiting for ups now,,,,woohoo,,,should arrive tomorrow

  • Mary

    In Los Angeles: I ordered the 16GB model at Google Play on July 5; my card was charged; still no email re shipping.

  • Andouille

    I ordered on the play store on June 29th, absolutely no news since then and yes I am very frustrated at Google for this. 

  • Carlos Loyd

    Ordered 16G on July 10 @ google play store. received shipping notice via UPS on 7/13. All is good so far. I should have in hand monday 7/16

  • Crwood

    I ordered on July 10th, the 1st day announced by Staples. It says expect by 17th{not going to happen}Today is 15th I have heard nothing. CR

  • Richard Frith

    I ordered on day one, June 27 at 2:30PM EST, a very short time after it was available on Google Play Store. As of yet I’ve heard nothing. My order was for the 16gb model. No big deal but it doesn’t make me happy that someone who ordered a day later has their tracking info.

    • Life_goes_on

      There are people who ordered 1 week after us through the Google Play Store that already have tracking information.  There is something called FIFO (first in, first out).  Google doesn’t seem to understand this concept.  

  • Vdubbin

    Ordered mine July 1st. The money was initially taken and then put back. Friday I received an email stating it shipped. The money has been taken again. I have a valid tracking number. Should be here wednesday. I ordered from google.

    • Vdubbin

      There shipping ups

  • Ethan

    I ordered Myn 10 days ago and no conformation tht it has been sent I am upset with google

  • Cdbuskirk

    i also ordered on the first day of the goole presell with no idea as to when i will get mine

  • NY Nexus 7

    I “pre-ordered” on 7/7. Card was soft charged that has gone away, I called Google on Wed of last week and they informed me that there are processing orders this week and shipping next week. I asked about the soft charge on the credit card and they said all was fine on my end.

  • I also received a shipping email on Friday 7/13, but the tracking number isn’t valid. I ordered mine on June 27th just a few hours after the Google I/O announcement.    Had I known that I could just pick it up at the Staples about 1/2 a mile away, two days ago, I would have done that rather than paying an extra $15 for shipping to get it from Google sometime next week.  At the time of the announcement, I believed that “pre-order” meant we’d be getting it before the retail stores.  
    I admit to being impatient, but I also feel cheated out of paying the shipping costs.  Next time, I will just wait a week or two and go to the store.

  • Life_goes_on

    I pre-ordered it through Google Play before it was available for order at other retailers.  I have not received it yet.   thank goodness the local retail stores have already received and sold out of their 2nd wave of tablets.  The local retail stores should get their 3rd wave this next week. 
       And yet, here I sit, at my computer, looking at a useless email from Google, saying they received my order… way way back when.  If the Google Play store is currently saying “shipping within 1 to 2 weeks”, what happened to those of us who ordered it way way back when?    Take care of us Google, or we will learn from this, and buy the tablet elsewhere.  Take care of us Google, or we will open our wallets elsewhere.   I believe I will purchase my books/music/movies from other venues… other venues that actually COMMUNICATE to their customers… other venues that are capable of delivering what was paid for in a timely manner.  (And look, the media at these other venues actually cost less too). 

  • Bitbucket

    Ordered June 28, got shipping notice 10pm July 13, UPS tracking number is invalid. Hopefully it’s really coming.

  • Degs62

    Ordered mine on the 1st July through Google play what a crap service, no answer to any enquirys sent to them no shipping conformation , if i had known i would suffer this poor cutomer service i would have gone to E byer not had to pay £9.99 postage and had my nexus 2 days ago . Well done Google.

  • DopiesLife

    I ordered it on July 4th and was charged a few days later. This is why I will not preorder again. MANY people have already  been able to go to retail stores and get them. Guess I could have held onto the cash for WEEKS more and then walked my lazy ass to a store and picked it up. Instead, Google is being what they said they wouldn’t, EVIL. 

    I even spoke to a lovely rep named Alex at 1am (any other time you get nobody) who said she could do nothing in terms of compensation and at this point was “rethinking her job within Google.” Can you blame her?

    This is bullshit and now they are acting worse than Apple.

  • Bushmaster_cager

    Am currently based in Melbourne … ordered the 7 on 5th, got charged immediately only.for the payment to be sent back to my acc on 12th and as of now still.not charged…this is just sad….what’s goin on !?