Imagining GTA V with first person mode

Have you managed to catch your breath now after Rockstar finally gave the world some new GTA V material in the form of two brilliant screenshots? We ourselves said that the screenshots looked so good that they wouldn’t look out of place on next-gen consoles, but now we want to talk a little bit on the possibility of having a first-person mode in GTA V.

First-person mode in a GTA game? You are probably thinking that isn’t a good fit at all, but after the watching the video that we have to show you, you may want to give that a rethink. The GTA franchise is now obviously known for its third-person approach to gameplay, especially during combat, but would you support the idea of having a secondary mode for those who want to try out playing GTA V in first-person?

If you haven’t played the PC version of GTA IV, you are probably unaware at the amazing possibilities that are available thanks to the use of user-made mods. We gave you an idea of this in a previous article toying at the possibility of a GTA V zombies mode, but now we have a fantastic video to show you which gives you an idea on how GTA V may look in first person mode.

Obviously this video uses the GTA IV graphics engine, so it’s clear that things are going to look a lot better in GTA V. We fully expect someone to go and recreate this exact mod on the PC version of GTA V, but after watching the gameplay here – would you like Rockstar to make this an official feature on console as well?

If this were to happen, the combat in first-person mode would obviously need some fine tuning as it looks pretty terrible in the video, but at least you get the idea of how it works. We’ve seen many games in the past offering both third-person and first-person modes to gamers, so we wonder how difficult it would be for Rockstar to include this with GTA V. To clarify, we’re not saying replace the third-person mode as that would be a shocking idea, but it would a great option to have in the options menu for those moments when you just want to burn a few hours tearing up the city and its inhabitants for fun.

After seeing the quality of those screenshots that Rockstar has just put out, we are getting really excited on the graphics potential for this game. Now imagine being able to view the beautiful city in a first-person mode. Let us know your thoughts on this idea and whether you would like to see it added or not.



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