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Early iPhone 5 release date changes tactics

The whole world is expecting Apple to unveil the iPhone 5 at around the October time, to follow the company’s release pattern with that of the iPhone 4S. Now imagine the huge shock amongst consumers if Apple now decides to change that and release the next generation iPhone a few months early.

Apple are not really known for providing too many surprises in previous product launches, as they have often come at a time when consumers expect them and they usually always line up with the various collection of leaks prior to an announcement. However, one new massive rumor has just surfaced right at the end of the week, claiming that Apple is actually going to unveil their next iPhone in August – as soon as next month.

This little known tech blog has even provided a date as well believe it or not. According to their ‘unnamed industry sources’, the iPhone 5 is going to be announced at an Apple event on Tuesday August 7. Just for reference purposes, Apple also announced the iPhone 4S on Tuesday 4th October 2011.

As you can imagine, an August release date for the next iPhone would take everyone by surprise. We were all expecting the device to come out in October alongside iOS 6 and possibly a smaller iPad, but has something drastically changed the mindset of CEO Tim Cook to make him decide that August should now be the launch month?

As we’ve seen with the March launch for the new iPad, it is not completely out of the ordinary for Apple to shake up their release patterns. It will be interesting to see if the US availability of the Samsung Galaxy S3 on all four major carriers is one of the reasons why we may be seeing an earlier launch for the iPhone 5. That could play a factor, but then Apple’s favorite back to school period may also be playing a big factor as well – providing this rumor is true of course.

What do you make of this – would you be very surprised if the iPhone 5 is announced on August 7 and then released a week later? Let’s hope we hear some ‘stronger’ evidence on this story soon.



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