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More evidence of iPhone 5 design

After countless image leaks of the next generation iPhone 5, it is safe to assume that we can now look forward to the iPhone 5 having a bigger display screen at long last. We’ve seen plenty of renders showing the rumored design, but now we have a full ‘leaked’ gallery for you to drool over.

The amazing thing here is that nobody seems to even be too surprised any more when new alleged pictures of the iPhone 5 show up. After the infamous prototype iPhone 4 story, iPhone picture leaks are now treated as your average daily tech post and even Apple themselves have probably given up now on trying to conceal every little image or component part from becoming public knowledge.

By now, you must all have a general idea of what the next generation iPhone is going to look like after previous image leaks. For a brief refresh, we’re expecting that three panel back cover with aluminum materials on the middle part. The display screen has been expanded by height, but the device should still carry the same width and there’s still no strong evidence on that desired edge-to-edge display.

The headphone jack has moved from the top of the device to the bottom, while the speaker grills have been redesigned and it looks like Apple are going to introduce a brand new connector dock as well, one which is smaller in size than the current 30-pin standard.

These are all details that you already know about right? We expected that, but what you may not have seen yet is a full on gallery featuring all of these details up close. Obtained by the guys over at KitGuru, the model seen in the images are thought to be of a pre-release test model – which basically sounds to us like a prototype iPhone 5.

As we mentioned above though, we have a feeling that Apple has given up trying to track down every single leak, plus this model shown here is not in the final design stages as the iPhone 4 prototype that Gizmodo famously purchased a few years ago. With just a few months to go before the expected unveil this Fall, we would be very surprised if we see any more pictures showing a completely different design.

Take a look and let us know your thoughts on them. Have you now accepted that this is likely to be the final design choice for the iPhone 5? More importantly – are you happy with it?



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