Lack of GTA V news keeps secrets in tact

By Alan Ng - Jul 13, 2012

GTA V fans have waited patiently for some solid updates from Rockstar for months and hours ago they finally delivered. Along with the release of two stunning new screenshots for the game, the developer also took the time to explain why they haven’t been so generous with their reveals for the in-demand game.

It’s fair to say that a lot of you have been getting rather frustrated with the lack of information for arguably the most anticipated game, well since GTA IV. At last though, Rockstar has spoken out about that frustration, conceding that it isn’t their intention to frustrate gamers on the lack of info for GTA V.

Instead, they have said that they are holding back on their asset releases because they want to make sure that they are ‘100% correct information’ and the fact that they prefer to keep as many surprises as possible in tact so that gamers are still wowed when it comes to picking up the final game at retail.

They added that they care a lot about the enjoyment experience that gamers will get when playing the game and made another point about releasing ‘accurate’ information. It sounds to us that they have been keeping a tab on all of these ‘leaked’ story characters and modes, so maybe these are also to blame why we haven’t had more info for the game.

One word of warning though: Rockstar also mentioned towards the end of their statement that ‘they haven’t been in a position to show more of the game other than the trailer’ and that ‘they won’t be in this position for a while’. Does this mean that we won’t be seeing any new footage of the game at GamesCom next month? Let’s hope not.

So there we have it. While you are all getting your knickers in a twist and shouting abuse at the internet, be reminded that Rockstar does actually care and the holding back of information is so that you can play a game with as many secrets in tact as possible. You can read the full Q&A from Rockstar here.

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  • Phaedra90731

    Almost looks like a bridge in the distance, but im hoping and praying its further than that because The Vincent Thomas Bridge is in San Pedro, 24 miles away.  We saw the bridge in the trailer and would be awesome if you could take the 110 frwy south till you get to the bridge.  The crane to the left was there for a while when they were building the Ritz Carlton completed in 2010.

    • Natethegreatforlife

      I though the same thing about the distance

  • Blapperworld

    Looking at the picture from my iPad I can see something in the distance which I’m trying to work out if it is a crane or a bridge? Am I seeing things as it looks like a bridge in the distance if you look a little below the plane?