PS4 specs 10x power of PS3

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 12, 2012

There has been some confusion lately over the Wii U and if it should be called a next-generation gaming console, especially when certain reviewers are testing its specs and power compared to the aging PS3 and Xbox 360. There is no doubt the Wii U is more powerful than console hardware that’s years old, but how much of a jump will the PS4 and Xbox 720 make when they finally see a release date?

Rumors for the PS4 launch are pretty thin and any information making its way online about a date is normally either made up, or not what we would call a “solid” rumor, so what about the specs for the upcoming PlayStation 4? This article states it has exclusive information regarding the PS4 hardware, although it’s worth noting these are based on what’s likely an alpha kit.

The source claims some pretty amazing specs, which some gamers feel are too perfect and others state they “would cost too much for a games console“. One thing to remember here is that while this PS4 hardware might cost a lot today, they might not for early 2014, and also these are not final specs if taken from alpha kits.

You can see a full rundown of the possible hardware in the image above, although we’d love to hear your thoughts on this, and what price you’d be willing to pay for a setup like this? If Sony launched a PS4 with these specs it would be around 10 times the power of a PS3.

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  • Kelvin Roy Leek

    mmmm ps4 10x more powerfull than ps3,ps3 according to sony was 2x more powerfull than the 360 so is the ps4 20x more powerfull than the 360 no!

  • laurens

    Tahiti GPU is one of the best, as far I know. Recently bought one for 220 euro. Though.. it was the 7870 XT with tahiti chip. So I think it’s possible however the price will probably be around 300-400 euro?


    i would like to be specs like this,and price to be around 1000-1700$

  • i just want the best tech inside that will last for about 4-5 years so a graphics card like the 7950 /7970 should do it , sony will get it cheap because they will order millions , but i am happy paying £400 – £500 aslong as it comes with at least 350gb hdd one controller and 2 games 

  • common sense says

    im obviously an Nvidia fanboy anyways i said maxwell “equivalent” right? anyways again my estimates are that this APU or GPGPU will actually perform about 3x faster than a GTX 680/HD 7970 or roughly 12x faster than a PS3. here is how i came up with this “gorilla math”….. it takes 3x the raw computing power to give you 2x the framerates. i figured this out by looking at charts of many video card comparisons….. so i got a GTX 460 which has 3x the rendering power which  is 2x faster than a PS3……same difference between GTX 460 and 680 so now we are at 4x framerates of PS3…. maxwell or equivelent will give double the cores which gives you 50 percent better framerate but also eliminating 10 to 1 bottleneck with GPGPU/APU so the 10/1 gives you 4x (cuz 3 gives you 2x rendering so 3×3=9 close to 10 so 2x plus 2x=4x) so 4x multiplied by the 1.5x of the doubling of cores= 6x the power of GTX 680……. im not sure if that “unbottlenecking” of cpu instructions is gonna cause the rendering to improve at same rate as how gpu improves via 3x power= 2x framerates but if it does that means 25x power of PS3…. if say its really only creates something like 2x jump in stead of 4x that would maybe be more realistic to put the PS4 at 12x power of PS3…. if someone feels like doing some digging on internet to try and find out how much rendering power removing that 10 to 1 bottleneck would create we could figure out exactly how strong this beast is gonna be…… 12x power? ….. 25x power? … somewhere in between? who knows? dun dun dun!!! time to play some modded GTA 4 or what i like to refer to as PS3.5… well it would be if i could afford GTX 680….. so its time to play some PS3.5 with weak draw distance and framerates!!! PS3.5 on PS3.3 hardware!!! ……eff the consoles moohoohaha!!!

    • godrilla

      Fudzilla states that gtx 680 is 50x more powerful than this gen consoles so my gtx 690 is 100x more powerful, and about 10x more powerful than next gen consoles, by then the pc Will have Maxwell gpu and haswell CPU!

  • Kevinsutton260

    Is it powerfull than xbox720?

  • common sense says

    oh and about that GPGPU thing….. going from Kepler to Maxwell will only be about a 2x jump normally but do to the fact its gonna be the first GPGPU which is combining CPU with GPU it will eliminate the huge bottleneck which has existed in computer graphics forever because the CPU has always been about 1/10th the strength of the GPU so this will be a 3x jump so combined that will be about a 5 to 6x jump in rendering power from the GTX 680. sony always waits for the next gen feature to come along in graphics. with the PS3 it was the unified shader… with PS4 GPGPU. Im really interested to see what happenes to Intel around 2014 when gamers dont need to upgrade their CPU anymore because of Windows being able to run with the embedded ARM 15 cpus in maxwell. Can you say Blockbuster video? haha it probably wont be that bad.

    • Benmon1

      See that’s what I’m talking about  (5 to 6x jump in rendering power from the GTX 680) we’re talking 20 or 30 or 40 times the graphics power of current consoles now, not 10 times the power, we really would see masses amount of difference then 🙂

    • SilverMech

      Bro I may be reading wrong, but Sony is not using Nvidia made gpu’s. AMD has both the PS4 GPU and CPU. If its going to use a GPGPU it’s most likly AMD’s 9000 series fusion kalvari APU. But some guy on Neogaf said one of his old roommates who is now working for AMD said that the PS4 CPU steamroller cores has been replaced for Jagure cores leaving some room for something extra. Hmmm could it be an AMD GPGPU? Some speculated it was room for a 1 PPU 2 SPE cell I think or was it 1 PPU 2 PPE cell, either way it was a cell. Guessing for the PS4 to be BC with ps3. One of the guy’s found a file signed by Sony themselves, showing the cell CPU spec’s for the ps4 and it was dated 2010 too. If you want real in sites on next gen console spec’s, Neogaf is as close as it get’s. You should check it out, this one guy Jeffgaf really knows his stuff and finds stuff most can’t find. And don’t worry for some reason Neogaf always finds out if the person is just making up lies or spam. So most things are pretty legit

  • Benmon1

    Just to give you an idea, things are measured in GFLOPS now days, the old xbox could do about 
    7.3 GFLOPS the XBOX 360 can do about 
    355 GFLOPS 
    48x  more powerful, now if the next console is only 10 times more powerful we won’t really notice that much of a difference as Nintendo have already stated, it will probably allow for some nice full HD graphics which will be nice but just to give you an idea of what’s available from PCs, just the graphics card alone can do 3090 GFLOPS, which is about 8.7 times the power, that’s just the graphics card, now you look at pc graphics compared to xbox 360 graphics it only looks about twice as good at best not 8.7 times better. 

    • Nissangtr786

       Man, I have never seen a more comedy post then this. Read what you said carefully and unless you have no iq you will know that what you posted is not only completely laughable but probably the most deluded comment ever.

      If next console is 10x more powerful it will be a massive upgrade. 1.84tflops is good enough to play most games at 1080p on high/ultra detail. The cpu will probably good enough for gaming as games are not really cpu intensive. The current consoles are only reallly good enough to run games at 30fps or 60fps on low/medium settings. The console with these supposed specs should play most games on high at 1080p at 60fps and even ultra at 30fps etc as developers can code games more efficiently to run on the same hardware. The ram on the specs listed will mean no bottleneck there.

      3090 gflops you say is only slightly around 67% more then the leaked 1.84tflops. 3tflop gpu’s now are good for higher then 1080p gaming. My point is 1.84tflops on a console is more then enough.

      To play at 1080p you need a lot of bandwidth. Games on pc look far better on pc then consoles as long as it is not a console port. Consoles now can provide just enough detail to make it look similar to pc as in general outlining of the game but looked blurred out while pc has all the settings turned on and has all the graphical goodies you can get which changes the whole look to the game to real life like.

      Now with 3d that would look awesome.

      • Nissangtr786

         meant to say current consoles play mainly at 720p at 30fps unless its not a demanding game or been coded well like gt5 then it can run at 60fps at 1280×1080 I believe.

      • Benmon1

        I am trying to get an interesting thread going here, it’s not meant to be laughable. If we are going on todays standards then yes you are correct, 10 times the power will be a very nice upgrade but it’s not going to be anywhere near as good as the upgrades we had in previous generations, can we at least agree on that? Another fact is in previous generations we had a massive upgrade every 5 years by the times these new consoles come out it will be 7 or 8 years since the last generation, things are changing, do any of you remember the jump from the snes to the n64, that’s something we may never see again, and in such a short time. But then maybe we’re just in a slump and one day we will be hit again with massive accelerations of technology. 

  • common sense says

    there are like 5 people that are gonna read this rant and its monitored? alright freedom of speech!!! Allison Burgers is running this website too? ahh man!!!

  • common sense says

    benmon1 are you retarded? 30ish mhz to 250ish mhz is 10x power not 100x…. ps2 to ps3 was about a10x again not 50x…. if the jumps were that big every generation we would be at photorealism right now….all these retards on the internet think Sony will release a sub par chipset cuz super high end tech would cost too much are retards…. when has sony once ever done that? no one puts into perspective it’s not coming out for at least a year and a half, shits cheaper when you buy it in massive volume, and sony can take a hit on the price to further lower costs. it has to be capable of 4k video playback which is gonna be atleast a gtx 670/680 equivelent but my guess is it will be gpgpu based off maxwell architecture that is on a step older nanometer process and a slighty lower clockspeed that runs hot just like the 8800 gtx in disguise thats in the PS3….. 136 cores is not a 7800 gtx. so i think that amazing looking square demo will be an average looking to slighty below average looking game on the PS4. with maxwell equivilent it should be capable of movie cgi like graphics from 12 years ago which was Final Fantasy Spirits Within range or something.

    • Benmon1

      I was referring to the power of the graphics, if you take the ps1 which can do about 360 thousand polys a second then you go to the ps2 which can do about 75 million a second then you are looking at over 200 times the power. I know it’s not just polys that count but I can assure you we won’t see anywhere near that jump with future consoles. It’s not just the mhz that count though, it’s everything working together as a whole, show me one reference anywhere on the internet that says the ps3 is only 10 times the power of ps2, I can show you many references about discussions on power if you like, but I think you’ll find most people on here will agree with me that the ps3 is a lot more than 10 times the power of ps2.

      • bigdirtyjay1

        You didn’t count graphical calculations for PS2, such as texture mapping, lighting, etc. The most polygons that were pumped out of the PS2 was around 10 million by Naughty Dog. Don’t count raw processing numbers with no graphical features or benchmarks.

  • Matthewhartgraves

    next year a GPU of that performance wont cost as much, Sony buys them in bulk so it cost significantly less for them. Also, the PS4 won’t need 8 or 16 GB of ram to run unreal engine 4 because Epic can optimize it for the PS4 (optimization being the biggest strength of a stable platform, programmers can code for one set specification and use it to the fullest).

    •  If it goes like the optimization of the unreal engine 3 for the PS3 then it wont be any good…
      I havent seen any multi-platform game using that engine looking better on the PS3 than on the XBOX.

  • OrbitScant

    I can’t believe you printed this c**p! Sony have already stated that they are using open gl for development. This site gets worse with every article! Have you ever thought of actually doing any research on this site instead of just reprinting any old garbage you happen to find on the internet? This is lazy journalism of the worst kind.

  • Theredguy51

    Also, to educate you a little, a sku is a product code or number, and directx 11.5 isn’t going to exist. Directx 11.1 will be the norm for awhile, then it will upgrade to directx 12. Also, you can’t have a blu-ray drive with a gigabyte size… A blu-ray drive can read any size disc if the blu-ray drive supports it. I think what you were trying to say is the blu-ray discs will be 50gb blu-ray discs. Why in the world would they need to use a 50GB Blu-ray disc if modern games like crysis 2 and max payne 3 don’t use more than the standard 25Gb disc?

    •  There are many games bigger than 25gb… and the tendency is for games to fill the double layer blu-ray (and maybe even be released in more than one blu-ray).
      For example God of War 3 (35gb), Final Fantasy XIII (40gb), Uncharted 3 (45gb – EU version) and many more.

      • Theredguy51

        Im surprised you were able to name 3 games that fill up a single blu-ray disc. While I was wrong on that, everything else I said was spot-on. I wonder how much of that space is actual textures, sound, etc, and how much of it was wasted hd pre-rendered video. Remove all of the pre-rendered cut-scenes from that and I wonder how much space will be left. 

      • Anthony Tarantino

        If PS3 games require Blu-ray for storing higher-rez content, why don’t PC games use Blu-ray as well?

  • Theredguy51

    I like how this uneducated man said directx 11.5 lmao, directx has never gone higher than .1. directx 9, directx 10, directx 10.1, directx 11, directx 11.5. Also, what’s a HDD sku? LMAO! God man, don’t make a rumor unless you’re educated in pc terms.

  • T002tyrant

    Well it’s safe to say that the PS4’s GPU is far under the power of what should be expected. The Wii U is expected to

    – 3-cores
    – 1.8Ghz
    – 5 threads/core
    – 64k L!
    – 3MB L2
    – 12MB L3

    and a GPU of around 1TFLOP capable of OpenGL4.1 and Shader Model 5

    The Xbox 8

    – 8 cores
    – 2Ghz
    – 2 Threads/core
    – 64k L1
    – 4MB L2
    – 12MB L3

    and a GPU of around 2TFLOPS Direct X 11, Open Gl 4.1 Shader Model 5

    The last rumors were that the PS4 had a 3TFLOP capable of (DirectX 11.1) OpenGL4.2 and Shader Model 5. 1.8 TFLOPS is VERY underwhelming.

    • Theredguy51

      Do you really think the ps4 would have a 3tflop gpu? The radeon hd 7950 gpu is a 3.8tflop gpu, the 7870 would be around 3tflops. That’s 350 bucks just for the gpu.  Also, the xbox 720 having a octocore cpu? I highly doubt it. A octocore amd cpu is roughly $200. A gpu with 2 teraflops would be the radeon hd 7850 (1.76 teraflops). Also, teraflops aren’t a direct source of hardware speed.. the 7870  is only on par with the gtx 580 despite having a higher single/double float precision… The specs that are “rumored”, would make the console at minimum 600 dollars a piece, and we all know microsoft/sony isn’t going to take the risk of that, especially after sony losing millions and millions of dollars on the ps3.  

  • 2-4 Gb mem??  That wont be enough to match Agni´s Philosophy performance! Even on a console… It needs a minimum of 8gb! (And that nowadays doesnt cost that much)
    I would prefer 16gb to be safe and prevent the “bottleneck nightmare” of the ps3.

  • Terellkid

    These specs can’t possibly be real or your looking at a $400-$500+ console

  • Benmon1

    well going back to the ps1 to ps2 we were looking at around 100 times more power, then from ps2 to ps3 over 50 times more powerful, I know it’s getting lower every time but I mean really 10 times more powerful is not that much when you think the most powerful PCs were 10 times more powerful a long time ago. In the old days when a console came out, take the N64 it would equal or be better than computer gaming graphics. I think the Dreamcast was the last console to equal computer gaming graphics when it came out, after that every console that has come out has already been lagging in graphics compared to the best PCs. So I don’t think I’ll even think about getting a ps4 unless it’s at least 10 times more powerful, that should be the minimum. 

    • Anthony Tarantino

      The more powerful the hardware is, the more the console will cost. The more it costs, the less likely it will attract the mass market of consumers. Consoles are built to be accessible, AFFORDABLE, and easy to use.

  • Reddsite

    Throwing words around like 10x more powerful deffinately gets attention.