O2 network service status page is back

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 12, 2012

It is now pretty clear how widespread the O2 signal issues are, and following our earlier article we saw a massive amount of feedback about O2’s networking being down, which shows this is a major problem that has even slowed the O2 network service status page to a halt. Loading times for the website are pretty fast, but if you try to get a status update you’ll find this area of O2 is much slower.

When you head over to the live status checker page for O2 you have a few options, which includes the ability to search your area by postcode. This allows you to see how the service is in your area, although this search facility is extremely slow at loading considering the demand O2 are under right now. At the time of writing everything is working fine on the O2 website, even if a bit slow, and you can see that the latest update had been within the last 30 minutes.

O2 has restored their 2G network service – a few moments ago it had been confirmed via the status update page that O2’s 2G network is restored, so if you need to make an urgent text or phone call feel free to switch to 2G only and turn 3G off, although we do expect this part of their service to be restored shortly.

You can see all the stats updates below up to 8am UK time, so have a read a let us know if you’ve managed to use the 2G network since that time.

It’s worth noting that the spelling errors seen in the image above are even on the official O2 website, so they are obviously in a rush to pump out these service updates. We also heard from our users that the O2 problems are affecting all phone brands, not just Apple, but also not every O2 user has been hit by this.

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  • Winterberry

    Mine has been working perfectly throughout!

  • Zandrous

    lol my netwrok on o2 is fine. i can recieve and dial perfectly TROLLOLOLOL and thts on 3G. if u have a problem though go to 2G on ur phone.

  • Silvermaneuk

    my signal bar is fluctuating between full and 1 bar, Its says in my area a mast is down. (Gloucestershire area). I seem to have intermittent service. One minute I can send a text, the next it fails. My mate was actually able to ring me at one point. So I would say my service is fluctuating.

  • Richard Lucas

    Messages and calls – Working fine again now!

  • Bushie

    Working fine, great job!

  • If

    same here. 

  • sw

    my signal bar is full but i cannot make phone calls or msg..grrrrrrrrrrrrr