New GTA V screenshots are next-gen quality

By Alan Ng - Jul 12, 2012

The gaming world has been waiting months and months for the slightest hint of actual official GTA V news and Rockstar has finally delivered. It is not a release date or trailer that the world craves, but it is two brand new screenshots which look absolutely gorgeous.

The screenshots were released during a Q&A session which Rockstar participated in on their official website. In it, they asked fans for patience with regards to the long delay in releasing official assets and said that it is a common thing for them to do when preparing to launch big titles.

The explanation for the long wait is maybe debatable, but these two screenshots should keep you busy for a little while. The screenshots look so good graphics wise, that we are wondering ourselves whether they are PC graphics, rather than console. Rockstar has sneakily chosen to not reveal platforms for the game yet and you could even argue that the graphics seen in the screenshot above wouldn’t look out of place on a next-gen console.

Look at the amount of detail that Rockstar has gone to on the reflections in the water. The image also gives you a sense that the map is going to be absolutely huge and we really can’t wait to see more images like this in the future. Everyone is hoping that more info is coming at GamesCom and we hope ourselves that these two image releases are an indication that they’re ready to give us more.

What are your thoughts on the images? You can check them both out at the Q&A here, but we’ve included the best one above. Do you honestly think that this is Xbox 360 and PS3 graphics we’re seeing here, or do you agree with us that it may even be next-gen quality?

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  • Amil M.

    Ya need to stop talking about the ps4. They announced it a few months ago that theyre not even thinking of ps4 because the engine they use for the ps3 is an engine they can improve by updates. So stop talking about ps4. This game is coming out for the ps3.

  • Zg1216

    Rockstar just released max payne 3 and I was amazed by the graphics and detail so good pc was barely any better then console graphics so I have a feeling this isnt next gen just a new game on a new engine and guys stop talking about watchdogs thats just a rip off of gta and assassins creed.

  • billy bob

    Lots of people care how games look……fool. go play atari

  • Aron

    How many times do you PC guys have to be told? Consoles do run AA it’s just not as high geez. We have 2005 tech in our systems. Chill out, who cares anyways!

  • Djroonie

    It WON’T be a PC screen as the PC version doesn’t get made until 6 months AFTER consoles versions have been released. Rockstar North in the UK makes GTA games and then get another Rockstar to port them over to PC 6 months later.

    Remember the leap from GTA III  to GTA Sanandreas?  GTA V  will be the same leap GTA III was to Sanandreas. Its clearly current gen.

    • Somerandomkid123

      but how do you think they make the games on a pc so it must have been on a pc.

      • Djroonie

        Because it doesnt look ‘that’ much better than GTAIV. Like i said, remember the graphical leap from GTAIII to GTA Sanandreas…..well this looks like that.

        These are small pictures,get bigger images and they dont look as crisp.

    • as long as they make it actually playable on PC im okay with it

  • Dynasty2201

    CLEARLY a PC screenshot.

    No current console has graphics that sharp, even the so-called 1080p of games like GT5 cant be as sharp as a PC at 1980+ res.

    It always makes me laugh how the games in motion NEVER look like the photshopped, touched-up, super clear and sharp ‘screenshots’ released to the public.

    Never, ever, ever worth hyping a games’ graphics based on an ‘in-game’ screenshot, specifically designed to look as good as possible.

    The console version will run at 720p, on the PC’s version of ‘Low quality’, mark my words.  Jagged lines due to no AA and all.  So, console graphics basically.

    The only game that looks next-gen right now is Watch Dogs, and even that wont look as good on release as it did at E3.

  • next gen ??? LOL this guy clearly haven’t seen gta iv with icenhancer yet , or at least watch dogs …

  • Angpaco

    You’re literally all retarded. The author is saying that the graphics look good enough to be next gen, not that they ARE next gen

  • gtafanactic11/6

    It looks just a tad better than IV. I guarantee this is not next gen. The PS4 and Xbox 720 are not being announced at all this year let alone are available at this point and time.

  • Adriaan van der Merwe

    Next-gen!!? Out of touch article writer is out of touch.

  • Lord_Santa

    Definitely not next gen.

  • Guest

    Yer because I didnt see this coming any mention of GTA and every one screams GOTY and Next-gen quality, do i agree? lol do i heck, if your gonna make stupid accusations like that then I’m calling Epic Mickey 2 next gen as welp…But heyy ill get shot down in flames because im not prasing the gake of gangsters, remind me why stupid articles make stupid claims?

  • wonte be next gen graphics rockstar needs money theyd be stupid to put it on new consoles cause not everyone is going to buy new consoles straight away them releasing it on ps3 and 360 makes more sence because theyd get more money and every gamer has one that being said i deffinetly belive this is a new engine because of the detail in the images and due to the detail in the water trees and even the peer i do belive that we wonte get anything new about gta v till gamescom maby not even gamescom but rockstar are going to be at gamescom so i belive that a new trailer will be shown and possibly a release date i belive the release date will range any time from october 2012 to may 2013 but idc if i have to wait as long as they make the game amazing and so far it looks it

  • meh

    It seems very likely now that GTA V will be released around April/May 2013 at the earliest. I wish they had just released the trailer closer to the release date because it just makes you think that it’s coming out soon then you have to wait f***ing ages. 9 months after the trailer and only 2 screenshots and saying there will be nothing new for a long while is just stupid.

  • Those screenshots are not next gen…. just look at that draw distance

  • TheKingOfAIDS


  • Jack Ba$tard

    Next gen? Seriously? Next gen tech isnt even available to developers or consumers yet. And the multiplayer aspect from mp3 is jumping over to gta v. How do u expect they do that between two different consoles. Youd need to set up a new gamer tag, new gaming network etc. seriously use your head before you talk.

    • Johnnyboy

      some companies already have early dev kits. Its a well known fact. Although i do agree that these screens have a 0% chance of being next gen.