New GTA V screenshots are next-gen quality

The gaming world has been waiting months and months for the slightest hint of actual official GTA V news and Rockstar has finally delivered. It is not a release date or trailer that the world craves, but it is two brand new screenshots which look absolutely gorgeous.

The screenshots were released during a Q&A session which Rockstar participated in on their official website. In it, they asked fans for patience with regards to the long delay in releasing official assets and said that it is a common thing for them to do when preparing to launch big titles.

The explanation for the long wait is maybe debatable, but these two screenshots should keep you busy for a little while. The screenshots look so good graphics wise, that we are wondering ourselves whether they are PC graphics, rather than console. Rockstar has sneakily chosen to not reveal platforms for the game yet and you could even argue that the graphics seen in the screenshot above wouldn’t look out of place on a next-gen console.

Look at the amount of detail that Rockstar has gone to on the reflections in the water. The image also gives you a sense that the map is going to be absolutely huge and we really can’t wait to see more images like this in the future. Everyone is hoping that more info is coming at GamesCom and we hope ourselves that these two image releases are an indication that they’re ready to give us more.

What are your thoughts on the images? You can check them both out at the Q&A here, but we’ve included the best one above. Do you honestly think that this is Xbox 360 and PS3 graphics we’re seeing here, or do you agree with us that it may even be next-gen quality?



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