Namco rates Wii U processor speed Vs PS3, Xbox 360

By Alan Ng - Jul 12, 2012

Thanks to Nintendo’s reluctance to publicly come out and reveal official information on the Wii U’s processor and graphical capabilities, the ongoing debate on how the new console matches up to the existing PS3 and Xbox 360 continues.

So far we have heard from the likes of Crytek and even Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto on Nintendo’s new console, but now Tekken head Katsuhiro Harada has spoken about the Wii U, with specific mention on how the processor speed handles compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Fans of the Wii U may be alarmed to hear that Harada believes that the processing speed is ‘a little low’ when compared to Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. He gave this statement when asked the specific question in a recent interview with Digital Spy. He also said that while the CPU clock is a little low, he doesn’t believe that it is a big issue and that it will be up to the developer to find ways around this.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is also due out for the Wii U don’t forget and we’re guessing that these comments relate to his team’s efforts to deliver the same kind of quality gameplay and graphics as we’ve seen in gameplay videos on Xbox 360 and PS3. It’s clear that many developers have had a lot to say about the Wii U since Nintendo don’t want to talk about their CPU and GPU – so are you still worried about the true capabilities of the console?

Is it worrying to you that the Wii U doesn’t appear to be blowing away the PS3 and Xbox 360 in graphics quality? The Wii U is obviously dubbed as a next-gen console, but it does make you think about the possible gap that may emerge once the Xbox 720 and PS4 become a reality.

Do you pay attention to little details like this from developers, or is it the overall gameplay that matters to you when it comes to picking up a game? So far, the Wii U seems to be just on par with the Xbox 360 and PS3, not miles ahead of both – whether that is a problem for you or not will be the main deal breaker.

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  • james braselton

    hi there yeah wii u tablet controlers xbox 360 smart glass

  • Glen Bradford Gb

    Vinnie the Xbox was 2.5 x more powerful than the GameCube to start with

    “The hardware is basically a GC. We’ve upgraded our development tools to new versions but, you can still use GC programs as they are. With that in mind, I thought we could remake GC titles for the Wii and modify them to work with the Wii remote so that they’re more fun to play.

    Wii is a over clocked GameCube

    • Jason Saunders

      Actually I agree with Vinnie. Wii has a clock speed which is 2x that of the XBOX. If you want to be specific it is 1.9x. And that is just the CPU. The GPU is drastically more powerful. Here is your proof.
      1.0GB/sec BUS32kb L1 Cache128kb L2 Cache
      1.9gb/sec BUS128kb L1 Cache256kb L2 Cache
      GPU TIME NOW!!!
      Nvidia XGPU233mhz6,4gb/s bus
      ATI Hollywood243mhz9.0gb/s bus
      So Glen, I really don’t understand your arguement. If Xbox was 2.5x more powerful and the Wii is 1.9x more powerful than Xbox (ONLY CLOCK SPEED) in WHAT WAY is Wii an overclocked Gamecube. I just, I just don’t get it. Vinnie is right. You need to get your facts straight.
      By the way I am not just pulling out random numbers and values I actually have a                             Cert III in Software Engineering. So I know what I’m talking about. And I am not a Nintendo fanboy I love all systems. Wii U could fail, it could not. It’s not exactly a really “life changing” matter. So how ’bout people stop their childish idiocracy AND GET ON WITH THEIR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wayne Kerr

    im buying the nintendo due to the controller, it will truely imo change the way we play games. I rest my case

  • Wayne Kerr

    im buying the nintendo due to the controller, it will truely imo change the way we play games. I rest my case

  • Blah


  • Vinnie

    Stop being stupid the Wii was 3x more powerful than the gamecube it’s just that the PS360 were 10x so stop being an idiot and get your facts right!

    • Vinnie

      AND it was 2x more powerful than the XBOX

      • Abysymal

        Good job. Compare the Wii to a console a generation before it.
        In case nobody else has picked up on this, Nintendo doesn’t care about graphics or processing power. They put everything they have into gimmick controllers.
        So.. How many times more powerful is the 360 and PS3 compared to the wii? Sure, WiiU is more powerful than PS360, but its also years newer. I see a repeat. Xbox720/PS4 are going to blow WiiU’s graphics out of the water. And if Kinect 2.0 is accurate and fast enough, then Xbox 720 gamers won’t even need a tablet as an extra controller. “IF” it’s fast enough, then you could manage a game’s inventory with voice alone. Or fast hand motions. The current Kinect isn’t fast enough, or accurate enough imo. And I have no idea what Sony has up their sleeve.

        Overall: I think WiiU is a ripoff. But people are going to buy it, because they aren’t informed. They’ll see the controller and think “Woaah! thats so cool, its like sci-fi!” then 2 years later, when Xbox720/PS4 come out, the WiiU will look like a glorified gamecube. Again.

        • dreamora

          if x720 / ps4 need two years longer than WiiU then they will no longer be released. They will land by christmas 2013 or never.
          By 2014 / 2015 they no longer serve a purpose going by current tablet performance gains. By then you will use an apple tv or nexus q as a ‘hub’ and get the quality streamed from tablet -> apple tv / nexus q -> 1080p.
          Already the next generation tablets this winter will stand on equal fields with current gen hardware, likely even above it as the graphics power will easily exceed it and that without consider the massive RAM – Flash performance benefits, while the ARM A15 will do the job on the cpu side to boost it.
          And thats the ‘Wii U generation tablets’, keep that in mind, not the WiiU+2 years generation one against which the x720 and ps4 will compete.Also if Sony and MS are as lame as last time you won’t get any backward compatibility and then its just dead anyway though.Nobody beside so called ‘smart gamers’ (hardcore gamers that don’t use their brain to think, only to aim, claiming the rest does not do its job on researching and knowing the stuff while failing for boon PR tricks) no longer accept addon investments in the $500 range on top of a $500+ console just to get back what they had before already just for ‘nicer graphics’ which is the only thing we will get. That will require a whole arsenal of blockbuster tiles, not the average 0 – 2 new consoles have.

  • Glen Bradford Gb

    Most none gamers did not know tthat the wii was really just a game cube and it’s CPU was about the same speed as the old Xbox, this is why it sold a lot to family’s,, will real gamers fall for this trick? Gamers should be smart not fools is Nintendo really after true gamers to but the wii U? It will sell only to family’s who will only by branded games that all have the word mario in the name

    • VINNIE

      Stop being stupid the Wii was 3x more powerful than the gamecube it’s just that the PS360 were 10x so stop being an idiot and get your facts right! AND it was 2x more powerful than the XBOX

      • Joam Feliciano

        They said the Wii was 1.5 to 2x times more powerful than the Gamecube, and even if it were 3x times more powerful, what use was it when most games on the system look like crap.

  • I don’t expect hardcore gamers to jump at it and I think they’ve already saturated the casual to non-gamer households already with the Wii and don’t see them jumping at the bit to upgrade or the need to upgrade. I can only see the die hard Nintendo fans jumping at this. I’m sure if you ask around, many people haven’t even heard of the Wii U as opposed to maybe the Xbox 720 or PS4.

    • mrnintyfan

      Wait when did Sony and Microsoft officially announce their next-gen systems? Wait those are still rumors.

    • dreamora

      actually I consider getting one and thats thanks to the fact that it will be 1080p, play all my wii games and continue using my $500 arsenal of hardware I bought.
      At the same time I won’t touch the PS4 if it does not support the equally expensive arsenal of addons properly too, just cause I don’t subsidize their hardware through buying 3 additional controllers etc again just cause they force disable the previous generation.

  • Glen Bradford Gb

    We really could do with a 3rd game system like the wii u, Xbox is not the game system it was, we need a true game system to show M$ that real games come before anything else, kinect, tablets, new ideas, apps, pad is number 1 and always will be, nothing will change that. The sad thing is the wii U is not going to be that 3rd game system because you are forced to play games with a tablet and the low specs just make me not want one. We need new types of games, we need more power to get them

  • Ded

    I won’t be buying it if it’s the same graphic level as ps360
    I will wait for a true next gen from the other companies

    • Wiiiu on cod gta5

      dude wii u graphics will be upgradable like a pc

      • BedBreaker

        Cause, y’know, Graphics get hard core gamers hard

  • up to the developer to find ways around this.”  Well.  Companies got some bawls. Eh?

    • Antimatter31

      Chuck Norris