Conclusive THPS HD Hangar gameplay

The highly anticipated remake for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is due to land on Xbox Live on July 18, but for everyone else on PS3, you’ll have to wait a while to get your hands on the game. The good news, is that some new gameplay has popped up on YouTube and it gives you a look at the remastered Hangar level – a THPS classic.

Heading down that first Hangar ramp with No Cigar playing as the game’s soundtrack will be forever in our memories of THPS2. Thankfully, this track is included in the remake along with a selection of other classics like Superman from the first two games.

Hangar is no doubt one of the most popular levels in THPS folklore and we’re pleased to say that the conversion to HD looks pretty good, although it looks like developers Robomodo have decided to recreate the Hangar incarnation from THPS1 rather than THPS2.

All the classic props are intact – grinding the helicopter rails to open up the secret area outside, while we’re pleased to see that the original ‘gap’ sound effect has been kept from the original games too. One thing that we don’t like though is that the interface menu looks a bit bland and uninteresting.

It could have done with more colors, but it is worth noting that the gameplay is meant to be alpha, so let’s hope that the final version looks a lot better. We see a 2 minute run here and you’ll notice that the sound effect for specials are included as well – although they are highlighted by green text this time, rather than yellow from THPS2.

The game is going to cost $15 to download and there is a PC version in the pipeline as well. There’s no date on the PC version though other than ‘Summer’, so expect it to land some time after PS3 users get the game. Check out the new Hangar footage below and let us know your conclusion on the game. Will you be paying $15 for this or not?



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