BF3 Armored Kill DLC has new vehicle unlocks for base game

By Alan Ng - Jul 12, 2012

Are you bored of the BF3 Close Quarters maps yet, or are you just starting to get good at them? If the answer is yes, the good news is that you only have to wait another two months until the next DLC expansion arrives, Armored Kill.

There is a lot of excitement residing around this pack and as the name suggests it is all about vehicle warfare. Armored Kill will be adding five new vehicles to the game and now EA has revealed a little more information about what other features you can expect to see when it arrives in September.

If you head to the official Battlefield website, you’ll see that EA has added some blurb about what else you will be getting aside from the new vehicles. You’ll probably be aware that most of the information you see has already been revealed in a prior spec sheet that we told you about here.

However, there is one new piece of information that is very exciting indeed. We knew that Armored Kill will bring 20 new vehicle unlocks to the game, but now EA has revealed that there will also be 5 new vehicle unlocks to bring back to the base game. This means that you will theoretically be able to unlock new weapons to use for vehicles such as the M1 and T90 tanks, the BTR-90 and LAV IFVs, the Flanker and F35 jets, the Little Bird and Z11W scout choppers and maybe even the Viper and Havoc helicopters as well!

As far as we’re concerned, that is excellent news. Not only will Armored Kill bring new unlocks to new vehicles, but it will also add some new functionality to existing vehicles, which could provide a massive shake up in the way you use the vehicles. We have no idea on what five unlocks are coming to the old vehicles, but we hope it includes some kind of weaponry for the main AMTRAC driver. It would also be nice if the main seat for the transport helicopter had some features as well, the same goes for the passenger seats for the scout choppers.

The helicopter pilot could also do with some secondary weaponry, although we’d be happy with some more gadgets to use. It’s important to point out that the new Armored Kill vehicles won’t be brought back into the base game, but we’re glad to see that DICE is compensating this by bringing five of the 20 new unlocks back to the base game.

What are your thoughts on this? If you could think of five new unlocks for the existing vehicles in the game – what vehicles and weapons / gadgets would you choose?

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  • where did our 5 new base unlocks go?

  • Sasas

    I Hate all maps except Metro and i hate Hackers(Cheaters) I think Metro is the best map to play

  • FallenAvatar123

    I heard there was going to be an AC-130? is it true?

    • TheBoozehammer

      Yes, it is.

  • Dynasty2201

    Mmm, well unfortunately if Premium is anything to go by, these 5 unlocks for the vanilla vehicles will be 1 unlock for jets, 1 for tanks, 1 for boats, 1 for jeeps and 1 for LAVs etc.

    Premium’s unlocks are annoying me, as they announced weapon skins etc.  Thats awesome, great news, sweet.

    Oh right…only for the F2000, the Scar H, the Pecheneg and the L96. Hmm, ok.

    Oh look, MORE skin unlocks released this month?  Sweet?

    What are they for?

    The F2000, the Scar H, the Pecheneg and the L96…

    Oh for ***k sake….WHY DICE!?  WHY are you limiting these skin unlocks TO THE SAME GUNS, arguably the most underused guns in the game.  Is this some kind of feeble attempt to get people to use these guns more?

    Come on.  Give us unlocks for EVERY weapon.  I dont see how hard it is to apply a new skin to more guns.

    So I wouldnt get your hopes up about these unlocks.  DICE are being very, very illogical lately. 

    The new maps will be their biggest ever, which is undoubtedly be code for ‘2mm bigger than Caspian Border”, but like advertising, BECAUSE it is 2mm bigger, they can say they are the biggest ever.

    Still, looking forward to Armoured Kill, just for new maps to play on and new vehicles to cause mayhem in.

    I just wont be keeping my expectations all that high, as I know the consoles will limit how big the maps will be.

    • Mfuller

      someones a negitive nellie