Amazon phone should target Samsung Galaxy Note 2

By Alan Ng - Jul 12, 2012

Earlier on this week we informed you about exciting rumors suggesting Amazon were planning to release a smartphone to compete with the upcoming iPhone 5 and already available Samsung Galaxy S3.

Now some additional details have arrived and they come from the Wall Street Journal, who back up Bloomberg’s initial report with some even more juicy gossip. It looks like the Amazon phone is indeed a reality, but now we’re hearing that the target for Amazon may not be to compete with the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3, but perhaps Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 2 phablet instead.

The WSJ and their infamous unnamed sources have said that Amazon is already testing their smartphone with suppliers over in Asia but more exciting, the device is meant to be 4-5 inches in size. That would automatically put it in the realms of a phablet device along side the Galaxy Note which currently measures in at 5.3-inches.

Considering how well their 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet has performed, perhaps Amazon sees a smaller version of that but with call making abilties an ideal way to eat into the smartphone market share. There’s no doubt that a bit of phablet competition with the Note and soon to be Note 2 would be of great interest to consumers, but the key aspect will be price and just how much Amazon are prepared to charge, knowing that their Kindle Fire is already great value at $199.

Then again, maybe we’re reading too much into this. Amazon may just opt for a standard 4-inch size alongside the crop of Android devices, but we would definitely prefer an alternative to the Galaxy Note 2. Samsung seems to have create something of a niche product with the Note and at the moment there doesn’t appear to be any top competition.

Imagine an Amazon phablet with similar functionality to the Note 2, but maintaining that $199 price. Surely that is going to be an attraction for you if it becomes a head to head battle with the Note 2. Let us know your thoughts on this and whether you would prefer a 4-inch standard smartphone from Amazon, or a 5.xx inch phablet to compete with the Note.

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  • Nyssa

    I woulld like at least a 5 inch phone screen or more at a very good competitive price under $250 if possible. I would buy it if the carrier is right.

  • sara

    if there were an amazon galaxy note 2 with a nokia 808 camera and a little bit better screen than the note2, i’d pay the price… amazon should not make the mistake of cheap : amzon has the selling power to sell unique excellent quality at competitive prices… but it doesn’t seem that the new amazon business model is capable of intelligence. amazon has changed radically since they went wall mart… their customer service is as low as it comes and their telephone operateurs are agressive and arrogant. other than that, it might have been a good idea… after all, who wants a kindle when you can get a nexus for less !

  • I’m in for one!

  • Hayabusa Ldx

    ooops make that 4.8

  • Hayabusa Ldx

    The S3 is 4.7″….