iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 upstaged by Amazon phone

By Alan Ng - Jul 11, 2012

All the talk is about how Apple is going to go head to head with Samsung’s Galaxy S3 when the iPhone 5 launches later this year, but a new contender is set to ruffle a few feathers with a new smartphone of their own – none other than Amazon.

It has been reported that the online retail giant is preparing a smartphone that will carry the same blueprint that has made their $199 Kindle Fire tablet such a success – effectively prompting the new Google Nexus 7 to enter at the exact same price point.

Details are obviously very thin at the moment, but an article by Bloomberg claims that the Amazon smartphone is a reality and it’s coming to put a dampener on Apple and Google’s smartphone domination plans. There’s no indication when the device will be out, but iPhone component suppliers Foxconn are apparently helping to build the device and you can assume that it will run another customized version of Google Android like the Kindle Fire.

We don’t expect the Amazon phone to feature the most impressive of hardware specs, but we imagine that Amazon’s focus will be trying to divert attention away from the likes of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 by providing a multimedia package that is value for money.

Will we see the same price $199 price point for the device off contract we wonder? If so, that will certainly be very appealing for those that just want to pick up a new smartphone in the market at the cheapest price, as not everyone are interested in dazzling hardware specs.

Having seen what they have managed to achieve in the tablet space though, an Amazon phone already sounds very promising. Let us know your initial thoughts on this and whether a device from Amazon really has the ability to damage Apple and Google Android sales.

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  • DarthStrawberry

    Ah Samsung, the company that stole Apple’s technology and removed all of the fun from it. Then again, Apple stole Microsoft’s tech and Microsoft stole Linux’s tech, are you seeing the pattern? Although, I hear now that stealing a company’s tech without paying or even noting your theft is now called “innovation”.

  • Catzzilona

    it’s a different ball game in the phone business, amazon will soon learn. selling tablets at discount (cost price or below cost price) is not a model applicable to the phone business.
    Amazon will do well to stay out and keep away, far as possible 

  • Jason

    The amazon phone is just a samsung. It is the original Samsung galaxy s1. Apple is awful but dont tarnish samsung with the same brush.

  • Pegman

    an amazon phone would sell a lot of phones but i doubt it would worry google or apple and i also doubt that it would make any sort of dent in their sales of upcoming phones. the reason is that a smartphone is not just a collection of hardware specs but is an ecosystem and amazon’s is not very good hence why they sold lots of kindle fires not tons of kindle fires and i think it would be the same if they sold a phone. also if apple release an ipad mini then it would show they are chasing the cheaper end of the market with tablets so if with tablets then why not also with phones, so perhaps at some point in near future, a cheaper iphone? in which case sales of any amazon phone would be short lived