Hints of MW3 in Medal of Honor multiplayer

By Alan Ng - Jul 11, 2012

Earlier on this week we told you that the first look at Medal of Honor multiplayer could be unlocked by ‘liking’ the game’s official Facebook page. That target has now been achieved and EA has given us the very first look at the game’s online multiplayer mode.

Our first impressions are it looks pretty good. There has been a lot of debate on how Medal of Honor will look compared to Battlefield 3 since they use the same Frostbite 2 engine, but after watching the trailer we have to say that the actual similarities are not with BF3, but with Modern Warfare 3 instead.

In the trailer, we get a look at some multiplayer gameplay from Tungawan Jungle in the Philippines. The map shown does not appear to be on the scale of BF3 in size, but rather a closer affair that you would associate with MW3. A lot of the gameplay seems very fast paced and arcade style to us, again traits which you would see in MW3.

If you head to 0.50 of the video below, you’ll see something that looks very similar to the predator missile from MW3. At 1.05 in the video, there looks to be an EOD Bot or RCXD type of gadget that you’ll be able to control and use to your advantage. Graphics wise, the game looks excellent and we’re guessing that this is the PC version being shown here.

If Danger Close are trying to recreate a fast paced game similar to Modern Warfare 3 and avoid comparisons with Battlefield 3, would you be happy with this outcome? After watching that trailer, you can’t really argue that it looks more like MW3 than BF3 and we think that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Check out the first multiplayer footage for yourself and tell us what you think. Predator missiles in Medal of Honor – do you approve?

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  • Don’t get me wrong, the graphics look awesome considering there using dice engine. FPS games are coming to a stage where they will copy each other e.g. whole body outline-ghost recon, predator missile-cod. It looks llike BF3 but a bit better!

  • It looks like cod# game but with better graphics+deStRucTiOn and not with all that “Gimmicky stuff” 🙂

  • Soap

    Well for a start the predator missile was in the last moh as well. It’s not as if activision created this fantasy missile and dice have copied it……thats nearly as childish as putting the video shows people fighting with guns in a jungle, cod has a jungle level that means moh is a rip off.
    MOH was here first so do 1………..

  • Beta Bee

    This Medal of Honor game will fail the same way as the previous one!