CSR Racing and Android copycat cheats MIA

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 11, 2012

One of the most popular racing games on iOS right now is CSR Racing, although a growing number of Android users are crying out for the app to arrive on their mobile platform. Normally when this is the case you can see at least one copycat app, which we saw with Temple Run when a fake app cheated users into rating high before the full game would be unlocked, although there is no sign of this with CSR Racing.

After a quick look on the Google Play store you can see plenty of racing games like Drag Racing, Reckless Racing, and GT Racing: Motor Academy, but nothing for CSR Racing and not a copycat app anywhere. We are yet to get any Android release date from the developers, although if an exact date is made public we’ll let you know. Feel free to hit the comments if you’ve heard something official.

The iOS app is free to download but you can easily spend money with in-app purchases, which some users have complained about stating CSR Racing is another app that “wants money from your pocket“, and another user said this is another so-called free app that ends up costing people “hundreds” after all the in-app purchases. It’s fair to say you don’t need to download these extras, but it is also well-known that some children get hold of these apps and clock up loads of purchases, although there is a lesson there for parents.

CSR Racing features the ability to customize your car, upgrade your car, delivers an ultimate challenge with great graphics, and has become popular in part thanks to the licensed cars. The in-app purchases can add up thanks to ranging from $2.99 up to a massive $59.99, which is certainly a lot of money for in-game gold.

Would you spend $60 on an in-app purchase for CSR Racing, and do you want this game to land on the Android platform? You can see a video below this article featuring CSR Racing gameplay and a quick review. We’d also love to know if you would use cheats for CSR Racing or similar games if you could, or do you like the harder road when trying to complete a game?

One cheat we’ve heard about for CSR Racing allows you get a tank of gas for free, which is achieved by exiting your iPad / iPhone to the main screen and then go to iOS settings and move the clock forward one hour. Thanks to this feature being time based this little hack should work, and means you don’t have to spend your hard earned gold in CSR Racing for gas.

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  • Brownie

    I downloaded CSR Racing on my iphone 4. The graphics on this game are amazing it’s like your really looking at the cars in real life. Although I have this game on my iphone, it would be nice for android to get a copy so I can download it to my tablet.

    Soon as it’s available go and get it if you enjoy cars, upgrading them & drag racing. This game ain’t just for boys, am the proof (lol)