All inclusive Xbox 720 subscription theories

By Alan Ng - Jul 11, 2012

After the dust has somewhat settled after the huge Xbox 720 leak, Michael Pachter has reignited interest in the console by predicting that there will be a major industry shake up with regards to price, even suggesting that consumers may have to opt into a subscription for the next generation console.

According to the man with many predictions, Pachter believes that the Xbox 720 will eliminate the need for a separate ‘Smart TV’, as the Xbox 720 is going to provide everything you need. With the recent unveiling of SmartGlass, he thinks that the Xbox 720 will become your television as well as your internet, essentially becoming an all-inclusive entertainment hub which the PS3 has perhaps gained ownership of that mantle in recent years.

By having the Xbox 720 as your television and internet though, he thinks that Microsoft will be partnering with a major US cable provider and will result in consumers needing to pay a figure of $99 for the console, and monthly payments there after on a multiple year subscription – exactly the same way in which smartphone contracts work.

It sounds an interesting and adventurous idea for sure, but who would actually consider paying a new subscription for next-generation gaming on the Xbox? Xbox Live already costs money each month of course, but the idea of having your television and internet bills rolled into one alongside your gaming may appeal to some people.

If Microsoft can somehow bring a reasonable offer to the table and include gaming, internet and cable TV all on the Xbox for one monthly affordable price, then surely a lot of gamers are going to consider it. Subscriptions used to be a model that many gamers stayed clear off, but look how the likes of Battlefield Premium and COD Elite are turning out – gamers are still throwing money at companies, because the package is too appealing at first sight.

Pachter often gets a lot of his predictions wrong, but this one is very interesting we feel and may just turn out to be a reality. Let us know your thoughts on this and whether you would prefer to pay an ‘all-inclusive’ monthly subscription for your gaming, internet and cable TV fix.

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  • Redsoxlicksothermen’scocks

    and Redsoxrox37, too. he’s all ejaculating while gasping “blu-ray disc has more spaaaAAAAAACEe”

  • McG

    Spoogie’s too busy masturbating to his unplugged PS3 telling himself it’s going to be alright, Sony will usurp 1 spot this generation… while hitting himself in the head with the Xbox 360 controller as he plays it, emotionally defeated

  • Spoogie

    what about the PS3? – surely that is outdated as well? 

  • Redsoxrox37

    This is stupid.  Why would anyone pay extra to play the games?  The basic gamers in the world like me will NOT pay any extra.  We use our console for 1 and 1 purpose only: to play our games.  I think I speak for all basic gamers when I say the 360 and PS2 are outdated, but their primary use is better than anything else.