PS Vita wizardry leads to PC game support

By Alan Ng - Jul 10, 2012

We find it pretty amusing that amongst all the frustration around Sony’s lack of remote play or PS1 classics support on the Vita, one clever individual has managed to take the PlayStation Mobile SDK and enable full support for PC games via a remote desktop program.

It is the stuff of dreams that homebrew fans have been waiting for and it looks like a legal practice as well at first glance. PlayStation Mobile, formerly PS Suite was announced a while back by Sony and is meant to be the new platform for developers to create games for a range of mobile Sony devices.

We have no idea how YouTube user DigitalArts001 has managed to pull this off, but we thank him for it and for opening up the lazy eyes of Sony at the same time. In a series of videos, he has demonstrated that by using PlayStation Mobile to access a remote desktop application, the Vita can play games like Left 4 Dead, Super Mario Bros 3, Final Fantasy X and Metal Gear Solid.

Not only just run them, but to run them in very smooth quality indeed and with motion support as well – outstanding. All of the games, and even the lovely Final Fantasy X cutscenes run without a hitch and it does make you wonder how one individual can bring so much joy to Sony’s handheld, when the majority of users are pulling their hair out on the lack of Sony’s part to bring proper remote play support to the Vita.

We wish we could offer up a tutorial on how to try this out yourself, but it looks like a complex process and the YouTube user in question doesn’t appear to be giving out his secrets just yet. For now though, enjoy the videos below – we’ve added them all. Unfortunately, we highly doubt that Sony will be making this an official feature of the Vita when PlayStation Mobile is finally released, given the dodgy barriers surrounding emulators and such, but it is a mouthwatering prospect nevertheless.

Do you agree that having a PC remote desktop app on the Vita would make the device a hundred times better? Aside from the games, you could also run apps like Spotify to have an alternative and free streaming music fix direct on the Vita. Left 4 Dead looks like a perfect fit on the system may we had too – let’s hope Valve are watching.

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  • Liquinathium

    Sony haven’t cut it out its down to developers to release patches to allow it. Ive played through the first lego batman through remote play and it worked just fine im now considering buying the vita version of the sequel . The point is there are a host of games that will never see a vita specific version so why not enable those titles to be remote played?

  • tokyobassist

    Sony needs to just give up on stopping piracy. It will NEVER happen lol. Maybe they should consider swallowing their pride & quit overpricing the memory sticks & old ports of games. $40 for MGS Collection when the console port has an extra game plus the same price? No thanks. The 3DS is better content wise but the good releases are Japanese only & is region locked so it sucks to own handhelds right now.

  • acornco

    the psv’s future is looking bleak. its a vicious cycle.

    people see hackers play ps3 and pc games on a psv and they want to do that too. but they cant. so they dont buy a psv.

    developers see that so they dont want to make games for the psv because the market is shrinking. why make a game for a fancy joy stick.

    gamers that own the psv now have a console that only has a few crappy ports and a bad browser. so they sell there psv.

    sony sees this but wont admit there marketing screwed up because they put serious development money into it. so they stubbornly act like everythings going according plan.

    but with no inovative games and no future remote play, the psv dies and no one gets what they want.

    i guess you cant have your cake and eat it too, except the hackers.

    • PSV has some great games you sound like the typical NINTENDO fanboy.

  • Jdehan

    I agree with the above poster, you can use Remote Play as it is now to play your PSOne Classics. But the latency is only desirable if you’re connecting AdHoc to the PS3. Even through a home wireless router you’re only good to play turn based games as the input lag is too great, hence why people want to run it natively on PSVita.

  • PSVitaKing

    how do you play ps1 games on the vita like you just said?

  • Rebelphoenix

    You can play ps1 games remotely just fine… What most people are looking for is the ability to play them by themselves, to download them to the Vita and play them on the go with no attachment to the PS3 whatsoever. I don’t know where you got your information but you should check it again and correct the article.

    • J_hernandez80

      i don’t care about ps1 games… i want to remote play ps3 games on the vita…. I can’t understand why sony took out this feature… since we’ve seen it working with a hacked ps3 all over youtube… this shows that sony only cares about making money.. and if remote play is going to cut into their profits then screw the consumer….. i’m starting to hate sony

      • Ilamta

        Dude, if you look stall those remote play videos out there playing ps3 games, they are practically unplayable due to the input lag. Watch him try to snipe someone in Battlefield 3, he never hits anyone.

        This is why Sony is working to recode remote play and allow it to function better. If the majority of the ps3s processing power is being used to play the game and insufficient is available to send the game to the playstation vitA, then you are going to get a bogged down, latency full experience. That is why the developers have to code it into their games.