Overdoing Resident Evil 6 cutscenes

By Alan Ng - Jul 10, 2012

How important do you value the use of cutscenes in video games? In a Final Fantasy type of game, cutscenes are seen as a core part of game, but how about Resident Evil 6? It has been confirmed this week that the upcoming horror shooter has no fewer than over 4 hours of cutscene material.

For those that don’t particularly care for cutscenes too much and just want to get on with the actual meat of the game, this may raise an eyebrow or two. For reference sake, Resident Evil 5 only had 65 minutes of cutscenes and Resident Evil 4 before it ‘only’ had just over two hours.

Four hours plus is certainly a lot of cutscene content, certainly a duration that Square-Enix would be proud of. The discovery was made by Game Informer as Capcom had to send the total cutscene content in Resident Evil 6 to the British Board of Classification so that the came could be rated. Unsurprisingly and probably pleasing to you – Resident Evil 6 is going to carry an 18 rating in the UK.

Some of these cutscenes could be seen in the demo that is now available to Dragons Dogma buyers on the Xbox 360. The interesting question that some of you are probably asking yourselves now though, is whether these four hours of cutscenes are skippable or not. If you’ve played Final Fantasy games, you’ll know that the majority of cutscenes cannot be skipped and is often a sign of frustration to those that just want to get on with the action.

Do you think that Capcom are overing doing it a bit here, or are you happy that the game is tailored around the whole ‘movie feel’ to it? We’ve seen the cutscene quality in the demo and we’re not too bothered actually.

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  • rock21

    i love cutscenes on games it looks like your watching a movie so im not upset that RE6 is going t have 4 hrs of cutsscenes i think does are the best parts in a videogame and it depends if the storyline of the game is any good but im excited i cant wait for october is just around the corner i been waiting for this game for a really long time now and is getting closer.

  • Thing00

     Quite frankly, screw the people who “just want to get on with the action”. No wonder game developers think gamers are all brainless idiots who just want to play generic shooters with no interesting plot or characterization.

    IMO four hours of cut-scenes spread amongst three missions is fine. The RE series has always been fairly story driven. Sure, the story isn’t Shakespeare. Hell, it’s barely even Mills and Boone. But it’s there and it definitely needs to be there. You can’t just build up 10+ years of story and characters, then let the lazy gamers just skip over those scenes because they just want to get to the zombie shooting.

  • Deathjr96

    You do realize that there are 3, possibly 4 campaigns in the game, each only a little shorter than RE5. That means only an hour to an hour and 20 minutes per story, that’s nothing. Any less and I’d be disappointed honestly. I mean, MGS4 had 8 HOURS of cutscenes, and that was only one story!

  • Aele_agusto

    well we need to make notice that we have 3 main campaigns and 1 extra and each its going to be at least 70% of what RE5 lasted so its like 64 minutes of cut scenes for each, plus some of them going to have QTE so its not going to that much of cut scenes for each campaign, and knowing that the game its like 20 hours long its going to have like 3 hours of CS that’s something we were suppose to expect 

  • Phillipcoakley

    I think honestly people will complain over anything. Sure they want things like walk and shoot then they say that’s not like Resident Evil.Then they say they want more action you give them that then they say it’s to action oriented.They say they want it more scary then they say there’s not enough action.Then they say they want a “TPS” then the say it doesn’t feel like Resident Evil. You can’t please everyone unfortunately someone will always find something to complain about. It’s the way society is now and sure other people will take offence to that because they know its true and its said when so many people complain about one thing it ruins it for the other people who want this stuff in the game. A lot of people say now to that Resident Evil died after Resident Evil 4 but Resident Evil 4 wasn’t the greatest one I have ever played and that’s the one that redefined they series to what it is now. But what got me hooked was Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. I love that game but people need to understand that things need to evolve become bigger then what they were. It grew into something we still love and still play and all those people who leave negative comments which they are entitled too I’m not saying their not “I’m not looking for a fight” they leave comments and say this game is gonna suck but if that’s true then why wast your time looking for updates why wast your time leaving a comment which your entitled to not say you cant I’m asking you why? Because if i don’t like something I just don’t bother with it right? Like a girl that likes you but we don’t like them in that way you don’t pursue her because your not interested so you exclude yourself from anything that has to do with her or him girls if your reading this. So that’s my question. I took every Resident Evil game for what it was worth and have them all and love all of them for their own takes on the genre. But all in all I’m stoked for Resident Evil 6 and I can’t wait to see what they have up their selves this time!!  

  • Phillipcoakley

    Me too keep all cutscenes

  • manos17

    I don’t think cutscenes are bad. Personally I like them in all games!