Overdoing Resident Evil 6 cutscenes

How important do you value the use of cutscenes in video games? In a Final Fantasy type of game, cutscenes are seen as a core part of game, but how about Resident Evil 6? It has been confirmed this week that the upcoming horror shooter has no fewer than over 4 hours of cutscene material.

For those that don’t particularly care for cutscenes too much and just want to get on with the actual meat of the game, this may raise an eyebrow or two. For reference sake, Resident Evil 5 only had 65 minutes of cutscenes and Resident Evil 4 before it ‘only’ had just over two hours.

Four hours plus is certainly a lot of cutscene content, certainly a duration that Square-Enix would be proud of. The discovery was made by Game Informer as Capcom had to send the total cutscene content in Resident Evil 6 to the British Board of Classification so that the came could be rated. Unsurprisingly and probably pleasing to you – Resident Evil 6 is going to carry an 18 rating in the UK.

Some of these cutscenes could be seen in the demo that is now available to Dragons Dogma buyers on the Xbox 360. The interesting question that some of you are probably asking yourselves now though, is whether these four hours of cutscenes are skippable or not. If you’ve played Final Fantasy games, you’ll know that the majority of cutscenes cannot be skipped and is often a sign of frustration to those that just want to get on with the action.

Do you think that Capcom are overing doing it a bit here, or are you happy that the game is tailored around the whole ‘movie feel’ to it? We’ve seen the cutscene quality in the demo and we’re not too bothered actually.



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