Next Skyrim DLC: Morrowind and Dwemer

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 10, 2012

When exploring the Dwemer ruins during our time with Skyrim it felt like an explanation on what happened to them needed to be part of the latest Elder Scrolls game, which of course never happened but this would be a perfect setting for the next Skyrim DLC. The Dwemer history would be well worth paying for and in fact we’d pay double the price of Dawnguard, if they included a full expansion that took us to Morrowind and featured the Dwemer in a way you never expected.

Since the first Skyrim DLC launched on the Xbox 360 we’ve been giving it a hands-on review, although slowly exploring every part and item with the little time we have, which has been everything we expected so far. It’s fair to say that the expansion could have been larger, but considering the different routes you can take and revisit later with a different save file, which makes the Dawnguard DLC well worth the money in our opinion. You can read our recent review of the Chasing Echoes quest in Dawnguard here, and the many objectives contained within that part of the game.

Skyrim DLC 2 and heading to Morrowind – a growing number of Skyrim fans would love to head to Morrowind as a future Skyrim DLC, and most of us have seen the roads leading in that direction. If this did happen should it include some more insight into the Dwemer history and cities, although some gamers feel the Dwemer could come back if they never really disappeared years ago? This is one possibility that has been debated before, and it seems that some fans just can’t accept the story that the Dwemer disappeared.

There are some clues within Skyrim worth looking at, which includes Sinderion’s remains in Blackreach. If you look closely you’ll see that he has been shot with Dwemer arrows, and some of us have worked out that the machines use their own ammo, some sort of bolts, and the Falmer use their own arrows. This could be a hint that not all the Dwemer are gone, but either way it would be good to head to Morrowind and explore the Dwemer in Skyrim DLC 2.

One problem with the exploring the Dwemer on such a big level is that it could cost a lot more for the DLC, thanks to it being massive, or this might mean it would only work with another full Elder Scrolls game like TES6.

Would you love to see the Dwemer explored in Skyrim DLC 2, and be taken to Morrowind? What price are you willing to pay for this downloadable content, especially if it is a really long expansion? We have include a 36-minute gameplay video below this article, which gives you a taste of the Dwemer ruins and is perfect for our readers that haven’t played much of Skyrim yet.

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  • chris

    sincerely, a DLC that explains the history of the Dwemer and the reason for his “disappearance” would come not too bad, as many who played skyrim and explored Dwemer ruins wondered what happened to them, since it is impossible for a civilization with technology so advanced and complicated to understand for humans has disappeared from one day to the other, in addition to … (SPOILER ALERT) in dawnguard, know a snow elf (what we know as falmers) did not suffer the effects of the rest of its species (such as blindness, etc.) and in the college of winterhold, in the last part of the quest Arniel’s Endeavor, disappears while attempting to contact the Dwemer
    maybe they did not disappear, but they decided to go to a place where there are discovered by those who study the history, technology and reason of his disappearance.

  • I want a dlc that starts anouther Great War with the Aldmari Dominion, which you can take full part in choosing to side with the empire (mainly everybody including myself) or if your a highelf rpger or a Wood Elf you could choose the aldmeri dominon and watch as a Empire crumbles beneath your feet. Or possibly giving you the option to start you own Empire. Also ide like to see in this dlc a way where you can lead the various groups of Skyrim to fight for you in this Great War whichever side you pick. Where your able to take part in rallying your troop and paying the expenses of supplying and resupplying them. Also Ide like to see the taking in of the consequence of the possibility of victory or defeat depending on your choices and how many troops you rally and how well equiped they are and such.

  • Yushatak

    I’d pay $200 for a DLC (with ZERO hesitation) that greatly expanded the Dwemer content, preferably with MW-style ruins and items that more closely match that style. Velothi Mountains and far wast Morrowind would work well, I think. The Vvardenfell ruins were much older and more interesting to me than the Skyrim ones.

  • Trainwiz

    Anyone who thinks the Dwemer are going to come back never played Morrowind’s main quest. We know where they’ve gone (Morrowind’s lead writer himself told us, and if you paid attention to the clues it’s easy enough to figure out) and it’s really not a good idea for them to return anyways. 
    The most you should hope for is a fixed up Yagrum or another friendly dwemer spectre.

  • Masterful_matt

    The one constant on every new game I start on Skyrim is that the Thalmor must die. So for me TES6 has to be taking the fight to them and ripping the white-gold concordat in front of their arrogant yellow faces!!! Would love to see dlcs for skyrim on the Dwemer and the falmer, you could be exploring in blackreach and the ground gives way with you find yourself in one of their cities!

    • TESman

      The problem with that is that every knew game starts with you as an unknown character, usually years after the previous game. Bethesda wouldn’t allow you to continue as the same character you played as in Skyrim.

  • Christian

    Well i saw some videos for TES 6 I dont no if they were real ore fake. They were posted by bethesda softwares. And they said it would be Valenwood,Summerset Isles,and Elsweyr. Probably TES 6 is going to take place in a much larger area then the last three elder scrolls. Somthing around the size of TES 2 and  probably it will have bigger bosses and will probably have to do with the Thalmar.

    •  The “Valenwood, Summerset Isles, and Elsweyr” bit is actually “The Elder Scrolls: Online”. It’s not a TES6, it’s actually backdated to sometime back in the second era, and it’s going to be an MMO. like WOW or SW:TOR.

  • hope u like the ideas

    for u guys who may have a problem with going back to morrowind think about it morrowind is probably completely different now with everything burned to a crisp and it could make for a very cool story if not background. also ive never played morrowind, skyrim is my first eldar scrolls game so i dont have much room to speak but morrowind may be worth going back to with all the changes especially those of u who love it and still remember it will get to see it in a whole other ash filled landscap which i imagine will bring some emotions and memories for u.

  • perry the platipuss :D

    i would pay the full price of the base game for every dlc, if in every dlc, they opened up each other parts of the map. (dlc 1 marrowind, dlc 2 hammerfell, ect) i would do that but only if it was , in the end, completely free roam of the entire world<<<(wishfull thinking), it would be nice to revisit places in the map, not just as for the exploration end of it but as well i think if made that way with a new, maybe semi-reminiscent story line, some old and new features brought back and brought in, that it would sell, their are quite a few hardcore elder scroll fans in the world who if given that option would invest that money and love it. all the same, the makers world realistically charge anywhere from $20-$40 per dlc so they would be well off also id assume, just food for thought 

  • Fantasy971

    Why do people want to keep going to morrowind? I loved it as much as the next guy but seriously i want new places and people to see not rehashes of a game i still own.

  • Earthy

    What about the return of the dwemer and guess what it’s bad news

  •  what about hammerfell and those curved swords i keep hearing about lol

  • Stansbro34

    absolutely not TES 6 is going to be elsweyr the kajhit home land if you pay attention in oblivion alot of people talked about skyrim and all different stories and books of stuff was about it then TES 5 comes out were did we go skyrim now i have played skyrim to the ends of the earth i had skyrim 100% beat till dawn guard and im almost done that to and 95% of provinces i have heard about in game is elsweyr it is a forshadow by bethesda of what is coming next and i could care less about worrying about the next TES its not coming around for a while im full heartedly waiting for fallout 4 now that game will dominate i can truthfully say i have been a bethesda fan since morrowind i have played all TES, Fallout 3 and
    new vegas (<–dont really count as story was obsidan entertainment) and i can truthfully say i still think fallout 3 is the best of them all and fallout 4 better own or i will probably lose faith all together i was very dissapointed in skyrim (dont get me wrong good game) but could have had more variety and alltogether more quests for all factions not never ending 5 min quests like kill this guy or steal this they could have done without those and put more there plus graphics in oblivion were great they could have kept those graphics to put more there and i dont care if they gave me all of morrowind and cyrodill i still wouldnt pay more than $50 for both together in one deal y because i have already been to both places in previous games and i want some thing new and i dont want the dragons gone from the next TES either i will be very pissed i just got used to going on dragon hunts but i do wanna see bigger bosses im thinking some thing bigger than dragons mammoths and giants the bigger the harder to take down and i like it that way and another thing i would like to see some online co-op quests with huge bosses and dungeons filled with tough as nails monsters.

    • Richmond

      Next time please use punctuation. That hurt to read.

      • Theruizs2

        isnt that your prob. for not being smart enough to read somthing and figure out the sentence structure at the same time? also this is the WORLD WIDE Web, man not everyone is a native english writer.

    • The graphics in Oblivion sucked, and the reason most people enjoyed Fallout 3 and New Vegas over Oblivion is because they use TES to bring out new technology and programming and what not, then perfect it in the Fallout Series. Fallout 3 and New Vegas look exactly like Oblivion in the graphics department. I’m equally excited for Fallout 4, but the graphics in Oblivion and Fallout 3/New Vegas sucked in comparison to Skyrim. Just like Morrowind graphics sucked in comparison to Oblivion. People need to realize when they actually like something for being better, or when they like something simply because it’s nostalgic and was awesome back then. Take Power Rangers, for example. People say the new Power Rangers sucks in comparison to the old ones. Think about it, you haven’t seen an old Power Rangers show since you were a little kid. Most little kids now-a-days love the new Power Rangers. Why? Because they are little and ignorant to the world and can’t tell the difference between good and bad acting if there’s cool guns and cool fighting. Go back and watch the old Power Rangers series. The fight scenes were the Japanese PR cut into the American PR. The Yellow Ranger in Japan was a dude, so you watch them all chatting it up in their suits, yellow ranger has a skirt. They go to fight, yellow ranger is sporting a package!! Also, you wouldn’t have noticed as a kid, and it’s so far back in time, other people wouldn’t have noticed, but the Blue Ranger was gay. Not that gay is wrong, by any means. He was just kicked off the show once everybody realized it. And the story line? It had less meat in it than the current power rangers. And the show was the same thing every time, just a different face they were fighting against. I’ll stop ranting now, ignorant people just annoy me.

  • Dragonstear86

    I would pay the full price of a game for DLC that took me to morrowind, and explains the Denise of the little miners. Are you kidding. Omfg, I miss morrowind and it’s still my favorite.

  • Sen120472

    DLC2??? How about a simple obligation of fixing the PS3 with 1.6 patch?

  • Divayth_Fyr_is_still_alive

    After reading this article…autor never played Morrowind. It was already mentioned what happend(not detailed and could be wrong) to dwemers in Mages Guild, Main Quest and plenty of books ingame, but i would love to re-visit Morrowind, problem is 75% of Morrowind is destroyed ash pilein Skyrim time line(look for Red Year) and another part rided by Argonains…either to say only Solstheim is fine and Dunmers are on “extintion” on Vvanderfell.(not whole Tamriel)

  • usrev

    I rather them remake the morrowind game. morrowind was so different then oblivion and skyrim it would be nice to go back and play it with the updated graphics, better game engine, and tbh with quest markers.

    • lilviv77

       I have been wanting a remake of morrowind to come out for-ever so hearing someone else say the same is great because if more people want it than chances are bethesda is gunna bring it out.

  • BigJohnhardin

    There is one big hole for those hoping to go back to Morrowind, while traveling Skyrim many dark elves said that Red Mountain errupted and the remaing Dunmer fled the Island, If you have done the Azura’s Star quest the priest of Azura is one of the elves that tells you about it.

  • Abel25

    I want them to bring back the snow elf race and the dwemer race

    • SkyrimKnowItAll

      There’s 2 living Snow Elves in the Dawnguard DLC.

      • Rmosberg

        actually… only one now in my skyrim universe haha

  • hope u like the ideas

    well guys i think that bethesda may hold of the dwemer and civil war for future games but i do hope they will and probably will have the falmor as a main part in one of the future dlc (i profisise two more) and i also hope they do something like going in deeper and more awsome detail of the dragonborn like show where the dragonborns of old used to liv, train dragons, maby even make up for alduins crappy boss battle while there at it. also this may seem cheesy but how about transforming into a huminoid dragon i know dawngaurd already has that whole tranforming thing down but i think it would really ad some character to the character no.

  • Spaanzahkrii

    Guys, guys. I bet that the next Skyrim DLC is probably going to have to do with the Thalmor. Like, the Dovahkiin taking the fight to the Thalmor along with the Empire. That would be awesome!

  • Samooses

    The lore explained what happened to the dwemer, just no one knows where they went.

    • Torres9green

      The dwemer went into the dwemer soul gem.

  • Whitestrake

    Even though Dawnguard was good, I really didn’t want to use 1600 Microsoft points for it. Furthermore, aren’t these supposed to be expansions like The Shivering Isles? If they’re going to possibly charge 2400 Microsoft points for it, it better be ALL of Morrowind and AT LEAST 30+ more hours of quests, side quests, boss battles, whatever. Who else feels this way?

    • InDIGnation

      That’s a hefty demand considering that most games six hours long would take a whole year to make. Personally, I’d be happy to see another Shivering Isles or Bloodmoon. Also, 30 hours? There must be other games to play if you really need to kill that much time!

    • TESman

      They ate not supposed to be as large as the expansion packs. They said so many times before its release.

  • Matt

    It’d be fun if they included the dwemer and maybe have them as a playable race after their return? You could have some really interesting stuff associated with them like crafting you’re own centurion as a companion 

  • Major_dumbass

    Um… No, we won’t pay double for this DLC you hope to see, unless it granted us access to all of Morrowind

  • hellfeast

    I would like to see the aldmeri dominion invanding Morrowind

  • A Wise Scholar

    I highly doubt they will include the Dwemer reveal in a DLC, this is a huge part of the ES lore and when the do bring them back, its gonna be big, so we might see more hints at the Dwemer, but nothing big, they will save that for an entire game.

  • Max Fusion

    A Morrowind-Dwemer DLC has to happen it would be awesome plus I think we’ve waited long enough for an answer on what happened to the Dwemer after all its been over two hundred years, dont you agree its been long enough ha ha. still though It would be awesome to re-visit Morrowind again and to see a real Dwemer in HD, also if they do a Dwemer DLC I hope they add the Dwemer and the Snowelfs as a playable race, I mention the snowelves because it seems like there will be more snowelf content in future DLC.  

  • Ghobbes906

    I have no real preference as to when or if we delve deeper into the dwemer, Morrowind or the next war with the dominion, but I would love to see a large and expansive change of scenary in the next DLC. I would pay as much money as its size fairly warrants.

    On another note, I do believe TES 6 will revolve around the Dominion/Empire war. From various books, I’ve learned that there are four continents on the planet but Tamriel is considered the “pinnacle of creation” and every race wanted a slice. That’s why every race moved there and why the Akaviri spent century trying to invade. The “Last War” is prophecies to take place in Tamriel. The Dominion/Empire war sounds like it could fit the bill.

  • Lord Draurkarn.

    *A trip to Argonia

    • Spaanzahkrii

      Argonia, as in the land of Argonians? I thought the name was Black Marsh.

  • Lord Draurkarn.

    Personally I think a Snow Elf uprising or a trip to Armenia would be more exciting. we’ve already seen Morrowind, let us see another brilliant addition! Or, maybe an appearance of a forgotten Daerda or Aedra Lord begin. Just something new, interesting and exciting!!!

    • Ahoy0

      Yeah, a Snow Elf uprising would be great, but I would prefer a trip to Estonia.

      • Grumpy Hamn

        I’m thinking Atmora, fits the games setting more.

  • MeatEatingVegeterian

    From what I understand it has never been fully explained. There are just theories and no definitive answer.

  • jose castro

    not impressed and TES 3 does explain but i would not mind having it explained more but not doubled the price.

  • Eh, maybe. I would rather take the fight to the Thalmor and reforge the Empire, personally.

    • skyrim assassin

      I’ve really liked that idea for a while :), would be a god way to take out those arrogant high elves and sort out the civil war once and for all… Empire lets the nords praise talos and after that, most of it would be sorted. As although you stop the civil war by destroying the stormcloak rebellion, it would not be long before another rebellion is formed and another civil war starts, so yes, taking out the aldmeri in a DLC would be great fun 😀

  • Bptrsn1

    “Gladly pay double” Speak for yourself. You are the reason we paying customers are being ripped off and our expectations are being forced into submission!!!!!!!!! Keep your opinions to yourself. As Limegreen stated. Already been told… Maybe you need to play TES3

    • Customers being ripped off? Do you have any idea how much it costs to make a small mobile game, yet alone a full major console-supported blockbuster?
      And yet you’d still complain about paying $200 for a high quality, extensive and entertaining game?
      YOU are the reason that game companies are going bust, and gamers expectations are exploding way beyond any hope of reaching them. Keep your opinions to yourself.

      • Richmond

        If it would cost 60$ in it vanilla state with endless content who would pay roughly the same amount for a 30 hour dlc?

  • Wild_irish_will89

    a look into explaining the disappearence of the dwemer would be a cool idea, as would a return to Morrowind, both I worry are too big in scope for Bethesda to do them justice in DLC. The possible return of the dwemer is definitely big enough to warrant it’s own game, possibly amidst a new war between the Aldmeri Dominion and the Empire

  • Limegreencuda69

    TES 3 mages guild quest line explains what happened to the dwemer.