HTC Rezound ICS update joy, Jelly Bean unlikely

By Alan Ng - Jul 10, 2012

We have a much needed update for those of you still rocking a HTC Rezound. If you have been waiting patiently and haven’t been tempted by a custom Ice Cream Sandwich ROM, you’ll be pleased to hear that HTC has recently been quoted as saying that the long awaited official update to ICS will be happening by the end of the month.

Unfortunately, the HTC Rezound appears to be another of Verizon’s newish smartphones that have fallen under the misleading practice of the ‘promised ICS update’. Many consumers who purchased the Rezound at launch back in November last year were under the impression that ICS was already being prepared and would be available during the early stages of 2012.

Skip forward nine months and there’s still no official update in sight. Whether this is down to HTC or solely due to Verizon remains up for debate, but we do have some pleasing information to give you at last. HTC recently replied to a customer email, specifically informing him that the official update to Ice Cream Sandwich will be happening towards the end of this month.

The email also said that final rollouts will take place in August and to be aware of localization barriers that may stop the update from reaching everyone at the same time. Hopefully, we will now start to see evidence of soak tests beginning and official rollouts taking place, as we’re now heading towards mid July – not long to go at all.

While it is obviously pleasing that the update is still coming, do you think it is unacceptable that the device is still on Gingerbread, nine months after release? How many of you would have still picked up the Rezound, knowing you would have to wait this long for the first major update – not many we suspect.

Given the long delay for Android 4.0 to release for the Rezound, it’s probably safe to say that the chances of the device getting an update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is slim to none. We would like to see a stop to these ‘promised updates’ to future updates during launch, as it must be very frustrating for those who purchased their smartphone with only that incentive of a swift update in mind.

If you have a Rezound right now, let us know your thoughts on the nine month wait for Ice Cream Sandwich. Do you place the blame at Verizon or HTC?

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  • Hammondgarry

    I would say that Verizon is to blame here. There phones seem to take much longer to get updates than other carriers. It is unexceptable to make us believe at the time of buying a phone that it would get its update soon then make us wait half a year later for it. I am serriously thinking about leaving Verizon after many years with them. I just dont see enough benefit with staying with this company. Our contract prices are to high to be treated this way.

  • Jason

    Thanks to the help of XDA, I am 100% certain ROM devs will make a Jelly Bean ROM running smooth on Rezound

  • Andrewvarn87

    No, this phone is way better then the newest releases. Completely underated 4.0 is a plus to make even better than the s3 ha ha the only thing good coming out is by htc. Everything else is a joke.

  • Disgruntled Owner

    HTC is the manufacturer and they make excellent phones.  Unfortunately, I think in this case the blame is on the carrier. I believe it is the carrier not giving the go ahead to release the update, because they are too busy making money on all the other phones they threw into the Android pool. 

  • Disgruntled Owner

    I purchased
    the phone outright and paid $350 back in March this year. I do love the phone,
    but am actually pissed off to see that all these similar phones HTC is rolling
    out along with the competition are running all the new ROM’s which I personally
    don’t think the Rezound will see either.  These other phones are well beyond the Rezound
    at this point with having all the latest updates. 

    I now feel
    like a fool purchasing this phone, because I have the “dinosaur now” worth
    nothing what I paid less than 4 months ago. I think if a company either Verizon
    or HTC puts out a product they are responsible to keep it updated!  Verizon commissioned HTC to make a specific
    phone for them, so if a “Class Action Law Suit” is in order it would be Verizon
    that should be served. The only way Verizon should be let off the hook is to
    sell back the rights to HTC and let them tweak it to a world phone and jack it
    up and release it to all the carriers. Yep, I’m pretty bugged about this.


  • Jlkism

    I think Verizon should take back the phone with no questions asked. I think Verizon does these schemes for sales promoting and to make big sale profits on their phones with empty promises or hopes.

  • Tom Bradley

    We have a much needed update for those of you still rocking a HTC Rezound.”
    Am I the only one who still has two-year contracts with my carrier?  You make it sound like a three-year old dinosaur.  I bought mine in January when they were openly saying it would be out by the end of January.  I personally don’t care what they do.  This is the second time I’ve gone through this with HTC holding out on its’ customers after we bought their phones.  I won’t be buying another from HTC, and I just might not go for another Android after this.

  • dave87rx7

    Im mad cuz they told me when I bought it a update would come out any day after. I would not have bought the phone if had I known I would be waiting this long and now its not getting jelly bean . Not happy

  • Little_dupe_mc

    Im more mad that verizon charged me 300 for phone and then 4 months later put it on sale for 50 bucks

  • Little_dupe_mc

    Yes im not that htc said they would have ics on first quarter but i just really dont think they knew how complex it was going to be because it has taken so long for everyone to update. But i am getting sick and tired of verizon. They are holding onto it right now to make sure all their stupid blockbuster apps still work with ics. This may be my last android phone because it is so disorganized. 10% of phones after 9 months should really be unacceptable. Maybe go to windows phone. Atleast google has seen a problem and is trying to correct this by getting the os to the companies earlier so it wont be as long. As far as some people saying just let us go strait to jellybean. I dont think android equipment can just skip ics. But i am more mad at verizon for charging me 300 for phone nd then 4 months later putting it on sale for 50 bucks. They can bite me for that crap

  • djkoz78

    Yeah never would have bought it if i was told that the ICS update promise early 2012 was a lie. Now I’ll NEVER EVER EVER BUY ANOTHER HTC DEVICE! I can’t suffer liars & regardless of who’s fault it is I’m leaning towards VZW. HTC is the one who suffer due to this blatant slap & sore in their customers face.

  • Atvguy7

    To say the least… I am pissed. I have been a fan of htc and Verizon since the beginning. I’m not sure who’s at fault here but I’m seriously thinking about switching to the Iphone 5.

  • AlphaDog12

    I hate to say it, cause I’m not an Apple fan by any means, but this is where Apple has a clear advantage. When they release a new OS, every phone/iPod capable of getting it, can receive it. With Andriod, it will always be a “fragmented” release. Mainly due to the number of different carriers using it. That being said, I do feel that in some dark shady business area, Google delays the release of new firmware updates. The Rezound came out the same time as the Nexus, remember? The Nexus would have lost a ton of sales revenue had any ICS update come out close to that time for the Rezound. And if you notice now, the Nexus is getting the new Jelly Bean update, while everyone else is still just getting ICS. Things that make you go hmmm? 
    HTC has a few other phones it’s released (with almost the exact same hardware as the Rezound) that already have ICS on them. So I believe HTC had the ICS update already finished quite awhile ago.Here is where Verizon steps in. The only thing that really sells the Nexus, is that it’s one of the only ICS phones Verizon had (until very recently). And of course Verizon doesn’t want to lose sales either, now that Jelly Bean is out for the Nexus, I’m sure Verizon will be releasing multiple ICS updates, cause the Nexus still has it’s main selling point (software/lack of bloatware). I believe the Razr/Maxx got the update first because the Razr owners got 100% screwed with a non-replaceable battery that can’t make it a full day on a charge, and 3 months later the Maxx comes out, but because the customer already burned their upgrade, the were SOL with a phone that should have never existed. 

    So it appears it’s the old cliche: It all comes down to money. I love my Rezound, I love Andriod, and I’m a huge fan of Google. I think Google would be even more competitive with Apple though, if it regulated the release of it’s OS more, and made sure that when a major update was announced it would be readily available for any/all hardware compatible phones rather than just a light drizzle of it all the time. 

    • Jennicc1

      Hi AlphaDog,
      Thanks for your post, I have been really upset about all the delay’s. Like you I do enjoy my phone for the most part. I do look forward to when we finally do get the upgrade. Now whether I renew my contract with Verizon is another story. But I wanted to ask you if you have had any problems with the led light still blinking even after you have cleared the message? I have made sure all my notifications are disabled and it still stays blinking. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix that? 

  • brandon

    This is purely the fault of Verizon. HTC offered an unlock tool and provided leaks to their updates as soon as they were stable enough to do so. This insured anyone who truly wanted ICS would be able to get it on their phone with a little bit of ingenuity. It doesn’t mean that much to you if you’re not willing to learn a little about your phone and how to update the software/firmware yourself. Coming from MOTO who won’t even give their customers this option/work around to these carrier politics HTC comes off as an admirable company.

  • Thekid1689

    I’ve Had ICS on my rezound for months. I updated it when the RC leaked and again when the updated version leaked. Honestly not a big deal at this point and if you wanted an “official” version then you could have essentially done it yourself months ago without blocking the legitimate ota update whenever the hell its released. Though there were supposed problems with the original leak I have experienced nothing wrong with any function of my phone. The only thing that bothers me is google navigations voice changing every now and then…weird.

  • Jeff Campbell73

    I would blame verizon for sure, but HTC has a little to blame too. If they said early 2012 then it should have been ready by them, then that way any delays could be directly blamed at verizon. I would still by the Rezound because I like HTC phones and the rezound is still one of the top performing phones in overall specs. I think that Verizon forgot about this phone to brag about the Razr like it was God’s gift to the world when overall the only thing the Razr has over the rezound is size, weight, and battery on the Maxx. To me performance is what counts. So my phone is a little heavier.. 

  • Jkgd90

    Shame on you Verizon Wireless, HTC, and Google. Bought my Rezound with the promise of an early update. Still waiting….

  • Frodus_c_i

    I blame both with a heavier blame on Verizon. They should have been upfront squelching the rumors of pending ICS updates. They let people believe that the Rezound was getting the update first quarter. The rep I bought my phone from even told me it was promised first quarter. That’s what led me to buy the phone instead of the nexus. Now It’s months later and we can’t even return our phones. This is false advertising, even if they didn’t girder this and deny the claims of a 1st quarter release. I say every one file individual small claims suits against Verizon even if ICS comes out this next month. We’ve wasted our time waiting for this update to come out and now I think we should be compensated.

  • Dylan_hunt32

    0 new comment was just posted. Show

    I got my Rezound as a replacement for my Thunderbolt,because my T-Bolt kept rebooting all the time and finally just froze and would no longer boot up. I have had my Rezound now almost 8.5 months and I love it ,more so when I read about it getting the ICS update early first quarter of 2012,Rezound update has still not been released for us. I’m still going to stick with HTC for all of my phones regardless of their broken promise because I fell in love with HTC Sense. Also the Beats by Dre was a steal as I received it for free.I place the blame on Verizon because I believe that HTC has finished the update and now its just up to Verizon to roll it out. They seem to be taking their sweet ass time with it. Just when we may get our 4.0 upgrade Jellybean is now out ,I think we as Rezound owners will not ever see this update. 

  • luke zankich

    I was down to the Rezound or the Nexus. Went with Rezound because of promised update by the CEO no less of HTC. Lies. There should be a class action against him. Seriously, there was monetary damages (the cost of the phone) due to his deception. He lied to get business away from Samsung. HTC clearly never really had any intention of getting this update out. Worst  part is the phone has some fairly serious issues that have gone unfixed. Vlingo still doesn’t work correctly with Bluetooth devices (mic gets locked out). The damn thing crashes all the time. Slows down to a crawl repeatedly (clearly Gingerbread doesn’t take advantage of dual core). I for one am very disappointed in HTC and Verizon. But since I cannot dump Verizon it is HTC that will lose my business in the future, and quite deservibly since their CSO flat out lied to sell devices and boost stock price.

    • Fiziksphreak

      I agree. I was in exactly the same spot. I bought it the same day the Galaxy nexus came out and was torn between the two. HTC said that the Rezound would have ICS in the first quarter and that was the deciding factor. Had I have known, I would not have bought the Rezound. I have learned my lesson. Do not buy a phone under the premise that it will get the update. I also think the Rezound is a piece of junk. It constantly slows down, my 4g goes off randomly and won’t come on until it is rebooted, it forces closes all of the time, and many more. This is the last HTC device that I will own.

  • Just_sayin

    The problem is the business model.  You don’t hear people complaining that they can’t get Windows 7 because HP or Dell has been slow to port it to their hardware and proprietary “user experience” or that Best Buy has been slow to implement some custom branded app.  IMHO, responsibility for the upgrade of the OS needs to be in the hands of the OS provider (Google).  

    Let htc and VZ bundle as much crap as they want when the phone is sold off the shelf*.  After that, software updates should be the responsibility of the OS provider.  Having too many places to point the finger (including the middle one) exacerbates conflicting political interests (VZ and Apple, VZ and Motorola),  clouds direct accountability, promotes lousy communications and results in absolutely abysmal customer service.  OEMs (like htc and Motorola) need to differentiate based on hardware features (faster chips, better cameras, Beats audio, etc.) and carriers (like Verizon) need to differentiate based on innovative pricing plans, network availability or speed) and stop loading their phones with crapware (if they want to build apps, that’s fine, but that’s what Google Play is for).  Think how much more efficient this business would be (and how much cheaper it would be for consumers) if everyone stuck to their own knitting!  That would really give Apple a run for their money.

    I’m no Apple fanboy (otherwise why would buy my Rezound?), but on this point Apple has it right.  They control iOS.  Google needs to do likewise with Android.  And more importantly, OEMs and carriers need to facilitate that or they will forever be at the mercy of 1 Infinite Loop.

    *It will be interesting to see if Microsoft’s Signature program will hasten the end of bloatware in the PC world.  Judging from the popularity of ICS leaks among Rezound users, the htc/VZ delays may be a moot point.

    • Tony Perez

      I’ve stated before that when Google is about to release a new version of the Android OS, they should have a teams working with OEMs and carriers to ensure minimal delay in distribution and increase consumer satisfaction. You’re correct that OEM’s should concern themselves with hardware features that beat their competitors (no pun intended). Carriers like Verizon shouldn’t worry about making pennies on their bloatware agreements. They should focus on making millions of additional dollars each month from the additional subscribers they can gain if they demonstrate they will facilitate clean software updates as long as a handset will support it. I had to be realistic knowing that even rooted, my OG Droid could only support up to Gingerbread and in no way could fun ICS. It was that and that many of my favorite apps were being developed with features that the OG Droid could not run efficiently. When that happened, I knew it was time for a handset upgrade. I could have upgraded (with my last $50 loyalty discount) in August 2011 but I was still plugging along just fine and ICS was still being developed at the time. 
       It actually happened just shy of 24 months after I purchased the Droid in December 2011 wtih the Rezound. Now I know I have a handset that’s capable of running ICS and JB. Naysayers may claim that HTC and VZW aren’t likely to upgrade us to JB but who cares? By the time I feel I need JB, there will likely be dozens of Custom JB ROMs I can choose from. I hope before then, Google, OEMs, and carriers will get their heads out of the proverbial sand and focus on the happiness and satisfaction of their consumers. Loyalty is what pays off. I’m a Realtor. If I nickle and dime people, I don’t get referrals and return business. If I refer clients to service providers that might pay me a kickback, I could lose my license. (No, I’ve NEVER done that). However, I believe every app that comes preloaded on a handset (aka bloatware) is on there because a company paid the carrier for going so. Why isn’t that being considered unethical? Not only that, it causes unnecessary delays to the update cycle while we end up with apps that use precious processor and battery power. Many apps that we may not even want and can’t uninstall. What business school taught that? Not mine!

  • LGG

    I love that the author says “for those of you still rocking a HTC Rezound,” for a nine month old phone.  FML, I love my rezound it is fast and smooth and buttery.  HTC should just upgrade us to Jelly Bean for making us wait so long!

  • stevesharkman

    we were promised “early 2012” as a selling point in late 2011.
    they sold tons of these phones because of that broken promise.
    and lots of folks got bonuses because of this lie.
    htc, the company, is getting hammered.  so many people are so mad at them, their sales are horrible.
    if they are smart, in an attempt to build good will, they will update the rezound with jelly bean…
    but i don’t think they’re smart enough for that…

    • luke zankich

      HTC lost my business for good over this. I agree it was a flat out lie to get customers who would have bought a Nexus. They should be held financially responsible. If we cannot sue them, then I hope they go out of business. If all Rezound purchasers never buy HTC again then maybe the point will be taken by all companies that you cannot flat out lie to customers and think they will forgive you.

  • Hal Jordan

    I have a Rezound that works great, so I’m not looking to blame anyone. ICS is not going to make that much difference in my life, so I’m not going to get all uptight over having to wait for a few months. The Jelly Bean update looks like it WILL make a big difference, though, so I will be sad if it doesn’t come to the Rezound. I haven’t seen anything but unsupported opinions that say I won’t be getting Jelly Bean, so I’ll wait for the official word.

    • trob6969

      Jelly bean lacks Adobe flash support so I wouldn’t install it on my rezound even if it were available at this very moment.

      • Djdhd

        No one uses flash on a phone anymore. Get over it.

        • trob6969

          Evidently you don’t visit many web sites if you think there’s no use for flash on phones.

        • Hammondgarry

          Why wouldnt you use flash. There are still many sites that have flash on them. Maybe once most sites use html 5 this statement would be true. Judging by all the coverage this topic gets I would say there are still many people using flash.  

    • neva4self

      ICS wont make that much difference? What Rezound do you own? My Rezound doesn’t display email content from Yahoo in it’s entirety, it wont allow me to keep video from previous devices on my SD card because it causes a camera failure when the camera app launches (yes I made sure all the files were mp4), the radios are supposed to be updated with ICS for better reception. The Rezound just runs choppy all around even when browsing the internet and typing in any type able field such as on an internet forum. These are issues I’ve read happen to many people with the Rezound. The video issue was enough for me to be upset. I had so many videos of my new born on my phones SD with the Bionic. When I got the Rezound I had to remove all video content from the SD so the camera wouldn’t crash. This alone was almost a deal breaker but ICS was supposed to resolve all these issues and more. You can add me to the list of consumers who will never buy an HTC product again. From now on I will stick to Motorola phones as my first choice with Samsung being my second choice. The updates will still be slow but both companies usually produce such solid devices that upgrades are usually a bonus rather than a necessity.

      • Hal Jordan

        My Rezound is model ADR6425LVW. It replaced an HTC Incredible. The photo and video quality with the Rezound is amazing, much better than the Incredible. I have never seen it run laggy or “choppy,” even in 3G areas, and with 4G or Wi-Fi it moves like greased lightning. I don’t know how you could get a camera to “crash,” but I suppose if you were running many different apps at once it might slow everything down. If your SD card is getting full, you can connect a cable between the phone and your PC and move all the videos to your hard disk to free up space on the phone. Maybe that would improve its performance.

        • neva4self

          My model Rezound is the same model as yours. Research the camera issue, it crashed straight out of the box and has for many people crashed out of the box. Its only an issue you would have if you have video from previous devices on your SD card. It has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that the Rezound doesn’t play nice with video recorded with other devices. It is an issue that HTC has acknowledged and addressed with ICS. If your Rezound runs completely hassle free, then congratulations, you my friend are one of the 2% not having issues. I find it hard to believe that you are not experiencing any issues though when almost everyone has had issues with email syncing and displaying correctly. For example if I log into my Yahoo account on my PC and delete emails, the next time I refresh my emails on my Rezound the deleted emails should not still be displayed. The Rezound needs many tweaks all of which should be addressed with ICS. Just Google the words “HTC Rezound not working” and you will find camera issues, email issues, browsing issues and more (and I’m NOT talking about user created issues as you tried to imply in your response). This is the first phone I’ve had where I felt the need to install a 3rd party browser. HTC is too good of a company to put out a device that has this many issues out of the box.  Like I said, last HTC for me. Again congrats on your hassle free Rezound, I wish I had been that lucky.

        • djkoz78

          I’ve had 5 replacement Rezounds and VZW refused to switch me to a different phone because of the boot loop bug when you switch between 3g & LTE. Apparently when you switch between then then reboot your phone the Rezound starts rebooting over and over. There is a minor fix by looking out your sd card and dialing #*#*4636*#*# then switching to LTE & rebooting your device, but who the hell wants to do that every time you switch between 3g & LTE. Last HTC device.

  • Tony Perez

    It’s the fault of all three (Google, HTC, and VZW). If they worked together as soon as a new OS update was released, they could stay way ahead of Apple and the iPhone. While I realize that VZW doesn’t want to offend Apple, somehow, Apple is able to get their new OS to VZW iPhones as quickly as it’s announced and released. If VZW would work in parallel with Google and HTC, users would get the latest and greatest and it would be the hardware, not the software, that would drive the consumer to newer handsets. Another thought to add on is that if hardware manufacturers spent less time on their OS overlays and more on hardware, everyone would win!

  • Robert Parkhurst

    I think this is google’s fault.  Google needs to require device manufacturers to deliver updates in a timely fashion other than “whenever”.  This is my second Android device — the first was the original Samsung Galaxy S.  In both cases the phones were widely rumored to get updates “soon”.  On my samsung I finally gave up and put CM7.1 on it which both upgraded and fixed the phone.  In HTC’s case the phone works (amazingly well honestly) but I just need the ICS update.

    I’d have to say this is HTC’s fault for simply producing more phones then they can obviously handle delivering updates for and it’s Verizon’s fault for simply pushing the latest device.  But ultimately Google needs to ensure that an “Android” device gets timely updates.

    The result of all of this is simple:  My next phone will be the Google Nexus or an iPhone.  It’s the ONLY way I can guarantee updates.

    • trob6969

      Ok, I can see your rationale for going for a Nexus but iPhone? What good are frequent OS upgrades if they lack so many features of an older version of another OS?

  • Hi

    This is Verizon’s fault.

  • Fallenstarbeats

    Ivebeen extremely frustrated. Especially since I’ve had so many issues with this device. From needing to master reset (as it sometimes gets locked in boot loader mode) to proximity sensor failure, to crashing. I bought mine in November 2011 and have been waiting to see if perhaps the 4.0 update will fix most of these issues 🙁 otherwise, I’m opening another line and getting the Samsung Galaxy S 3. Lets go Verizon! You’re killing me!

  • Seeteedub

    I think it’s definitely on Verizon. They have new phones with ICS, so they’re
    Pushing those. Really frustrating but business as usual with Big Red.

  • Shadyyyyyyy

     I got my phone after Christmas (before NYE). So I only had to wait a couple a month for the ICS, or so I thought. I chose this phone over the Nexus for that very reason. Rezound had better specs and it was getting the same ICS update the Galaxy Nexus had.

    Now that I’ve had my phone for nearly 7 months, I’m happy that I bought it over the Nexus. However, I am annoyed over the promised “early 2012” ICS Rezound update. I’m still going to stick with HTC for all of my phones regardless of their broken promise because I fell in love with HTC Sense. Also the Beats by Dre was a steal.

    I place the blame on Verizon because I believe that HTC has finished the update and now its just up to Verizon to roll it out. They seem to be taking their sweet ass time with it.

    • Billybob

      I have Beats on my HTC Evo 4G LTE and it sounds better than any portable device I have ever owned and I have owned everything! That obviously includes anything Apple has ever sold. If listening to music through headphones is how you roll then Beats is the way to go. It”s the only device that I had to turn down yet never was distorted. Try that with an iPhone or any other phone.

    • Fiziksphreak

      It’s funny. I like the headphones but the sound quality coming out of the phone is crap. I hate the iPhone but I am jealous of the sound quality that my girlfriends iPhone 4s puts out. My old iPod video still puts out better sound than the Rezound!!!