GTA V hints intensify from profiles

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 10, 2012

The hunger for solid Grand Theft Auto 5 news has been building over the last few weeks, which most gamers would take any positive sign towards more GTA V details, trailer 2, or even information about the gameplay. Following the official Gamescom teaser video towards the end of last month, we caught a slight hint that the next GTA could be at the upcoming gaming event, and since then it seems some people are trying to build credibility from this news on their social profiles.

Lying on your LinkedIn past experience – it might be hard for some gamers to believe but people actually put things on their CVs and LinkedIn profile that never really happened, and this is what numerous blogs are claiming about Gerald Bauser and his LinkedIn profile. Only a couple of days ago you could have looked at Bauser’s profile and seen that he looks after programs at Gamescom for a number of games, although this have changed a little since this claim had been made public.

Originally Bauser stated that “Grand Theft Auto V” had been of his responsibilities, but since then he has changed this to just “Rockstar Games“. He hasn’t denied being a “Project Manager for Gamescom“, but his past experience has been altered slightly within the last two days, so this means he is either lying or made a mistake about what he’s allowed to put online. It’s worth noting that a number of sources are claiming they contacted Gamescom and they have “no knowledge” of his involvement with their event. You can see an image of the altered profile experience below.

This is the latest in a long line of social profiles giving hints towards a number of games, which include GTA V on many occasions. You might remember just over a month ago we heard about Rockstar North and Rockstar San Diego working together on the GTA V release, and that rumor had come another LinkedIn profile for Jonathan G. The only official answer this rumor received at the time had been one of “we don’t comment” on those types of claims.

While information about GTA V will land on social profiles, especially LinkedIn considering it shows past work experience, it’s worth pointing out that you shouldn’t believe everything put on these profiles. Some people just want to make their CV look much better, although sometimes information found this way can be gold dust and can lead to solid news.

Do you hunt around LinkedIn profiles for employees of publishers and developers? Then hope to find breadcrumbs of information about a future game like GTA 5. On a side note are you planning on buying just GTA 5, or do you have other games in-mind as well like Watch Dogs and Sleeping Dogs?

While news and rumors like this can make an interesting read the bottom-line is we’ll all know when Rockstar’s focus shifts, which will be seen when there’s less Max Payne 3 on their newswire.

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  • Legion

    Im not buying the game new. I’ll buy it 2nd hand now so R* dont get my money.

  • Chrisjohnday2011

    i seen this blog a few weeks back talking about some features of the game  there were lots to look forward to
    but one caught my eye now it said on the single  player wi more diffrent then ever now if your like me when your not playing the missions on the game  you going aroud shooting killing randum people on game and after while it seem to get boring but in gta v you have a life black market of were you steel cars weapons and over stolen goods and ern more money witch hopfely means that you can use your money unlike in gta iv  where you have $10.000 $100.000 and nothing to spend it on it will add more realism to the game

  • Chrisjohnday2011

    they say its goinng 5 time biger then gta iv liberty city so tihnk you shuld be able  buy more safe houes  

  • Bobmartin


  • Chrisjohnday2011

    i keep whatching a lot of youtube videos  with most guys just guesing about  gta v and the new stuff rockstar  puting in it. why  dont they just wait in till they get some solid facts and stop wasting everyones time

  • Dobby the house elf

    I have a sore tummy

  • Rockstar Representive

    Rockstar has been sewed as it was originally October to be released they are being sewed as a guy coppice righted something then got sacked and then rocks tar put it into the game so thats why there is no info on it because they don’t know when they are going to be able to release but they. Have made a deadline release date of new years day and it WILL be a midnight release and I know this as I work for rocks tar and no I’m not telling any spoilers or anything like that

    • jack94

      wow, your definatly not bullshiting are you.

      • TrillDaou

        Hahahaha that guy was a dipshit

    • will23

       sewed? whats he sewing? shirts pants. learn how to spell moron

      • gta v 2013

        “rocks tar” lol 

    • Guest 45

      I also agree with you on the release date being Jan 1st 2013. Here in Canada, a Futureshop representive also said that they got a release date of Jan 1st 2013. Now we have to just wait and see if it is legit but to be honest I can wait longer if they are trying to fix all the bugs, etc. Also I am hoping that all the content is on the disc rather than paying DLC later on in the upcoming months. DLC for me has ruin gaming, just complete the game for once and let it be just $60 with no add ons.

      • Jahfireal1

        I agree !!!!!

    • Bob

       I was hoping a “Rockstar Representive” would have better punctuation and grammar….

    • Deroaoa

       Coppice righted? Píss off.

  • KMurda

    If the GTA V game is in testing stages already, and is 100% completed, why not release info
    about the game. It doesn’t make any sense! The company keep saying they will give info but
    it’s been 8 months already since the first trailer. This is what’s getting pretty annoying, the fact
    that they can’t mention one little detail about the game besides it’s location. I mean, if this game
    is suppose to be Rockstar’s largest game, then shouldn’t they be releasing something other than
    a trailer about the game. I’m a fan of Rockstar games, and I got to say this is a waste of time. To
    me the best GTA was San Andreas. It was a big map, loads of weapons, bycicling, eating, tons of
    missions, car customization, and character customization is what makes this game the current
    Rockstar Champion. Don’t get me wrong, GTA IV was good, but so many things was disgarded it
    just made the game pretty boring after story completion.

  • Bastain1

    who would release info about a game (not even an exact date forsure) and then release it two months later? don’t be dumb, 2012 isn’t the year for Grandtheftauto5

    • Blair

      Just thought I’d point this out – I was in HMV yesterday in Glasgow and there was a pre-order available for GTA 5. release date – Dec 2012. I don’t see this officially announced anywhere else though.

      • Well, you got it on Futureshop’s website, Bestbuy’s website, it’s only precaution date if what ever happens the game comes out earlier then they may change de date, so they don’t look like ingnoring fools and are able to maximize the revenu with preorders.

  • Tom

    after reading the first sentence i can already say this is a fabrication…”project manager for the programming”..seriously?

  • skeighta4life_360flipping

    GTA 5 has being in the testing stages since the beginning of this year… which means the game is complete, they are just working out the kinks, the reason the next trailer is taking so long, is this game is HUGE. Figuring out all the bugs within a few months isn’t an easy task.

  • gta fan

    im 100% sure gta v  will release this oct because a release date for pc had confirm for nov 15 2012 and why would they release a game on pc this year and on console next year

  • gta fan

    im 100% sure gta v will release oct because a release date for pc has confirm nov 15 2012 and why would they announce a game on pc this year and on console next year

  • gta fan

    im 100% sure gta v will release oct because a pc release date has been confirn for nov 15 2012 and why would they release a game on pc this year and on console next year

    • guest227

      This game is not coming out this year, don’t be stupid

      • Mob1289

        It might if you look closely at the license plate you see oct on the upper left hand corner, you also see the big 8 at the golf so info should be coming in aug and the game can possibly come out at the end of oct maybe nov

        • Jonny

          Do you really think that Rockstar games, one of the biggest and best game companies is going to announce a game release 4 months before it comes out?  Game companies just don’t do that.  Also, every single Rockstar game that I know of came out in April or May.  It is coming out then.

        • Bob

          Erm… it was announced almost a year ago and has been in development since GTA IV finished. GTA IV is the only Grand Theft Auto game to be released in April, this was a delayed due to bugs with the PS3 version. Every other game has been released in October.

          Grand Theft Auto III – October 22nd, 2001

          Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – October 27th, 2002

          Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – October 26th, 2004

          Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – October 24th, 2005

          Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories – October 31st, 2006

          Grand Theft Auto IV – April 29th, 2008 – Delayed due to bugs.

          Now, I’m not saying this is absolute proof, but they seem to follow a pattern here.

        • ooB0BBYoo

          Couldn’t agree more Bob!

        • Carl Vercetti

          Most them dates are North America though!!

        • Jrparker69

          jonny san andreas was an october release but apart from that spot on i say april or may 2013 lol

        • Robbie

          why the hell not? its rockstar they could just be surprising us. say that they announce the release date as october at gamescon or something, imagine how quickly pre-orders would rise… its a pretty good marketing ploy keeping quiet then saying the game will be released in a few months.

          just like EA released premium the minute it was announced for battlefield 3 that was pretty genius

      • Chrisjohnday2011

        i know one can say when rely comes out untill rockstar give reles date but may be a good chace that there briging out it oct this year but wish people will make up there about when its comming out

  • RockstarGames*

    News will come out on the 1st of august,,,Maybe a second trailer at Gamescom.
    Patrick Green.

    • BarackObama

      I approve this message.

  • Seegs

    Am I seeing this as it’s happening? Is there a trailer now up on Rockstar’s site?  I think I’m watching it.

  • JasonRocks

    If Rockstar don’t show anything about GTA 5 at Gamescom I will have doubts about buying the game, what happened to keeping gamers informed.

  • James_Ripley

    Please Please Rockstar launch GTA 5 in October, although I have a feeling they are going for next year.

  • Timis360

    I just want more Grand Theft Auto in the Rockstar newswire and less Max Payne 3.

    • Tony

      That will start to happen soon, and I bet we see another GTA trailer in July.

      • Hyuiop

        i say late july or gamecon in aug

  • Clare_G

    I must admit I do look at Twitter accounts and LinkedIn for any information I can find.

  • Jared rizardo aka hung cunn

    Your news is pointless, don’t write another article until you have some actual news you fool

    • RIcky

      I think the fool is you, don’t come here again you must mistake this website for the others that write about GTA V many times a day, at least PR offers meaningful rumor with substance.

    • SusanW

      I bet you write for another blog that writes about GTA 5 all day long, sad person go away.

  • mrx

    I 100% agree. Daniel Chubb has nothing important to say. Ever. No news. Just rubbish.

    • Tony

      You’re a very sad little person, and obviously you don’t read all articles he writes because they do offer a range of rumor and news on a lot more than just GTA 5.

      • mrx

        you’re a sad person. im typing a comment on a gta v comment page. u tool. i don’t care what you people think. i read the article and every time i do, it makes me no closer to knowing any facts on gta v.

        • mrx

           im gay no life here

      • hamboy

        Daniel, is that you?

      • Asss

         yeah too many fakes like rumors n comments

        • Asss

            yeah too many fakes like rumors n commentsn news too

        • Asss

            yeah too many fakes like rumors n comments news too

        • Pay

          news too

    • mrx

       i have no life im gay