Battlefield 3 Premium camo update angers gamers

By Alan Ng - Jul 10, 2012

With the Battlefield 3 premium calendar previously teasing new weapon camos as part of the July update, you would have bet your house that DICE would at least offer some premium camos for some new weapons.

Unfortunately, they haven’t and have decided to add new four weapon camos to the same weapons that they added premium camos for last time – much to the amazement of premium owners all over the world. To recap on on the update for those that aren’t aware yet, there’s four new weapon camos available for the PKP Pecheneg, the SCAR-H, F2000 and the L96 sniper rifle.

Rather than just have instant access to the new camos, DICE has made the excellent decision of adding new assignments to the game to unlock them instead. Since Close Quarters added the four new smaller maps to the game, we would have liked to see new camos for the likes of the Aug, the Scar-L, the ACW-R or the M5K sub machine gun.

That would have made a lot of sense from a logical point of view and would have provided a much more beneficial update as part of the July premium content. Instead they have confused a lot of buyers by just providing camos for these weapons, as you can argue that these weapons are not used as much as some of the more popular weapons in BF3.

That of course also leads us to suggest that DICE has done this deliberately in order to encourage BF3 players to use the likes of the PKP Pecheneg, the SCAR-H, the L96 and the F2000 as their primary weapons. With the exception of the F2000 since that is actually a pretty popular weapon, who actually uses the other weapons often? Perhaps a better way of putting it – who is going to use the SCAR-H, when the SCAR-L is twice as good?

We definitely like the idea of bringing more assignments to the game to unlock these new soldier and weapon camos, but DICE really needed to offer some variety with the camos. Now all we see is a ton of abuse on the likes of Battlelog and other places and criticism that they could have easily avoided.

What do you make of the four new camos for weapons mentioned above? Do you agree with us that new camos need to become available for the new weapons that unlocked with Close Quarters?

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  • Dynasty2201

    Personally, I think the ACW is the worst of the new weapons.

    I’m not retarded with my firing, my accuracy is 18.4%, which, trust me, is high enough compared to most, and the ACW just seems to need more rounds to drop anyone at any range.  Feels so underpowered.  Not touching it again.  Not impressed.  It’s ok, doesnt blow me away.  I’d rather use the AKS74u or MTAR for range and CQ respectively.

    The Scar L is the best for medium to long range for the assault, easy, EASY recoil and great damage.  CQ and you’re dead, laser or no laser.  Run it with a rds of your choice and HB, no foregrip (why anyone uses FG is beyond me now), and change your play style to suit the range, and you’re golden.

    And anyway, back on track, releasing new camo unlocks for guns previously given camo unlocks sums up DICE’s logic these days: retarded.

  • Nsmitty18

    Pretty much the most idiotic thing dice could’ve done… didn’t any one over there think maybe we should have assignments that unlock camos to be used on all guns? I don’t even use these guns with the exception of the l96 which I rarely use. A side from that the camos are cool just wish I could actualy use them. Rather disapointed, dice.

  • grrrrrr, PREMIUM my a$$

    altogether i feel its underwhelming, i was hoping camos for ALL weapons, not a select few which ALREADY have camo options, i had high hopes for this so called soldier “UPGRADE”

  • way to go DICE, broke my faith in you again.
    stop being like other shooters and go back to your 1942 roots.

  • Eric Sneider

    I use the L96…

  • Matt

    Honestly I feel that the ACW-R is the only rifle that has both accuracy and damage at longer ranges in the engineer catagory.

    • Ruscle Jones

      Amen. I use that gun religiously 

  • Thunder God83

    It should be that you use a variety of weapon with the other assignments to unlock a camo, that you can use on any weapon you please. Only a few select weapons with camo is stupid.

  • Janus1975

    the writer says who will use the scarH when the scarL is much better, this is true but the scarL is for a different class so the comment is pointless as one is completely unrelated to the other.

    • xbuzzedx

      Yeah that’s what I was thinking too…not really a good example.

  • Wtf-DICE

    I have unlocked every assignment, but I will Not bother unlocking this crap.  Have you seen the ridiculous amount of kills needed for new stupid gun camos? Uhh, NO Thanks !

  • Premium players wpns are over-powering. You can kill an premium player and test-drive his/her weapons. They all have low recoils even at a high-rate of fire (ACW, etc). 

    • you are aware that we have the same guns as you, we just got them earlier.

    • Jlhjklhjklhjq

      ur retarded

    • Fender88

      premium players don’t get different weapons they are close quarters weapons premium players just get them sooner. 

  • Dawgfthr

    ACW is also a very bass a$$ gun, low recoil and very accurate.

  • Jonsacboy23

    I ran the scarH for 7 service stars. It’s a difficult gun to master and that’s why not a lot of people use it. I will be using this gun again once I complete the assignments for other classes. It’s definitely a big boys gun.

    • NgTurbo

      You not tried the SCAR-L Jonsacboy? I find it tears up opposition soldiers with ease and the accuracy and recoil is excellent too.

      • Jonsacboy23

        Unlocked it the other night but not tried it yet. I’ve been having fun with the f2000. I’ll give it a whirl tonight.