Tanks teased for Medal of Honor Warfighter

EA are up to their old social media marketing tricks again and this time it relates to upcoming material unlocks for Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The company are asking for Facebook likes in exchange for new multiplayer footage, but one screenshot already released seemingly confirms the inclusion of tanks.

In a move to get the community pumped up about the upcoming effort from Danger Close, fans are now asked to participate in a group effort in liking the Medal of Honor page in order to be rewarded with a first look at the game’s multiplayer offering. So far, the Facebook page is at 58% and EA has promised to unlock some bonus screenshots along the way to the 100% target.

The first screenshot is already live and shows a jungle like setting complete with a rather large tank as well as a few jeeps. Either EA are trolling us real hard with this image, or they have just confirmed that tanks will be playable in some aspect of the game – let’s hope it’s multiplayer.

It would be pretty annoying if this just turned out to be part of the level’s background, but let’s wait and see what happens. The like count is at 58% right now so there’s not long to wait at all. EA has said that they will unveil another screenshot at 90%, so tell all your friends about it and let’s see what else they have to show off.

We remember EA doing a similar move for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, as there were several Facebook-orientated unlocks as well. It’s a neat way of getting fans involved in the build up to release, so it would be nice if other developers followed similar moves.

Considering that Danger Close is now building the multiplayer part of Warfighter, as opposed to DICE who did multiplayer for the previous game – are your expectations high or not? A lot of gamers are fearing that it is just going to play similar to Battlefield 3, but without the main focus on vehicles. Would a controllable tank spoil things for you, or would you be happy to jump into various vehicles again? Let us know your thoughts on the game’s progress so far.



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