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Potential Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 delay

Verizon had previously told their legion of customers that the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone would be launching throughout their stores and online on July 10. However, some new information revealed online has seemingly suggested that Big Red has had to delay the release date by a few days.

If you head to Verizon’s website now, you’ll see that the main page for the Samsung Galaxy S3 now displays a July 12 launch date, instead of the 10th as they previously confirmed in a press release. As far as we’re aware, they haven’t made the revised date official news yet, so how do you feel knowing that you now face a few days longer wait than expected?

As we told you in our previous article, some of you had still been getting positive news from shipping information from either Verizon or Fed Ex, revealing that some consumers were actually due earlier than expected shipping dates starting from July 6th. That means some of you lucky ones are already enjoying Samsung’s latest smartphone, while others have to make do with an extended wait due to Verizon’s tedious shipping methods.

The good news is that there seems to be quite a healthy number of Verizon customers who have already received their Galaxy S3. If you pre-ordered over the weekend though, it is very likely that you’ll now receive it on July 12 at the very earliest. Is this the highest demand ever seen for an Android handset?

Let us know if you have received your device already, or if you are still frustrated with the Verizon waiting game.



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