Skyrim Dawnguard bugs and deferring PS3 / PC release

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 8, 2012

PS3 and PC users want to know when the Skyrim Dawnguard release date will be, especially considering it has been a few weeks since Skyrim’s first DLC released on the Xbox 360. Bethesda has been extremely quiet on the matter and only confirmed Microsoft had a timed exclusive, but the growing frustration has seen some rumors take hold with gamers. One of these rumors included an idea that Skyrim Dawnguard would see a PS3 release date in September, which is much longer than the predicted 30 days exclusive.

The fact that Bethesda has kept quiet after most of us looked at this as a 30 days exclusive, only adds to the confusion, so why would Dawnguard see a longer than 30 day wait for PS3 and PC gamers? This forum post has suggested the idea that September 13 is the date for Skyrim’s first DLC to land on PS3 and PC, but it’s worth noting there’s no source to this claim, although that hasn’t stopped pages of comments from frustrated Skyrim fans.

Waiting for Dawnguard to land after new bugs are fixed – the only reason we can see for Bethesda to delay the DLC is to fix bugs, which are being reported on the Xbox 360. Bethesda might want to iron out some problems before launching its first DLC on the PC and PS3. During our review of Dawnguard we met a few bugs that include texture issues, although a quick look at the Xbox board shows numerous problems that might need to be patched before the DLC is launched on more platforms.

While this is understandable and could lead to a longer wait than the predicted 30 days after launching on the Xbox 360, it is also hard to believe considering the PS3/PC can have bugs the 360 wouldn’t. There will still be bugs no matter how long they delay the release, so should they wait until common bugs are fixed in Dawnguard?

Would you rather Bethesda launch Dawnguard on the PS3/PC as soon as possible, or would you like to see current bugs fixed first? If you are wondering why Skyrim patch 1.6 hasn’t landed on the PS3 yet, you might want to read this article, or see posts relating to our review of Dawnguard here.

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  • Hopefully they will fix the water bug. I hate not being able to go for a swim. And I can’t wait to make some bone weapons and slay some more vampires.

  • Straight_Talker

    I hope that xbox users are the guinea pigs of the DLC. These kinds of deals will prove fruitless for game developers as Microsoft has effectively cock-blocked bethesda’s TIME -ei, I, like many people have moved on from skyrim…other developers have released new and amazing games, now I don’t need to wait for dawnguard to come out on PS3 or pc. I hope you got your pound of flesh bethesda [out of Microsoft’s wrinkly old a$$] cause you’re not getting it from me. As for ever considering buying and xbox HELL no. No value compared to a ps3 or PC. Time to add some daring new bells and whistles if you want to beat ps3 or PCs…I suggest upgradable graphics cards with SLI option….lol that will never happen because the idea wasn’t conceived by some large metallic machine designed by Microsoft…or you can just stack the deck and buy the game….bravo entrepreneurial spirit, you had aces handed to you and Microsoft is playing like a fish.

  • Shayne

    No patch by tomorrow means I sell my Skyrim disc and spend the $20 dollars waiting in my PSN wallet on some BF3 DLC I’ve been seriously wanting.

    I game for fun, and I’ll spend all the money I have to to have fun, but this is out of hand right here, I’m not spending money to have fun, I’m waiting to have fun on something that may not even come out.

    Patch tomorrow, DLC anytime that week. If not, I will NOT give those money whores another cent.

  • Romulus

    listen up. if your attempting to make a point you gotta put some stank on the message. 1st off assuming you whinny jackasses can control yourself and not get the dawnguard dlc, good for you this is called self control. 2nd you have to control the message. meaning that you have to account for the possibility of spin. this is the possibility of using one of the many outcomes of your message against you now or in the future. with that in mind a ideal strategy would be to get the dlc but delay the purchase. with this Bethesda can’t say later that the fan base is smaller than Xbox to justify future delays. a week to the day would be sufficient. with enough commitment’s to the purchase delay you could create a decent uproar at Bethesda. an ideal final piece would be a collective message on Hine’s blog possibly. something to the affect of everyone who having waited goes on his blog immediately after downloading and say something short and identical. like my name is ———— . from now on the longer we wait, the longer you wait. your money is the only form of protest a corporate entity will take notice of. take some control and stand up. people will say your whining and a bunch of other bull. but the reason your mad is unfair. is. unfair. if the outcome favoured you and not them the reaction would be no different, and anyone who say’s otherwise is a liar, or worse someone who’s to pathetic to accept the possibility that a reach around does not have to be the outcome. so the only question left is who are you.

    • TheRealTimewarp

       Yeah the problem though is if we buy the DLC then Bethesda assume we’re idiots who’ll buy their content regardless of how they treat us and if we don’t they’ll use it as an excuse to not place the content on PS3/PC as it doesn’t make money there. It’s a Catch 22 with these arseholes.

  • Tomb

    Its the same thing as the fallout games. It’ll take so long that ill have moved on to something different by the time it comes out and they’ll never see a penny of my money for the dlc. This will be the last game that I ever by from Bethesda. Enjoy what money you’ve gotten out of me and at least 20 of my friends cause I doubt you’ll ever see another dime from us. I’m sure were not alone.

  • Watkinsiii

    Now they have a skyrim mmo coming out… Why should I buy that when I can’t even get my dlc on my pa3. I’ll stand here on the side lines as I watch you go down in a blaze… Bethesda will be out of business and I’ll still be buying ps3 games

  • Ted Doran

    I will get Dawnguard whenever they choose to release the freakin’ thing. I’m tired of us PS3 players getting the short end of the stick. After this, Bethesda will not get any more money from me. They can forget it. 

  • Alexfisher68

    At lest we no when it coming out

  • Cameron0115

    Let me just state that i am a ps3 user myself. I remember when i first got Skyrim. I was so hyped and of course i put in roughly around 50+ hour during the first week ( i didn’t want to get tired with it to quick.) But after a few months, it got a little repetitive. So i put it down for about a month or two. Duri.g this time i did get great games like dragon’s dogma and mass effect 3. But when i got wind of this new dlc dawnguard, i took it as my que to find the lost magic of skyrim that i fell in love with. Then when it came out for xbox i was confused and mad. Then i learned about the 30 day exclusivity contract between bethesda and Microsoft. I think Microsoft did this just to spite us. They just can’t stand having a worthy rival company like Sony. But I’m not here to trash them or anyone. All I’m saying is; if tomorrow the dlc isn’t released for ps3 and make us wait till sept.13, then bethesda will be fucked. Because we’re not all just going to sit and wait for a (judging by the reviews of many xbox users with the dlc installed) half-baked, rushed, overpriced dlc. We’re going to move on to bigger and brighter games and bethesda’s gonna wish that they had never signed that exclusivity contract and missed out on a could-have-been, best-selling dlc. And if us ps3 users are pushed to sept.13, then you probably won’t be seeing many of us buying hearthfire, or whatever the second dlc pack will be called.

    I love bethesda and Sony. And at times Microsoft. But i just had to tell the truth and speak my thoughts. We ps3 users have been screwd-over enough; not just with skyrim but in general. And this bull is just ridiculous. Makes you realize what companies really care about ALL of their customers’/supporters’ feelings, and which companies are spiteful, bloodthirsty moneygrabbers.

  • Kendallhughes6

    well they fucked up i was just fento buy it for my ps3 but seeing we havent even gotten the dlc i want i aint even gonna bother on ever getting it bc bought time it come out il be focused on other new games in september 

  • Leedranick

    I would rather get it now. It is a possibility that the PS3 or PC might have different bugs. Might as well send it out there so we all can get a chance with it. I can work through the bugs. We have been there before.

  • Lachyr

    I would be more then happy to wait if Bethesda would tell us the reason 

  • meh

    Does Bethesda not have any game testers or are they to cheap to hire anyone? Seriously forcing paying customers to find the bugs and be forced to deal with one patch after another is really bad way to do business. 

    • Evilbass159

      You do realize that it would be impossible for any play testers to go everywhere and do everything in skyrim multiple times in multiple ways, with multiple characters, and finish the quests in different orders. I have played over 460 hours of skyrim with multiple characters and I still find new places/quests to do. What I’m saying is that unless you have an army of playtesters doing very exclusive things in a world like skyrim, problems will be missed, until that is, one of the millions who buy the game has a problem and notifies Bethesda of it.

  • Connor-h-

    i know this is never going to happen but they should give up this exclusive stuff, we are all gamers n all love these games

  • The one thing that is unforgivable here is the lack of communication. We’re now closing in on the end of the exclusivity agreement and they haven’t made a peep about it. Release the DLC in 2014 for all I care (we all know people are going to go spastic if there’s so much as a single glitch anyway) but don’t entirely ignore thousands of people who paid good money for your game.

    I know some people were total jerks about every little inconvenience with the game, but that’s not a good enough excuse to completely abandon PS3 users.

  • Pandorum

    Color me wrong but it is like Bethesda Do not want PlayStation 3 players money? hum weird that.

  • Gamer11600

    If this is actually true im going to snap my skyrim disc in half and NEVER support Bethesda again. This outrages, I dont care how many bugs there are i only want the DLC. The next one is called Hearthfire which is released late this year. So Dawnguard being in September would mean that the 2 would conflict then PS3 would need to wait another 3 months meaning we get it 2013. This is not how to run a Game Company, if the world was a huge work business this would be classed as discriminable against 1 type of people. PC will get there Dawnguard and patch before PS3 anyway because they always do. An im sick of so MANY companies being bought out by Microsoft to give them “Money” and try to regain there sales by basically CHEATING there way into sales….. 

    Rant Over.. Come on Bethesda do us all a huge favour and release the DLC when you agreed, No amount of money is going to get you the PS3 market back after this.. 

  • Nate

    What frustrated me after a 3 month break from playing the game was to find out that the patch 1.6 was released for the PC 3 months ago and the xbox 2 months ago.  Still not a word on the PS3 for just the patch, let alone Dawnguard.  This love/hate relationship with Bethesda/PS3 for me started when I’d purcased Oblivion GOY edition 4 years ago n that blasted Vampire Cure glitch…but I love the ps3.  Very sad how the PS3 community has been screwed over by my most anticipated release of a game (skyrim) on this console ever and to have it almost unplayable until late february.   

  • Weetrollsreroll

    september 13, that don’t won’t hunt monsignor. somebody should start a petition & boycott microsoft for paying bethesda to delay the release and boycott sony for letting ps3 owners get kicked around and boycott bethesda for being a tool

  • sporeboy100

    ok, i dont own SKYRIM on PS3, but im supporting the screwed over

    • Zak

      Thats a good man

  • sporeboy100

    this is why the PS3 owners should get EVERY piece of DLC for FREE if they are forced to suffer a broken game for over 4 months. infact, make Dishonoured a full-scale PS3 EXCLUSIVE! not DLC timed exclusive, i mean, Cancel the XBOX and PC version

    • Onewingedangel980

      lol no go to hell I want that game.  I’m a PC gamer so I feel your pain…but stop blaming xbox.  Bethesda had a choice and they made it.   Just like you had a choice between 360 and a brick.

  • IamKrimson

    Okay so as a PC gamer, I see it would take longer and makes sense that it might too. Especially because of the fact the PC gamers who play Skyrim definitely have more playtime than any console gamer merely because there are millions of mods out there that extend the gameplay. So in a sense we PC gamers can be occupied even until September 13, or at least I can. Plus as ES:V is already one of the best RPGs out there, I think taking their time would be the best choice because again as a PC gamer we don’t only play for gameplay but for performance, something that console gamers have a limit on.

    • When I first played Morrowind, it was on the original XBOX and it became my favorite game. When I built a gaming computer, the first game I got was Morrowind, to experience that game in what PC gamers assured me was its full glory. After about a week, I couldn’t play it any more. I assumed this was because I had played it to death on the XBOX and the mods just couldn’t spice it up enough to overcome that.

      When Oblivion came out, I got it for PC. I modded that thing into the ground. Got bored after a week — assumed that Oblivion just didn’t have the same magic as Morrowind. A while later, when the GOTY came out for PS3, I gave it another try. And I played it for months. It was an excellent game.

      The problem for me, and many others I am sure, is that the ability to mod and cheat ruins the intended atmosphere of the games — they are roleplaying games, to enjoy them fully, you have to pretend it’s sort of real. Mods turn the game into more of a toy, not something to play but something to play with. Something to dissect and augment and turn inside out.

      Elder Scrolls games last longer for us on the console versions, where we’re stuck playing by the rules rather than tweaking our loading order. I love messing around with computers and seeing what I can do with them, just not when I’m trying to play a medieval-style high fantasy game on them. And the temptation to mod and cheat is just too hard to resist — I want to be able to jump over that rock and see what’s there, so I tell myself I’ll just cheat this once and give my character a jump stat of 500 — but then the can of worms has been opened and the game is effectively over because there’s nothing I can’t do with a couple of button presses… I have become a god and there’s nothing more for my character to strive for.

      And this phenomenon isn’t limited to TES. When I was a lad, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was effectively over for me once I learned the cheat codes and could just warp to the end. If cheating and modding doesn’t break your suspension of disbelief, or if you don’t need suspension of disbelief in order to enjoy TES, more power to you. But the console versions last much longer for people like me.

  • Idyllwild1

    It should be released sooner. PS3 users have already been screwed enough. (Cough,Cough) Game breaking frame rate fixed after to many months after release

  • Futuremach

    Trying to get to 81 before it comes out… At 73 now. I run it on a non-gaming laptop and don’t have many glitches at all.

    • Guest

      i dont reccomend maxing out your level. Some quests are triggered upon leveling up. I have done a series of tests on the PC version where i tried playing the game with everything maxxed out. Many quests were unavailable and would not start even though i had all of the requirements.

      So what i did was lower my level to 80, and dropped my speechcraft to level 50 and then leveled it up the non cheating way. and voila when i hit 81 all those quests were available.

      Two examples of this quest i can think of are mjoll the lionesses blade quest and boethia’s daedric quest (you wont get attacked by the cultists unless you level up and then quick travel/wait out in the wilderness)

  • CrazybeetleU001

    It Should be released ASAP, Waiting to long will make people frustrated and they will play other games and hate bethesda forever. It kinda sad how bethesda is such a big company but there games are broken and they can’t seem to release dlc without microsoft paying them allowance. They are like children, get money from daddy and make broken games. But sadly this is how things are and probably won’t change cause greed is to powerful, especially for money grabbing companies.


    I say take your time and get the bugs fixed because when i first played skyrim on ps3 I was at level 40 when my game started to glitch and i just couldn’t play and couldn’t stand ti because it would take me a fricken hour to just equip one peace of armor. So it really sucked. But when the new update came my game stoped freezing and glitching up and skyrim was fun to play again and i ain’t going threw the tht again 

    so take your time and fix all the bugs but please if you are reading this talk to us and tell us when it might be released for PS3 and PC or at least tell us if it is even gonna be released for PS3 and PC and if it is tell us around when it will be released for PS3 and PC. 

  • Animelady501

    well the game itself was full of glitches still when it came out and you fixed those along the way! Do the same with the DLC! I don’t see what the problem is. xbox got it with all the possible glitches and they will eventually have to be fixed anyway so why not just release it for ps3 and pc so everyone can be glitchy together? The way the world was meant to be

  • Iceflame542

    Its built on pc already and then ported, meaning that the pc version has to be sone first before the conversion to xbox and ps3, so I dont see why it would be released any later than what was agreed upon

    • guest

      Tes used to be for PC and then ported but they changed it and Skyrim was obviously made for the 360 and ported to other consoles.

  • Stuartpeck

    A well crafted and fully working DLC released later is better than releasing now and paying for an inferior product. END 

  • Shmikadurbinn Halalulu

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:O Iwant this DLC sososoooo bad but Bethesdas gay ass is making excuses!

    • TitanicTurtles

      They can’t just push a button & make everything perfect for you. There is a procedure that they have to go along with. It takes time.

      • guest

        technically they can. (at least for the PC version) because the game was developed on the PC using the creation kit. They even accidentally gave us an update to the creation kit with all of the dawnguard files in it (they immediately pulled it from steam)

      • Zak

        Yes they can

  • AwkwardTurtle42

    It wouldn’t be as bad if Bethesda just told us what’s going on with the PS3/PC version of Dawnguard and patch 1.6 for PS3, but they haven’t, which is why all of these rumours are popping up. 🙁

    • TNT

      I agree, the only reason I am mad is because they are not communicating with us. If they told us the month or why its delayed I’d be alot happier

  • Kyle98750

    PC users i feel bad for you =[ PS3 users (including me) just play dragons dogma its a much better game with better graphics, classes, you can climb on monsters and GUESS WHAT some require tactics!!

    • JoeyJoeJoe

      Pretty sure PC users and everyone else in the world has a PS3 already.  They are like $200 bucks now and probably one of the best Bluray players on the market.  I haven’t used mine to play a game on since RDR though. 

  • Joseph_brayton

    While I’m all for fixing bugs and such, as I don’t really feel like paying the same amount for a buggy DLC as I would for a full game, if Bethesda really only did sign a 30 day exclusivity contract with Microsoft, I’d have to say, to keep back the bloodthirsty PS3 and PC players, get a large team, or several teams, on fixing any game breaking bugs there might be, get your other teams on this project fixing smaller bugs, and once those game breakers are fixed, send out the DLC and include any other bug fixes on patch 1.7 (since 1.6 basically comes as a part of Dawnguard). Those of us who have been fans of the Elder Scrolls games and, as of more recently, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, have come to expect bugs in their games, with a game this massive and good looking, it’s nigh unavoidable.

  • Pacman9

    no point rushing it! Not sure if anyone else experienced the vampirism bug in Oblivion – but it was so painful it made the game not worth playing. (and Bethesda wern’t patching the PS3 version)

    Let the Xbox users test it all for us – and we’ll hopefuly get a perfect version 🙂

    • Sreckom92

      a very good point 🙂

    • Pandorum

      What vampirism bug? I played for 5 months in total I literally played nothing else I never even updated the game no glitches at all.

      • Guest

        Hah, personally I felt vampirism was a bug in itself. Contracting it effectively meant starting anew if you didn’t have a save to go back on.

  • Nickparty

    I realy want that

  • No

    I know these are alien concepts to some but…

    1) Patience

    2) Discover the joys of the opposite/same sex

    Yeah, it sucks having to wait but complaining and threatening to boycott Bethesda isn’t going to get the DLC released any sooner, if you don’t buy it there are hundreds to thousands of others who will… So just be a little patient 😉

    • Chazman34772

      lol.cant we rage just a little and be patient after that?

    • YES

      It does suck, obviously, but some people like to post their 2 cents worth – nothing impatient about that. We have no CHOICE but to be patient, doesn’t mean we HAVE to like it or agree with it. I go back to university soon, and wanted to enjoy a summer break with beer, girls, sunshine and DAWNGUARD!!!!!!!!!!

      P.S. Sex is great, sure, but having sex all day? Not that fun (unless you are 16 and have been laid under 10 times). I just want my DLC, and I will be good to go.

  • Guest

    I believe this writer is mentally challenged.  His source is a sourceless topic on GAMEFAQS.COM, a community full of trolls.  It’s well known that they have a 30-day exclusivity deal, so they can’t legally release it until 30 days after they released this for the 360,which, I believe, was June 26.  That’d put PS3 and PC getting it July 26 at the earliest.  It’s probably not been announced because everyone can count 30 days on their fingers, so I’d be more concerned if they announced a release date that was after July 26.  This would mean that it has some pretty serious bugs on the PS3 version.

  • Dungeonheadman

    The reason why bethesda hasnt released it for the other consoles is because they are cheap as dirt, they sold out to microsoft for x amount of dollars so that they could have it all for themselves for x amount of time so that they think and so does bethesda they both will end up selling more, microsoft (xbox) will sell more because of people being impatient who own a PC version and bethesda (other consoles pc, and ps3) will sell more of the base game and the dlc because the impaitent people will want to play it asap and than get it for the pc for the mods. Just goes to show they are MONEY GRUBBING PIGS :). (that period ends my sentence but its also the drool coming out of their disgusting mouths when they see cash) Scumartists is what microsoft and bethesda higher ups are.

    • Akujimalice

       dude! relax a bit! actually there’s a completely legit reason. that’s not all beth gets. they also get a LOT of advertising from microsoft’s pocket. microsoft will plug a game they have temporary exclusives on, beth will get long term benefits. yes its a dirty tactic but blame microsoft not beth

  • Pluggedin247

    Yea same jus release the damn dlc on the 26th or 27th and call it a day, they can update it later like they will do with the xbox im tired of waitin. I mean its good that u want it to be perfect but no matter how many bugs you fix there r plenty still to fix im sure. As long as the damn things playable thats all i care about

    • Brickthegrim

      Agreed besides especially with PC version considering it will be the easiest to patch so not like bugs matter all that much.

  • I Have not been hooked on a game like Skyrim Since Grand theft Vice city. I like the old world feel of the Game and the addition of dragons and the nords. This is the first  Bethesda game I have played but it will be my last if they think I’m waiting till Sept for the DLC. PS I love that it is not an online game!

    • Theboxingcannabyte

      You really need to try out Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas (I’m currently suspending my 500+ hour Skyrim play-of which I only increased the level of the civil war and have not killd Alduin yet, so weee! the Battlegrounds mod is a MUST for epically huge battles. As well as a dozen other great mods. Anyway..)

      Fallout New Vegas is basically Skyrim (slightly different combat system and movement controls but same massive-world vibe) in (And since I live in Utah it’s extra-special for me) from Vegas to the edges of the Nevada/Utah border up into Zion. It’s relaly crazy walking down the ’86 or I-15 whn I’ve done it in real life and actually recognize certain landmarks! Although most of it has been destroyed by nuclear war and the world itself is an alternat-earth where the 50s-futuristic ideas of nuclear-powered-every and bubble-shaped and 50-space-shuttle-shaped things existed, this was it. The Chinese were the new “commies” (spookily like today) and the world effectively ended October 27th, 2077, or more correctly, the New World began…

      and thus followed the BRILLIANT Interplay/Bioware (bag in the good ol’ days of RPGs, not that Skyrim isn’t one of the best ever, and New Vegas, but these old ones are still amazing, massive, and awesome to this day) Fallout, followed by the somehow-even-better Fallout 2 (both directly linked by blood and ancestory) then, after…7 (?) years Xbox360 and the PC saw Fallout 3, in 3d, copletely re-done from the isometric view similar to Diablo, Baldurs GAte 1 and 2 (two amazing games that made Diablo look like child’s play in comparison, based off of the amazing Dungeons and Dragons World of Faerun, with Drizzt Do’Urdan probably one of the most popular fantasty characters in the world, ranking up there with Arthur, Merlin, and the like). Then we got New Vegas, just amazing. Bethesda and Bioware, two amazing companies combining their efforts into one of the most orgasmic expereinces ever.

      And of course Skyrim. I ltierally bought Diablo 3, played it for 2 hours, went back to Skyrim. Granted, I now have a respectably 90 hours in Diablo 3, but Skyrim + Fallout New Vegas are my babies.

      And Fallout, again, has awesome mods. This one woman did a mod where she created an AMAZING new companion for you (Allowing you to have an extra companion, which is awesome, much like the Skyrim mod which lets you have up to 11 companions) anyway, she voice-acted it, programmed it, got help and feedback. An awesome mini-quest that ties into a quest that was already there, a pretty major and funny one as well.

      And in both games you can be a cannibal, so that’s sweet.

      • Adamska156

        Bioware had no part in New Vegas. It was Obsidian. Completely different company that just so happened to develop KOTOR 2 when the first KOTOR was developed by Bioware. But New Vegas has a much more cohesive adventure as well as a more immersive game world than Fallout 3 had. It was probably due to the fact that a few of the guys who were apart of Obsidian used to work for Interplay when they made the first two Fallout games.

      • Callum3891

        wtf have you been doing for 500 hours if you havent killled alduin, you must be proper bad at skyrim

        • Check my reply to Adam, right below you. For answers on why. I know you were trying to pierce me with that rapier-esque wit and insult me, and indeed, my bleeding heart bled even more. Thank goodness for heartpons. So…to conclude, I am proper-awesome in my passion for Skyrim and due to my work as a shitty-wannabe-writer I am having the time of my life with a story I can write, play, play-to-write, and write-to-play and mod, mod, mod! It’s an awesome game and I cannot wait to be a vampire god.

  • Mark brown

    all in all more people are pissed about the game rather than pleased, so if they don’t do something about it at some point thier going to be screwed.
    why bring out a game with some many errors and then give us updates that don’t actaully fix it and then were guna be charged for the dlc which is guna be the exact same, bloody spastics!!

    • Bethesda has already given small free DLC as a sort of apology and the game in general now works quite well on the PS3.

      But to ask them to give away Dawnguard for free is a bit stupid, their hundred employees still need tog et paid.

  • There are still bugs in the core game that Bethesda completely ignored or didn’t bother to look for.
    Why even bother announcing the expansion if it has so many bugs.
    I’d rather not have known of it until it was stable enough, that it could be played all the way through.
    Though from my experience i haven’t seen a bug free Bethesda game since T.E.S. 3: Morrowind.    
    So don’t expect Bethesda to fix any game breaking bugs any time soon, since they never fixed the Fallout games.

  • Mjking5050

    They need to release these dlc at the same time and get out of microsofts pocket

    • Wef

      i agree. anyway, even if it was buggy, there is a console on the pc version.

  • Veerjan1115

    I hope they make Serena Killable at least. It not that I hate her but I don’t think it would be right for her to be immortal while the others can’t. I also want old bugs to be fixed too. The biggest bug for me is that followers can’t take anything from me anymore. I can’t give them ANYTHING at all. Even if I take away all their items and try to give it back, they can’t take it. It’s like their permanently over encumbered. Anyone have a fix on that?

    Anyways. For consoles, they should give us mods too. It’d be awesome. I don’t want to risk jailbreaking my ps3 just to have mods.

    • rasgrizofthevoid

      i’ve never had that problem. i make my followers carry things all the time even today. i also update thier armor often as i can. most of my followers have dedric armor now(takes for ever to get the damn hearts in this game without spending a crapo load of gold)

      • Kierandraven

         With the hearts, starting with the lowest levels, I just picked them up whenever shops stock them (which does happen), they’re not very expensive.  Also you get at least 3 of them when you do the Azuza’s Star quest and at least 2 when you do the Mehrunes Dagon quest.  They are not incredibly hard to get at all.  Also, the College at Winterhold always stocks them.

    • calum25

      Try using the wabbajack on followers. Dismiss them first and then keep using it on them until it transforms them. Then use it again to change them back. This is supposed to reset them. A method used for getting followers to level up similar to the player, which is bugged on consoles. Perhaps this will help you too?

  • Dan R.

    I think Bethesda has become lazy and arrogant! They think that just because they made a pretty good game, we will foolishly waste our time and money on their so called “DLC”! The DLC basically seemed like another patch! Dawnguard was a waste of time!

  • Mikehb681

    As soon as possible!!!! I think we’re all tired of waiting!!! Quit procrastihating Bethesda!

  • Rellik241

    It’s bullshit that they won’t give us the dlc om ps3 and pc when they can’t won’t even fix the bugs on ps3 and at least pc has all the mods to play with so I mean it’s like Bethesda doesn’t even care about ps3 users even though we gave them $60 for the game that’s more broken than an Amish electrician is pissed I mean come on Bethesda

  • Mjames28

    Some of the bugs actually make the story unplayable. I have a follower glitch that keeps me from continuing the story so I made a new character. Better to fix it and not buy something you cant finish for 20$.

  • Krzyhockeyman

    Launch on both asap

  • Addict

    Launch Dawnguard as soon as possible, in 360 the bugs i’ve seen are small so they would have time later to fix it.

    • greaper123

      i completly agree with addict  you can get around most of the glitches by simply reloading or exiting and reentering the place that you happen to be in

  • BhattiBytes

    Well I really hope they don’t wait too long as Black Ops 2 releases 11-13-12 and will surely eat up all of my free time until next summer so trying to get into SKyrim DLC will surely be a push.  I could see this as a trend for many other people playing PS3 or PC. 

  • Mark brown

    Love skyrim, awesome game but with all the crap with the bugs and now all this, it’s kind of a dissapointment.

  • None

    So glad I havnt paid for any bethesda games. Illegal downloading for the win

  • i completly disagree with greaper123 for bethesda to make a website or edit one they already have to take a poll and then wait 3 weeks for people to take the poll would be a complete waste of time when they could be working on fixing the bugs i think bethesda should add a dwemer ruin and in the back of it there are live dwemer and you can go thru a huge quest line become a dwemer unlock new perk trees new recipess in smithing and be able to make muskets and pistols and baby centurions to follow you around that would probably be the best dlc like this if you think so and if you really want to see this happen tell bethesda cuz i dunno how

    • greaper123

      i was initially thinking of next time they came out with a dlc  and besides they have tech people hired to do things like    isnt one of bethesdas best traits multitasking?

    • rasgrizofthevoid

      how would you become a dwemer? its not like becoming a vampire or werewolf which is a curse, its a different race entirely which is gone from the world. also muskets and pistols haven had ANYTHING to do with the game at all. i mean they arent even rumored in the game if you want that wait for Assassin’s Creed III. the centurions, meeting the dwemer, and maybe even the original snow elves before they became the blind falmer would awsome. maybe even a quest line to bring them back into the world. now a DLC i think would be awsome would be a second great war with the high elves.

  • greaper123

    bethesda needs to take  poll and see how many want it early an how many want it after the bugs are fixed    personally i think that the release date for all three of the platforms should be stated up front as soon as the dlc is announced this would get rid of a lot of confusion

  • Johnf

    To other Skyrim players who don’t own Damguard yet, I bought the “DLC” about a week after its release. It is NOT what Bethesda cracked it up to be! Sure Skyrim got some new features, sure some of them are pretty cool, but the content delivered was NOT up to par. We were promised a DLC pack that would add tons of new things to the game, this was a falsehood! I waited, you waited months to use DLC and what do we get? A couple new spells, abilities, and locations! So what! Bethesda had said that this DLC would almost “mirror” an expansion pack; it doesn’t! The only thing the DLC expanded was my general dissatisfaction with Bethesda! So to PC and PS3 gamers, and even some Xbox players, this DLC was a major let-down! Don’t waster your money! Bethesda has lead us on again!

    • Bane

      I agree. It was a total fail. Most of the content and tweaks delivered were available via mods within weeks of Skyrims release date.

  • Dovahkiin

    Its also because microsoft/xbox makes the users pay money for online privileges…So that gives them a option to make a contract with the product’s maker to get it first than anyware else 🙁 unfortunally, PS3 owners you’ll get this products later…but you dont have to be mad because atleast you get to play online for FREE 🙂
                  A Gamer,

  • Dfkdkddsdkd

    More bugs? Glad I avoided this garbage.

    • Guest

      Bethesda sucks when it comes to the technical area. They also suck when it comes to stories. Also combat in their games are always atrocious. I don’t see what the big fuss over Skyrim is. After a few hours, you see that it’s nothing special. The wow factor of dragons flying fades after a few hours too once you see that they’re just giant flying rats who are easy to beat. There’s much better games on the market such as Dark Souls, The Witcher 2 and even Dragon’s Dogma (which handles everything better than Skyrim).

      • Guest1

        every game is gonna have technical problems bugs and everything and i agree tht they need to do need to do something new like harder boss battles for high level characters, but we all know that waiting 2 months for a dlc to fix bugs is stupid. 

      • Rasgriztaylor

        i think your a little to [issed with this. skyrim is a good game. it has problems yes but all games do. as far as stroylines go bethesda made a nice story line for fallout 3 and new vegas i think. also the DLCs for both of them i loved, i mean hell throughout the entire game and all of the DLCs for new vegas they fed you rumors of the “the man of the divide” and finally let you face and maybe kill him. i am sorry your overly upset with skyrim but thats no reason to come onto a skyrim forum and dis it purely to promote other games.

      • Kyle98750

        I agree with you completely. Skyrim is very repetitive and easy. I think dragons dogma kills skyrim, monsters require tactics, the landscape looks better even though its smaller, and most of all classes and real abilities along with a better questline.

  • In the case of Dawnguard as Skyrim DLC, what PS3/PC user can possibly be against X360 users getting it first anyways? They’re the ones having to pay to beta test; if anything, the X360 users should probably be mad they’re practically having to sort out all the bugs, suckers.

    • Bryant Nguyen

       dawnguard will be released on july 26 2012

      • Nooooooo


      • Willy81293

        thats thirty days from xbox idiot…. that is what this whole article is about!

  • Jacob Bielema

    It must of really paid to let down the other half of Microsoft’s players, concerning the pc. I just don’t get that, are they angry at rival companies in the pc? Did they just not want to look bias in front of the PS3 gamers? I don’t think it helps, but Microsoft just only cares about the X-Box, and those paying to play!

  • Jacob Bielema

    I just want the damn dlc! Sophomore year is gonna keep me busy, I want a little summer play before cramming for stinking tests! No one will ever win in this console war! Release patches for it!

  • Bonesc33

    I don’t think Bethesda has even finished the pc and ps3 versions of dawnguard which would explain why they’re still not saying anything about it, in my opinion (emphasis on MY OPINION) they should have completed all three versions before they released the 360 version at all so that people who don’t own a 360 will atleast know when to expect it.

    • J.M.Davis

       That can’t be it. They released it for xbox, which means its developed, at least for that. Really there can’t be much more that needs to be done to it beyond a UI set up for the ps3 and pc, but that shouldn’t take so long, if it did we wouldn’t see games released on all three systems at the same time as frequently as they are.

      If anything, my guess is that this is some attempt to get a lot of people to pay attention to them so that when they do release it for those two systems, it will sell insanely well, similarly to how Blizzard posts new upcoming content for games on their sites whenever their hit counts drop. And because this will likely work, it won’t matter how many people they piss off.

  • oGSpY

    The article asks “Would you rather Bethesda launch Dawnguard on the PS3/PC as soon as possible, or would you like to see current bugs fixed first?”. My answer to this is yes, I would like to see bugs Dawnguard caused/created fixed before it is released on PS3/PC.

    The problem with that theory is that Bethesda won’t do that because of a reason you cited in a previous article you created/speculated on. They want to save money so they will wait and not fix any bugs on any system until patch 1.07 because they don’t want to make Xbox 360 players and Microsoft “jealous” that we got bug fixes before them with our release of Dawnguard and they would have to wait at the earliest for patch 1.07.

    I could be wrong though, Bethesda could be planning to release 1.07 on the PS3 with the contents of 1.06 included on/around the release of Dawnguard on the PS3, in turn they would release patch 1.07 for the 360 at the same time.

    Disclaimer: The third paragraph I made was using the logic of Daniel Chubb(author of this article and the previous Skyrim article), and I don’t believe any of that will really happen. I personally think that “patch 1.07” which will fix some of Dawnguard’s bugs will be released to everyone a few weeks/months after PS3 has received the bug filled DLC and patch 1.06.

    • Seeing as we’re already on patch 1.6 it might be hard to go backwards to a 1.06 version, ya know ? 🙂

      • oGSpY

        The PS3 version of patch 1.06 has not been released yet. I really have no idea what you are referring to, I never said that we would have to “go backwards to a 1.06 version”. I said in the third paragraph that the PS3 would not even release and Bethesda would simply update it to version 1.07 when Dawnguard is released to PS3 which would include all the 1.06 fixes and the fixes for the Dawnguard DLC that the article cited. At the same time PC would get the 1.07 patch with the PC launch of Dawnguard and the 1.07 patch would include the Dawnguard fixes because PC already has the 1.06 patch. On the Xbox 360 side it would upgrade to 1.07 at the same time when the other systems update to it with their release of Dawnguard. But I did put a disclaimer on the third paragraph because I don’t believe any of that will really happen, I was simply pointing out what would happen if the “logic” this article is written on is used by Bethesda.

  • Lampshade

    This type of bs makes me not even want to buy it..
    I understand that Xbox users pay for this stuff but how do you know when the dlc is ready for ps3 if you don’t let us try it. What I’m trying to say is that it will have other issues on the ps3 and pc so the earlier release the better and if it’s over the 30day exclusive I’m not going to buy this because they can give it to us now but they have a contract for early releases on Xbox. Anymore then that 30days would be like spitting in the customers face. They can release future updates for it. I’m grateful that they want it perfect but I really wanted the vampire lord so I can glide over the water without a game freeze.

  • james

    they better release it before school starts because school f**ks up my day between homework and 9am – 3:30pm in the sh*thole which means i’d never have time to play it.

  • TESlover

    Some of you guys are wondering why PS3 users and PC users get a lot of things late. Microsoft uses some of the money from Xbox Live Gold to pay developers to release it on Xbox 360 first. Bethesda happens to be one of those developers. Its why we Xbox users buy Xbox Live gold. It is expnesive to pay $60 versus free PSN but when we are getting a lot of new content earlier than PSN, it balances it out for some of us.

    • TheRealTimewarp

      It’s still insane to except us PS3/PC Gamers to wait. This time it’s ok because Bethesda have actually stated that the PS3/PC will eventually get the content but this isn’t the first time Bethesda have made exclusive DLC for a multiformat game. The last time we PS3 Gamers had no idea when we’d get the Fallout 3 content.

      Bethesda weren’t even planning on releasing it to the PS3 before they found out how many people who owned PS3s wanted it. I don’t hate Microsoft, I hate bethesda because they can be back-stabbing greedy douches when they want to be to everyone involved. I say everyone since they screwed over Microsoft when they claimed the Fallout 3 DLC was exclusive to 360 and then back tracked when they worked out how much money they could make. As long as Bethesda state the DLC is a timed exclusive and that I can play it on my PS3 eventually then I’m fine.

    • Yeah, sure… but if the modding community wanted, they could’ve ensured something on the scale of Dawnguard being released for PC, and it’d be 200% free. (Which does happen, go look at all the mods on the Nexus – plenty to equate to entire expansion packs.)

  • Rogerjoseph6969

    They will never iron out all the bugs.. That’s not possible.

  • Dr Chilly

    they should release it as soon as possible just so ps3 and pc users could get a good taste and then work hard to create patches and fix the bugs,i’d be rly dissapointed if they released it on september plus  school starts at that time so i wont be able to buy it

  • Salvation

    Actually, if they released it on PC “as soon as possible” the modding community could most likely easily patch up whatever bugs are there.

    From what i’ve seen, from mainstream reviewers only, there’s not *that* many bugs. 

    Not sure about the PS3 though.

  • Prof X

    I’d much rather wait for the bugs to be fixed. Glitches are always frustrating and interfer with game play.

  • Andrew

    the fact that there are all these new bugs in dawnguard shouldn’t mean that pc and ps3 users should have to wait an extra 2 months to get this dlc. i’m a big skyrim fan but after 7 months of playing i’ve got 3 characters around level 65 and have found myself doing the same quest over and over. pc users are fine cause they can mod skyrim but ps3 user are stuck with the same content. Bethesda should pull it together and stop screwing the ps3 users.

    • Alec C M

      i agree

      • Ludvrfjdbtsn

        Hope Ben gets hit by a bus

    • Ben

       Get a real gaming platform… which is a PC

      • TheRealTimewarp

        Why the need to be like that? Their all gaming platforms Ben.

      • poop

        no thanks pc is crap

  • Dmaul97

    Release on PS3 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!! I think I speak for most of Skyrim players when I say; I’d rather have dawnguard now than wait to months for them to fix the stitching on some guys shirt. And if Bethesda doesn’t release the game before kids are back in school, they will lose a TON of customers.

    • RC

      Exactly! I second that notion as well. I still dont get why they cant release the dlc on same days for the ps3 and xbox. I have never got that. But if the dlc doesnt come out before school starts, like you said, im probably going to give up on this.

      • Grizzlehound1

        its because microsoft pay for a early release

        • poihfpda

          They paid for 30 days

      • Nathanael Della Ventura

        It’s because Microsoft PAYS to have it exclusive for first month. From they way this sounds, though, probably more.

        • TheRealTimewarp

           I’ll never get why though from the looks of message boards, nobody who owns a PS3/PC buys a 360 and a copy of the game on the 360, they mostly just get pissed off and rant about Microsoft. So how much sales are they making anyway? Otherwise Microsoft is wasting away tons of money just to piss off 360/PS3 owners and as great as that might sound to some of the bigger 360 fanboys, it’s still wasted money.

        • Nathanael Della Ventura

          “I’ll never get why though from the looks of message boards, nobody who owns a PS3/PC buys a 360 and a copy of the game on the 360, they mostly just get pissed off and rant about Microsoft. “You spend money to make money, as it were. If you own a PS3 or PC, why would you buy a 360 to get one game a month earlier? I have no idea how you came to that conclusion. Not to mention what your saying seems like opinion to begin with.

          “So how much sales are they making anyway? Otherwise Microsoft is wasting away tons of money just to piss off 360/PS3 owners and as great as that might sound to some of the bigger 360 fanboys, it’s still wasted money.”

          It’s all personal preference. If you like Bethesda games, you’d probably by a 360 to get exclusives a month earlier. Simple as that. If you like other usually PS3 exclusive games, you’d get a PS3. Wouldn’t you?
          In any case, I doubt M$ would spend money to lose money as they have done this many times before. They are a company, some people just can’t come to terms with that.

          I’m a PC user. Console isn’t my preference if you dare say I’m a “fanboy.”

        • TheRealTimewarp

           Nah, fanboy’s just a throw away insult for when people can’t come up with good points (myself included) the thing is though I can’t imagine how those kind of exclusive could make Microsoft more money and really I don’t think that should be how things go. If something is multiformat then you buy the game excepting the content to be multicontent including the DLC.

          Yeah sure the content comes to PS3 but it’s usually a year or so after. I’m ok with a few months but in the past it’s been ages. I like Bethesda games but I like playing Bethesda games on my PS3, it seems like their punishing me for my choice of console which I know isn’t true it’s the money but it doesn’t make it any less annoying.

          The above content I admit isn’t fact, I’ve done no surveys or actual research on the matter but from what I see. The point I’m getting at is that Microsoft spend out tons of money for this content so in order to gain profit from the DLC they really need it to outweigh the money they spent. Considering how much the DLC costs they still need the majority of the games audience to go for the 360 version based on the extra DLC. That’s quite a big risk considering the possibly return.

          What I can’t come to terms with is how there isn’t something Microsoft would consider more worthy of spending their money on. Perhaps buying out another studio so they can have more variety, gaining more exclusives. The extra content isn’t exclusive long enough for it to matter to Microsoft. The only thing they seem to cause is annoying gamers like me and I don’t think MS can cash in my anger at the bank.

        • Nathanael Della Ventura

          “Nah, fanboy’s just a throw away insult for when people can’t come up with good points (myself included) the thing is though I can’t imagine how those kind of exclusive could make Microsoft more money and really I don’t think that should be how things go. If something is multiformat then you buy the game excepting the content to be multicontent including the DLC.”

          Like I said, they’ve been doing it for awhile. If it didn’t make any money, they wouldn’t be doing it? I dislike it as much as you do (more or less), but they aren’t the only ones doing it and I doubt they’ll stop any time soon.

          “Yeah sure the content comes to PS3 but it’s usually a year or so after. I’m ok with a few months but in the past it’s been ages. I like Bethesda games but I like playing Bethesda games on my PS3, it seems like their punishing me for my choice of console which I know isn’t true it’s the money but it doesn’t make it any less annoying.”

          It’s debatable how long it’s going to take for DLC to come to PS3, but I doubt it’s going to take a year. I agree, for the most part, though. I play Skyirm on my PC and I’ll probably be waiting as long as you will for this DLC. Still, I’m not going to stress over not having it at this very moment. Gladly, I have mods to play around with and some other games.I do see is that they may have concentrated solely on the 360 development for this DLC for it to be exclusive. This could be the reason why it’s now passed do.

          “The above content I admit isn’t fact, I’ve done no surveys or actual research on the matter but from what I see. The point I’m getting at is that Microsoft spend out tons of money for this content so in order to gain profit from the DLC they really need it to outweigh the money they spent. Considering how much the DLC costs they still need the majority of the games audience to go for the 360 version based on the extra DLC. That’s quite a big risk considering the possibly return.”

          Returning to the subject just talked about, I’ll say again. They’ve done it many times before. If it wasn’t lucrative, they likely would have stopped. Wouldn’t you think?Your right, you or I do not know how much they make off of exclusive content and we can’t really know. So, when you say it’s a “big risk considering the possibly return”, how do you know? There is nothing to outweigh if they already know considering they’ve done it before. You keep revolving around the same subject, no offence, but it’s somewhat obvious it makes them money regardless of how you feel. They are making money off it and have been. 

          “What I can’t come to terms with is how there isn’t something Microsoft would consider more worthy of spending their money on. Perhaps buying out another studio so they can have more variety, gaining more exclusives. The extra content isn’t exclusive long enough for it to matter to Microsoft. The only thing they seem to cause is annoying gamers like me and I don’t think MS can cash in my anger at the bank.”

          I doubt Microsoft doesn’t have other things making them more money, including other “studios”. For example, Splinter Cell: Conviction was also an exclusive and so is Halo. Not to mention XBOX is easiest do develop on and some devs just prefer it. Halo was, and probably still will be, lucrative for Microsoft. (However, Halo 4 might be on PS3 too! Never know.) Plus, Sony lost a couple of their own exclusives. Tekken, Devil May Cry, GTA, Assassins Creed, and FF. Pretty sure those are some of them. I’m not saying Sony is dying or anything (doubt that, actually), but you can’t deny M$ is making money off of that.

          Not sure where your trying to take this, but Microsoft makes money off of exclusives. Even if you don’t like it. All about the money, in the end. But who are we to say? We only buy what comes to us and hope we can get better.

        • TheRealTimewarp

           I get that Microsoft needs to make money but I’d rather they make money from actual exclusives and not from taking away content from the games I like.

        • poihfpda

          The DLC sales generate nothing compared to the millions they waste on early or exclusive content it is indeed a miss guided marketing scheme they think that it will draw people to buy a 360 and buy another after it RROD’s MS if memory serves get around 5% of the income generated from the DLC for hosting it even if everyone on the 360 got dawnguard they would still make a loss its idiotic but they think it works.

          Buying up studios something else they have done in the past to gain exclusives like Halo that generates more income and an actual profit from sales they are wasting money MS are all about the profit hence why the 360 has so many problems it was rushed like dawnguard Bethesda are all about the money not the fans but they neglect over two thirds of their fans (more profit) for a quick few million from MS

        • TheRealTimewarp

          @0501235d24c2d802f0e0f89623d44a73:disqus That’s actually what I’m getting at. If I thought the exclusive DLC that Microsoft got their hands on actually made any money I’d understand but that’s under the impression people are going to buy a 360 and the 360 version based solely on that DLC.

          What is really getting to me is that this is all around greed and the key figure behind all the greed isn’t even getting what they want. Money. They spend all this money out so they can have higher sales and then the only end result is that PS3 and PC fans miss out long amounts of time (Microsoft don’t make hardware ONLY software such as Microsoft Office – not for you poihfpda just people reading who feel the need to try and point out that MS own computers)

          And it’s annoying because it shows how annoying Sony can be as well, you kinda except them to try and react to MS doing this but nope, they go and ruffle through Nintendo’s bins and come out with some cocky response on principle and how they don’t sink that low, I mean of course you don’t Sony after all Nintendo doesn’t sink that low and as the saying goes “We do what Nintendoes”

  • You guys are a bit overly focused on Skyrim eh?

    • what gave you that impression? most people prefer games where you dont play some idiot online