GTA V contenders lack past

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 8, 2012

We’ve seen a number of articles looking at the competition Grand Theft Auto 5 will face and while there are some amazing games on the way, Sleeping Dogs being one of them, most of these games lack the past Grand Theft Auto has and some people feel none can meet the expected sales for GTA V.

Activision hinted at the unstoppable force of GTA V – June of last year saw Activision’s CEO, Eric Hirshberg, explain exactly why they had to cancel True Crime: Hong Kong, which later became known as Sleeping Dogs once Square Enix bought the rights for publishing. Hirshberg explained last year that competition in open world games reached new heights, and “became stiffer“. This meant that only the biggest games in this genre succeed with Grand Theft Auto being the biggest, and the CEO named that franchise directly as a reason for canceling True Crime: Hong Kong.

Hirshberg didn’t see that the game could be a “blockbuster“, especially not on the scale of the upcoming GTA V, although most gamers agree the renamed “Sleeping Dogs” looks beautiful. You can see a screenshot from Sleeping Dogs above, and also the “GSP: Master Fighter” video below this article that has only just released. This game will let you explore the world of Hong Kong and hopes to find its place in a market owned by GTA. Sleeping Dogs has a US release date of August 14, 2012.

Are there any real GTA V contenders? While Sleeping Dogs looks amazing it won’t come anywhere near GTA V in terms of sales, and this is thanks to the brand that Grand Theft Auto has become over the years. Sleeping Dogs can have a piece of the cake and grow over time, with a lot of luck, but even if it launches with some improvements on GTA it still lacks the following built over years.

Another so-called contender is Watch Dogs, which looks amazing as well, but again it lacks the vital fan base that GTA 5 will launch with for instant success. It’s great to see new games launching like Sleeping Dogs and Watch Dogs, but it would take a major development disaster with GTA 5 to claim anywhere near the sales.

Did Activision do the right thing last year by dropping True Crime: Hong Kong, now known as Sleeping Dogs, or does this game stand a chance for sales success next to Grand Theft Auto 5?

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  • Skatermgee

    Well, you do have Saints Row. But that’s for a different type of open world sandbox player. That game is more about the fun and goofieness. GTA is story based and character driven. But I think Saints Row could be a contender.

  • Schredd_schecter

    Activision, I believe, made the right choice by dropping their newest True Crime: Hong Kong. Its obvious who has the upper hand in not only open world rpg but also 3rd person gaming in general, and that is R*
    I personally think Activisions’ decision is quite respectable, there is no contender when it comes to 3rd person OWRPG and for them to acknowledge that and cut their own losses before they take an even bigger loss in not only sales but also reputation. When a company like Activision releases a game like TC as a contender against a game like Rockstars’ Grand Theft Auto they have got to be certain they are gonna pack a punch with that release because if they don’t that belittles their image as a company. Obviously they would like to be taken seriously.

  • sheesh

    GTA isn’t popular just because it has history. There is a lot of thought that goes into a GTA game. The number one thing a GTA game has going for it, is it’s environment. You want to explore it. you want to go down every alley, street and path. There are things going on in a GTA game that blend so well, that if you weren’t careful, you’d never notice. Street conversations, NPC interactions and other activity that can be seen when exploring the world. I’m a fan of many open world titles but R* does it the best. They have games that I play over and over even years after they are released. The list of other reasons GTA is king, would lead to a massive wall of text. There is no other similar game that gives you even half the experience of  GTA.

    • inostuff

      Take a look at watchdogs it is beast but like u said gta v beats all but im getting both gta v n watchdogs