Blending iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 8, 2012

What happens when you take the best from confirmed specs of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and mix them with expectations of Apple’s iPhone 5? The concept video below this article has been created with this thought in-mind, which looks at a world where Samsung and Apple actually work together on a joint handset. This is never going to happen, but it does make an interesting concept design.

The video has only been uploaded to YouTube 3 days ago, but has already seen almost 300,000 views and this is increasing fast, which is in part due to what this phone could provide by taking the best from two of the most popular smartphones in 2012. Considering the amount of ideas borrowed from each other in the phone industry, this concept could one day become a reality, or at least in China anyway.

You can clearly see that the 3D rendering has “designed by Apple” on the back, but would also see a partnership with Samsung in an idealistic world. We like the Apple logo with an “S” in the middle, which is a nice touch to symbolize the partnership for this concept design. The phone has been named iSung, although we’d love to know your thoughts on this concept after watching the video below?

Apple recently confirmed they like to watch competitors and learn from them, which is why they’re late with new technology sometimes and develop it in a way that benefits from the market research of other brands. It is expected that Apple will not include NFC in the iPhone 5, so they can learn from those that use this technology way before them. Apple’s success is undeniable and comes from the way the company innovates by packaging their products in a unique way that meets user needs, which had been seen with the launch of the first iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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  • larry

    what up about insurance issues when you get an iPhone

  • Slockett1892

    This phone is going to be hot! I can believe it, samsung makes everything anyway

  • Ricrud76

    No widgets so i am out!

  • Iamyourdad

    Is this the confirmed design of the iphone 5?

  • Jackman0912

    The thoughts to merge the concepts prove how similar they really are and that proves that Samsung copied Apple.

    • Justin

      Yes because apple never copied anyone else right?
      Companys have always and will always develop others ideas, it’s a fact of business get over it.

    • Nglezerjones

      Hasn’t Apple just admitted that they like to watch their competitors to see what they do and then they put the technology in. This is the best example I have ever seen of one company admitting that they copy their compeitors products. How innovative is that !!! They may have almost 9 million patents but anyone can pie in the sky, putting it into practice that is the real test. Apple have just told their followers that they are not ready to implement the latest tech. Apple 0 the Rest 1. 

  • Billybob

    The video looked like all the stuff an iPhone can’t do. That’s why Android is so popular.  There’s no need to attempt to merge the 2 phones as we already have Android. 

    • trob6969


      • Mmikenine87

        Yeah! Android rules, but still an iPhone user.