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iPhone 5 learns from rivalry

It has been known for some time that Apple is rarely first to market with some new technology, but Apple fans always state that they bring products to market repackaged in an innovative way. Android users might have something to say about that, although we’re finally hearing from Apple regarding their opinion that being “number two” is just fine, which is what they’ll do with some specs for the iPhone 5 when it sees a release later this year.

Phil Schiller explained in an interview recently that Apple were happy with competitors fighting over “mobile-payment” options, and it is not Apple’s plan to do that right now. Their approach of waiting to see what new technology does has certainly paid off over the years, which is seen with the success of Apple globally, and Schiller gives us more insight by stating their “competitors” perform “market research” for them.

The iPhone 5 launching with certain features missing – after looking at the comments Schiller made, seen in this WSJ article, we can see that the iPhone 5 is likely to release without NFC when it gets a date this Fall. Apple will be happy to launch iOS 6 with their new Passport app, which lacks many features seen in Google’s Wallet app with NFC support, but this is fine according to Schiller. Apple will play the watching game and see how the technology unfolds through 2012-2013, and then are likely to launch an iPhone 6 with a mobile payment solution that far improves on Android’s offering.

For users that want to buy an iPhone 5 this year it means you got to expect some innovation from past technology, but also the latest innovations might be missing, because Apple want to do it better after watching the competitors for a while.

Have a read of the above WSJ article and let us know what you think about Apple’s wait and see approach to new technology? If the iPhone 5 lacks NFC is it really a big deal? You can also read a recent rumor surrounding Apple using a Samsung processor rather than the A6 chip, which can be seen in this article, although this seems a little unlikely to us.



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