GTA V meets doom and gloom analysts

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 7, 2012

Whenever we report a story we always try and look at the positive aspects, if there is any, although it seems that most analysts have a cup half empty and prefer the negative outlook. When it comes to Grand Theft Auto V and predicting sales it seems this is something most analysts agree on, and they’re expecting impressive sales but not enough to stop pressure pushing gaming sales down.

Analysts Colin Sebastian, Jesse Divnich, and Michael Pachter on GTA V and gaming industry – Within the last 24 hours we’ve heard from a number of analysts that paint a very negative outlook for sales of games in 2012, and even if GTA V had a release date this year it looks like this would not be enough to help the market, but where does the blame lie?

In a nutshell these analysts state that E3 had been a disappointment this year, not sure if they saw Watch Dogs and Halo 4, but they did put GTA V on a pedestal while making doom and gloom predictions. If the next GTA arrives this year the predictions for the gaming industry are bad, but if we don’t see a release date until 2013 then they state we should expect shocking figures.

EEDAR analyst, Jesse Divnich, had this to say about video games sales so far this year and also the impact of GTA 5:

Colin Sebastian is another analyst that looked at the industry as a whole and also the likelihood of GTA V seeing a launch in 2012, and he is “not confident” it will happen, but states there will be a “modest decline” in PS3 and Xbox 360 sales even if we receive the next Grand Theft Auto this year.

You can read other comments from analysts in this article, which includes a few words from the controversial Michael Pachter. He has made a number of gaming predictions that hit the spot, but others have been way off target. It seems his prediction of GTA V helping with $700m in sales could be spot on, although Pachter explains this would not help enough considering how much the industry is trending downwards.

We’re not a fan of doom and gloom analysts, the reason we love looking at possible ideas for the next GTA, but this news paints a positive picture for GTA V and how the franchise stands out from the crowd. Some gamers say the blame lies with a major financial crisis the world is facing, others point to the lack of decent releases in 2012, but where do you think it all went wrong this year with video games?

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  • Mattzoid87

    skyrim, uncharted 3, batman arkym city, assasins creed revelations, gears of war 3, dead island, battlefield 3…..mw3 was really the only disappointment!

    • duke1995

      MW3 was the only good game from that list. and btw im not a cod fanboy

  • Tyler

    The mayans were right, game sale numbers are crashing down around us!

  • At least analysts like michael pachter have shut up about the release date 

  • Randomguy

    I think one of the main reasons sales have gone down is because of Call of Duty. Last year the hype over MW3 was incredible and lots of people were probably buying consoles so that they could see what all the hype was about. But this year the hype (and expectations) over Black Ops 2 seems, in my opinion, smaller. So I think that everyone is waiting a bit to see what the final game will be like before they go buying a console. Although with titles such as Assassin’s Creed 3 and Halo 4 coming out later this year i’m a bit surprised at the drop.

  • Shaunb

    2013 will be the year of the game. So many solid releases will help everyone forget about the dismal year that was…..2012.