Xbox Live not down for all, status fine in UK

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 6, 2012

Over the last 4 hours we have been reviewing Skyrim Dawnguard on the Xbox 360 and while this game doesn’t need online we have been signing into Xbox Live, which had been for a number of reasons over the last few hours. This led us to be totally surprised to hear news about Xbox Live being down for gamers, which we can see in the last few hours is an issue affecting selected users and services.

We can confirm Microsoft has certainly had problems with keeping Xbox Live online for everyone and there are also a lack of status updates on social channels, which started around 3 hours ago with confirmation via the official Twitter account for Xbox Support. They confirmed the Xbox Live outage with a simple tweet that explained Microsoft were aware of the issues, and they said the problem is being investigated actively. The tweet had been followed with another just an hour after, which told gamers to “hang in there” although that Twitter page has been silent over the last 3 hours.

The outage did not affect everyone and that included our connection, although Microsoft has not confirmed how many people are affected or how long it will be before the service is fully fixed? Considering there has been no more tweets stating everything is back up and running, we have to believe there are still issues being resolved.

How has your Xbox Live connection been today? Are you experiencing any outages? It’s worth noting we are currently using Xbox Live in the UK and the status is fine, so if you have problems please let us know what area of the world you’re in and we’ll try and find out more from Microsoft.

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    my son cant sign in. his brother can on his xbox live. 28/7/2012. keeps say xbox live connection lost. HELP

  • Joshypark99

    mines been down 4 a day  still not fixed  and i live in the uk

  • Westhamarmy

    I’ve been signed in all night but lost conn’ to xboxlive around 0030. after 5-6 attempts I managed to sign in but cannot play online and my friends list is now totally empty!!! I’m just north of Luton UK

  • Rakaa

    Mine has been down for about 4-5 hours now and I am from NW England.

  • Kymbabe1985

    hi there mine went down earlier but was only out for 1 hour i got it back on just 15 mins ago, i had 2 xboxs in the house running and both went out and both came back on the same time… i am in the uk xx