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Surprise iPhone 5 with Samsung chip

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 on top of the Android spectrum right now, all eyes are on Apple and whether they will be unleashing a new iteration of the iPhone to coincide with the release of iOS 6 this Fall.

If we were to believe all of the constant rumors, a new iPhone is coming and one that carries a display screen bigger than the one seen on the iPhone 4S. A processor upgrade is finally expected as well and although it is likely that we’ll see Apple use a quad-core processor for their next iPhone, it may not be the A6 chip that many of you thought.

Instead, fresh reports this week are suggesting that Apple may even be planning to use Samsung’s own quad-core Exynos processor in the iPhone 5, the very same chip that powers devices such as the international Galaxy S3. With all the bad blood swirling around at the moment due to patent battles between the two giants, would it be a major surprise if Apple then turns to Samsung to supply a key component for the device that is likely going to result in a loss of Galaxy S3 sales?

After Apple has successfully managed to ban the Galaxy Nexus in the US, you would have thought that Samsung wouldn’t want to help Apple in the slightest. But as we’ve seen in the past, Samsung has shown that their trade as a component supplier doesn’t have any bearing on current events so don’t be surprised if this becomes a reality.

If Digitimes is right and Apple are using a quad-core Samsung chip for the iPhone 5, then what fate will come of the elusive A6 chip? Perhaps Apple will introduce that with their rumored 7-inch iPad which will go head to head with Google’s recently announced Nexus 7 tablet.

Would you be surprised if Apple opted for the Exynos chip, instead of an Apple built processor like the A6?



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