Skyrim Dawnguard brings Serana affection

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 6, 2012

When we first started playing Skyrim it didn’t enter our mind about getting married, although as you progress through the game and hear about benefits like a free house it starts to appeal to you. Then you start to look around at the lovely ladies, or men, within Skyrim and think about marriage. Most gamers have a favorite from this world and when we first started playing the Skyrim DLC, Dawnguard, we couldn’t help but like the sound of Serana even if she is a vampire.

Choosing between the vampires and Dawnguard in Skyrim – we posted a few days ago about the moment you have to make a choice in Dawnguard, if you don’t want to read any spoilers then stop reading and jump to the comments, and we decided to hunt vampires but this choice had been harder thanks to Serana. We wanted to play the good part in Dawnguard, which meant hunting vampires, but at the same time being on the opposite side of Serana didn’t sound like fun considering how nice she looked and sounded. You can of course create another save file and play Dawnguard a different way in the future, which is recommended for getting the most out of the DLC.

We continued on our path of helping the Dawnguard and started recruiting friends to join the battle against the vampires, and after a few quests the good news is Serana returned and plans to help the Dawnguard thanks to her father, the vampire lord Harkon, turning evil over the years thanks to a desire to control the sun and make the vampires much stronger.

The choice to join the vampires or Dawnguard had been made before the Skyrim DLC released, for a number of players, but we wonder how many gamers had their minds changed after helping Serana escape? Let us know if this happened to you and also your feelings about Serana, do you love or hate her character?

Interestingly there have been massive forum threads started on the subject of Serana and how some people hate her, and compare her to their wife in Skyrim. This shows that Bethesda has succeeded when it comes to immersing gamers inside a world that lets you explore mountains, get married, cook food, create armor and weapons, buy a house, and a lot more. Now that we’re heading towards next-generation hardware we hope that more developers create something worthwhile like Skyrim, rather than loads of yearly made for profit titles.

If you have played Skyrim Dawnguard share your feelings about Serana, is she your new favorite lady of Skyrim? If you’re a PS3 player that has been following the news surrounding Dawnguard, then let us know if you want to be part of the vampires or Dawnguard when the DLC launches for you later this month.

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  • #1Player

    Found this thread by accident but glad I did. Serana is the best. When I took her back to her house and found out what that’s all about I was thinking why didn’t I just kill that chick but she’s really grown on me.

  • jo

    Personally, I thought Serana was just a wet dream made up for the male players. Its unfortunate that a lot of the other characters (especially in the Dawnguard) did not have as much depth, or should I say detail – depth is a bit too flattering.

    • #1Player

      There is nothing better than people who join a thread just to demean most of the people on it. They are almost as good as people who point out that a fantasy game has some fantasy in it.

  • Dubsteper

    I would get married to serana because she is really the only one who doesn’t have the personality of a dead giraffe

  • Tcorvin15

    Serana all the way. She is a great companion to have above all possible ones because most of the time and if something wants to kill you she’ll kill it before it gets a chance too. If I could marry her I would. XD

  • ps3sucks

    hahahahahahaaaa ps3 still cant get it

  • dave

    serena is the best. want her as wife

  • Tonyjosefowicz

    Please note that I did not find this, and am not taking ay credit for it but simply spreding the word. You don’t have to choose between Serana and another companion if you want the other still. Follow these instructions to have Serana and any other companion you want:
    You must have already gotten the moth preist (dosent matter what side your on as long as you freed him.
    Make sure Serana refuses to leave you, and go to the companions. (Note: must not have done the quest “proving honor”) and talk to farkas.
    It will say your follower has left your service, but Serana dosent leave she stays and follows like normal.
    Finish proving honor and find the desired companion you wish to have (your companion slot is read as empty and can recruit any one.
    You now have 2 companions and a beast as well. I have no idea if this lasts when the DG quests are finished but you will have her and the other companion.

  • chance

    I love serana she’s a great follower and an even better friend I wish u could marry her

    • Brandonthenicholl

      hopefully in the future they’ll make a patch that allows u 2 marry her but not go thru the raguler temple of mara wedding make it like some sort of vampire ritual that lets u marry her

  • Dovawho

    too bad i am already married to Aela, we are both werewolfs…but werewolf+vampire lord, sound like underworld 😛

  • Dovahkiin216

    I love serana but I don’t think you can marry her so that sucks

  • Dragonborn

    I’m not gonna marry anyone, I know it’s a dream but hey I’ll wait to see if maybe Beth allows the marriage lol 🙂 really the best follower ever!

    P.s. do any of you lovely people believe they will patch plus are there gonna be more dlcs ?

    • Dodgermcc1

      Yes there will be more Dlc a rumour if ine called hearthfire in september and one in febuary and supposedly microsoft has yhe exclusivity same as dawnguard and as for the patch they might add it as there will be a patch not too soon after ps3 realese

    • Tonyjosefowicz

      Yes there will be more DLC’s, if you look closely at certen parts in Dawnguard you will see the subtle hints of more what’s coming next. There might be more snowelves somewhere in nirn that you go help or kill or whatever, you might return to Atmora the birthplace of the nords (despite it being an un-inhabbitable frozen waste land) there might be peices of the past there that need taking care of, there might be another dragonborn somewhere who you can get as a companion or have as an enemy (that would be one EPIC boss fight) or UMBRA!!!!, might come back and be used by the ideal masters to steal the soul of the one the empire has forsaken, and umbra is the only tool capable of doing the job. The possibilitys are everywhere and I am bouncing in my seat while I’m writing this just thinking about it! XD

  • Sparticle66

    With Serana, Bethesda has finally started to inject more personality and dialogue into the companions. We sometimes spend hundreds of hours with these companions. The fact that in Skyrim and Fallout, the companions are given only half a dozen lines of dialogue is a gross oversight on their part. At least Serana is a step in the right direction, comenting occasionally on her surroundings and situation. Plus she’s gorgeous and has a sweet voice, which makes dungeon crawling a lot less lonely.

    • Tonyjosefowicz

      I agree, I went back with some other partners (Mjoll, aela, farkas, that wizard guy in riften, the mercenary in windhelm, etc.) To see what the had on serana and found no comparision in any of them. I got into those steamy romance novels at a young age (my mother got me to read them above all things) and I find Serana’s background, and over all cutness in how se is. I feel like I’m acualy playing with another person with Serana, and Bethesda should do what ever they can to make any other person in their DLC’s with this same personality matrix that they used for Serana.

  • zombiefish

    i hate serena…i feel like she has very little personality for a vampire at least and seems weak. To me as a female gamer she seems just like a hook to bring males into the game. I would prefer if you had the option of another male counterpart like Agmaer. I wouldnt mind at all except she is forced upon you so much and dismisses your current follower..which is really a pain 😀

    • Roy

      As a male gamer I hate it when female gamers think that I would actually buy a game or DLC just for a good looking girl in that game, believe me- how good the women of the game look is one of the last things I consider when buying a game. Also, its Serana not Serena…

    • Tuna

      I’m a woman and I thought Serana was fantastic. I don’t care about “male characters” or “female characters,” I care about characters. She had depth and appeal to anyone, not just guys. I really enjoyed her as a companion.

  • thessia

    ps, i want to marry that snow elve, o yesss Patch it please

  • thessia

    Can they make other characters in dawngurd marryable too, thought it was just her character not to want to get married. Jeesh, hope not all games will change thier orginal ideas to what fan want, in every lil detail.

    ME3 Ending

  • Tyler

    i bought the DLC but i cant get to it, any suggestions?

    • Dragonborn

      Go to riften and all will come clear

    • Peanutguy24

       Talk to any guard in the game after reaching lvl 10

  • Gary

    Its SERANA !!!

  • Serena is one of the cooler parts of Dawnguard, I agree. Her rich dialog options that open up as the story progresses and based on your choices really shine. Equally awesome are the fresh dungeon designs and clever fights. All in all it’s a great DLC – can’t wait to see what they do next. 😀

    • Imathieu

      Serana isn’t the more cooler part of Dawnguard
      She is the Best follower with the most realistic bonding. Of of any follower
      In Skyrim
      I like to think She has a mind of her own (when she refuses to follow
      Or runs in the opposite dirrection of the enemy) which doesn’t happen often
      But yeah she certainly is the most interesting character in skyrim
      With an cool backstory
      Heres hoping we’ll be seeing more of her in the future
      As she said when she ran off to do something at the end of Dawnguard

  • Steve R

    She will wear forsworn armor if you improve it above exquisite. And she is spectacular wearing it

    • Matthy

      Sorry but forsworn armor .???
      It sux IMO
      Unless you want your character running around almost buttnaked
      It’s ok for abou ten minutes and after that you either give her her regular
      Outfit or put her in dragonscale armor
      I doLike the royal Vamp robe she wears from the start it looks good

      • Tonyjosefowicz

        I agree, its not about the revealing nature of an outfit, its the subtle parts that are stimulating ;D the black corset, the crimsion red blouse with the top of her chest revealing just the slightest hint of what lay under neath, and the tight pants. Its how a women looks in the outfit, not what she’s wearing… *sigh* if only women realized that we don’t care what they wear, its how they wear it. But Serana has definetly been peiced together in all aspects, looks, personality, combat, and eyes you could get lost in (then be found in a dark ally alone and have your throught torn open and left to rot like a fish) I love Serana because of how incredibly alive she is despite being dead. Bethesda has done an incredible job with her and I hope any other companions in future DLC’s are as good as Serana