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MW3 Terminal map sneaks into Xbox 360 exclusivity contract

After weeks of teasing, Infinity Ward has finally given some solid details on the upcoming and highly anticipated remake of Terminal. The popular MW2 map is on its way to Modern Warfare 3 and it’s going to be a free download, available on the Xbox 360 first later this month.

If you have been keeping an eye on progress for the map, you’ll probably know that there was some delay in Infinity Ward’s release process as they didn’t know whether the map would be available for release on all platforms at the same time, since it isn’t originally part of the Call of Duty Elite calendar.

However, the developer has now confirmed that the map still falls under Microsoft’s exclusivity contract and it means that Terminal is coming to Xbox 360 first, unfortunately spelling another months wait for those playing on PS3 and PC. Terminal is going to be released on July 17 for Elite members, while non-Elite members only have to wait a day to get it on July 18.

The best aspect of this, is the fact that Terminal is going to be a free download for everyone, which will obviously include PS3 and PC too when the exclusivity period runs out. If you missed screenshots and leaked gameplay of the map running on the MW3 engine, don’t forget to check that out again here – it looks pretty good.

Are you happy that this map is coming to MW3 for free? Activision could have easily charged a fee for this if they really wanted, so perhaps this is an indication that the publisher isn’t as greedy as a lot of people think. Then again, they could have also said that Terminal should be released on all platforms at the same time, but they didn’t so there we go.

Not long to wait if you are an Xbox 360 owner. Give us your reaction to the confirmed release date for Terminal and the fact that the map is still tied to exclusive contracts.



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