Surprise Samsung Galaxy S3 shipping on Verizon

By Alan Ng - Jul 5, 2012

Verizon customers have had to wait a long time to get their hands on Samsung’s new prized asset, but as you have probably heard over the last few days, Verizon has now confirmed that the Galaxy S3 will be launching officially on July 10.

However, we’re hearing some very good news that some of you who pre-ordered early may be in line to receive your Galaxy S3 even sooner than the official launch date. A screenshot supplied by Droid-Life suggests that a handful of lucky owners will even be getting their shiny new handset this Thursday on July 5th.

So even though Verizon has slapped a July 10 date on the Galaxy S3, it is well worth checking your order status to see if Big Red has given you an earlier shipping date or not. Shipments are going to be handled by FedEx is seems so you should also receive a tracking number to find out where your lovely Galaxy S3 is located.

It’s not often we see situations like this where new Verizon smartphones actually arrive several days before their official launch date, so let’s hope that this is a trend that continues for other upcoming phones too. If you pre-ordered the Verizon Galaxy S3 a while ago, let us know what date you have been given on your invoice.

Are you scheduled to receive your phone before July 10th? Unfortunately, we’re also hearing that some of you have been given shipping notifications stating a July 11th date, which obviously isn’t too good. Let’s hope it is good news for all of you.

The Galaxy Nexus is now banned in the US – is it all about the Galaxy S3 for you now, especially with one eye on a forthcoming Jelly Bean update?

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  • I ordered the blue 32gb on June 6th at 10am.  My credit card was charged on July 3rd and my shipping info was received on the morning of July 5th.  It’s now 1pm and the truck will be here in the next 2 hours to delivery today(July 6th).

  • Luis Hernandez

    Well I got screwed i prdered mine 6/12 /12 And was scheduled supposedly 7/9/12 and i just received an email that its delayed 3 days so i check status and states will be shipped by 07/11/12. I’m mad

  • Green Gauntlet

    Ordered my Galaxy S3 on June 6 at approx 7:05AM Eastern.  Received it this morning and it is successfully activated.

  • Bnewcomb7

    Anyone order theirs around the 20th of June?

    • Melissa

      I ordered the 21st. Still says 7/11 with no cc charges and no tracking info.

    •  I ordered mine on june the 29th and received it today..

  • lsg

    I ordered mine (16gb blue) on 6/6 at about 7:40 am eastern time, and just got an email that it was shipped today. I checked fedex, and it is shipping via Standard Overnight – Indirect Signature Required and will arrive before 3pm. Can’t wait!

  • Vvv

    Ordered on 6/6 and I’m not getting my phone until Monday.. Dammit.

  • Riafyamlex

    I am holding my Verizon Galaxy S3! However it wont activate they said you should not even have that. HA I do you shipped it to me, now activate it headed to the store now to stomp my feet!

    • Riafyamlex

      The store was of no help. I will just be looking at my phone until verizon gets on the ball. Not really happy at all. Has anyone been able to activate the phone

      • Kristen

        received mine yesterday and it still will not activate

  • Kickerx1st

    Ordered 6/6 around 8:45am PST and just checked my order status: Your order will ship by 07/09/2012

    i live in LA so i’m assumin’ big cities will get some delays?

    • Kickerx1st

      just received an email stating mine has shipped…will arrive tomorrow by 3:00PM

      Memphis to LA…my stuff is always standard overnight

  • mpg

    pre ordered 6/11.  shipped on the 5th from Pennsylvania. I live in New Jersey.

  • Houston1128

    Ordered mine 7/7 white 16GB, and it hasn’t shipped yet…I live in south Florida

    • Houston1128

      CORRECTION** I ordered it 6/7

    • Desi

       I also ordered the same day white 16GB and it hasn’t shipped yet. I also live in Florida in the Tampa Bay area.

      • Desi

         I got charged today but no shipping info yet!

  • guest1

    order june 6 and my 16gb white is on the fedex truck for delivery to my house today

  • Stevieaaa

    preordered June 6 at 7:40AM, my blue 16gb shipped on July 3rd and I’ll have it on July 6th!

  • Me

    Ordered the 6th, arriving tomorrow

  • Violatorpuma

    Ordered 7/6 my is in the truck on the way to my house.

  • Jm_vapor1

    I ordered on June 6th and I got tracking info that shows my phone shipped 7/3 and is arriving today 7/5.  

  • Mark Mende

    Mine shipped yesterday, arriving Monday. Ordered June 6.

  • Emma

    I ordered the June 6th and my Samsung Galaxy S3 36 GB (White) is estimated to arrive the 9th. 
    I’m not as lucky as the people getting theirs tomorrow, but I still get it a day before- not too shabby. 

  • Munozjohn1998

    I got an email from Verizon wireless my galaxy s3 was shipped yesterday

    • Kjones4055

      When do you order your Galaxy?